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Novogrudok Draft evaders
May 10, 1880
Minsk Gubernia Vedomosti #19
page 254

Transliterated by Edward L. Rosenbaum
with help by Vitaly Charny

Novogrudok Town Administration announce by this [publication], that based on article 102 of the draft law, in the draft list of 1880 included next persons of town estate.

Town administration according articles 14 and 134 [of the draft law] ask people listed above do not leave town until November, 1 and those who are leaving the town be sure to return to town of Novogrudok not later than Nov. 1 for the beginning of military duty.  

Right now [people listed above] are required to report to the draft office for address confirmation and draft assignment.

Town Administration foresees that those who not obey these requirements listed in the articles 135 and 136 [of the draft law] will be undergo punishment foreseen by article 214. 

All officials that have these people in their jurisdiction are required to inform them about what is written above.  

Last name First name Patronymic listed in community of Line number in article
Abramovich Itsko-Ber Danieya-Itskov Vselyub 92
Beinumovich Berko Abramov Negnevichi 97
Berkovich Berko Osherov Novogrudok 53
Berkovskiy Izrael-Vol’f Khayim-Ioseliov Vselyub 93
Blokh Movsha Izraeliov Novogrudok 66
Bruk Shmuel Movsha-Eliov Novogrudok 52
Bytenskiy Izrael Khatskeliov Stvolovichi 107
Chizh (Rubinovich ?) Aron Mordukhov Novogrudok 87
Davidovich Shlioma-Khayim Rubinov Novogrudok 55
Dobr’iy Simkha Iosel Leibov Novogrudok 56
Dzentsyol’skiy Abram Faivel Kal’monov Novogrudok 73
Eikher Kadysh Leibov Novogrudok 89
Gershenovskiy Itsho Shliomov Stvolovichi 108
Ginenskiy Aizik Ovsey-Meyerov Turzhets (Turets) 109
Goberman Movsha Izrael Yudeliov Novogrudok 70
Gol’dberg Shimen Aronov Novogrudok 72
Granoiner Berko Dovidov Novogrudok 68
Groer Itsko Rubinov Novogrudok 69
Grosh Itsko Abramov Novogrudok 71
Gurvich Aron Abramov Novogrudok 105
Ioseliovich Pinkhus-Vul’f Movsha-Aronov Novaya Mysh 102
Kagan Izrael Gavrieliov Korelichi 101
Kagan Meyer Iosef Izraeliov Korelichi 100
Kagan Mordukh Mendeliov Novogrudok 74
Kamenetskiy Beniyamin Ber Meyerov Novogrudok 106
Kapul’nik Movsha Vigderov Lyubcha 113
Khaitovich Yankel Movsha Khononov Novogrudok 103
Khamulo Girsh-Aron Mordukhov Novogrudok 86
Kortozhinskiy Movsha Yankel Leibov Negnevichi 98
Kulik Girsh Berko Aizikov Novogrudok 75
Kushner Shimen-Meyer Abram-Shaiov Novogrudok 57
Lutskiy Yankel Itsko Rubinov Novogrudok 76
Lyubchanskiy Abram Ber Beniyaminov Lyubcha 95
Margolin Borukh-Ber Shmuel-Ekhiev Novogrudok 59
Miler Movsha-Mordukh Iokheliov Negnevichi 114
Movshovich Evel Itskov Novogrudok 58
Movshovich or Mostkoviy Meilakh Faivushov Novogrudok 104
Piker Dovid Girshov Novogrudok 60
Pogarel’skiy Yankel-Movsha Khayimov Eremichi (Yeryomichi) 111
Polonskiy Nevakh Abramov Novogrudok 61
Raiskiy Yankel Dovid Eliov Novogrudok 91
Rakovitskiy Leizer Sheveliov Novogrudok 82
Ratsker Ovsey Leibov Novogrudok 62
Rozhanskiy Mikhel-Borukh Mordukh-Ioseliov Novogrudok 79
Rozin Abram Movshov Novogrudok 78
Ruditskiy Abram Faivel Movshov Stolptsi, Minsk uyezd 115
Rudnitskiy Gershon Yankeliov Novogrudok 77
Rudnitskiy Khayim-Movsha Yankeliov Novogrudok 80
Rudnitskiy Rubin Leibov Novogrudok 81
Sakharovich Abram Khayim-Yankeliov Mir 112
Sapal’skiy Yankel Itskov Novogrudok 83
Sapotnitskiy Leib Leizerov Novogrudok 84
Shapira Yankel Itskov Novogrudok 64
Shimsheliovich Mikhel Leizer Sholomov Lyubcha 94
Shkol’nik Iokhel Ber Faiveliov Novogrudok 88
Skidel’skiy Shlioma Yankeliov Slonim, Grodno gubernia 116
Slonimskiy Khonon Zelikov Novogrudok 63
Slutskiy Mikhel Abramov Delyatichi 96
Soloveichik Shepinel Yankeliov Negnevichi 99
Turetskiy Aron Shmueliov Turzhets (Turets) 110
Uznitskiy Beniyamin Mordukhov Novogrudok 85
Vol’fovich Leizer Shmuel-Dovidov Novogrudok 54
Vol’fovich Movsha Abramov Novogrudok 67
Zel’tser or Bogatin Abram-Yankel Benyaminov Novogrudok 65
Zubkovskiy Movsha Gershenov Novogrudok 90