(No. 10/2005 – September 2005)
Editor: Fran Bock

David Fox is a name well-known to Belarus SIG members. He is the founder and coordinator-emeritus of the Belarus SIG, as well as an amateur genealogist who has been researching his family history for the past 15 years. Dave has been able to trace his family back to his seventh great grandfather from Minsk.

Dave’s inspirational leadership is evident in the development of the Belarus SIG in six years to over 1700 members, and in the comprehensive Belarus SIG website (we hope you visit the site often).


Dave is the former Internet Editor of AVOTAYNU, The International Review of Jewish Genealogy and has authored articles for this publication.  Beside his roots in Belarus, he has family lines from Eastern Galicia and Bukovina.  He belongs to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, where he was a former Board member; the JGS of Los Angeles, and the JGS (New York).  A retired USAF Medical Service Corp officer, Dave spent 21 years on active duty, including three years in Japan and three years in Germany.  He has travel extensively through the Far East and Europe while living overseas. In 1999 he traveled throughout Belarus. In 2004 he retired from his second career with the Anne Arundel County government in Annapolis.  David resides with his wife of 40 years, Cindy, in Arnold and Ocean City, Maryland.  They have two sons and three grandchildren.


Dave’s website, currently being updated, is:

We thank Dave for sharing his family’s story with us, and we thank Nancy Holden, Editor of Roots-Key, the Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles, for permission to republish the article from their Summer-Fall 2005 issue.


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The Rockets Red Glare

by David Fox


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