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The Holocaust in Belarus: Baranovichi

by Leonid Smilovitsky
translated by Michael Ryabinky

Baranovichi (Baranavichi, Baranovichi,  Polish: Baranjwicze )  The Jewish population was assaulted right after German invasion, and first actions begin in the fall of 1941.  Jews were shot on November 1941, 5 km from Baranovichi near Grobovets village in the Jewish cemetery near the market square.  The remaining Jews were settled in  a ghetto that occupied 10 city blocks between Vilenskaya, Komsomolskaya, Alesia Garuna and Kotelnaiya Streets.  The ghetto was secured by wire fences and heavily guarded.  In December of 1941 there were 15.000 Jews there.   The ghetto liquidated in  3 stages:  March 4, 1942 (2,400 people); September 22, 1942 (5,000 people) and December 17, 1943 (3,000 people).  Some of the prisoners were relocated to different ghettos and concentration caps.  Some of these people escaped and joined the Partisan movement in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Poland (Original documents located in the GARF (General Archive of the Russian Federation - Moscow) f. 8114, op. 1, d.1, l.18; f. 845, op. 1, d. 6, l. 19).
Author's note:  Baranovichi – City in the Brest region, located  206 km from Brest, Base railroad in the direction of Brest, Bolkovisk, Lida, Minsk, Slutzk and Luninetz;  Town was founded in 1871 as a train station located on the Moscow-Brest railroad., in 1897 – 8,500 people;  In 1912 app. 30,000 people; in 1914 – General Commander post for Russian Army (WW1);  >From 1921 to1939 – under Polish control;  From 1939 – In Belarus, one time center of the Baranovichi region, before WWII there were 7796 Jews; under German occupation from June 27 to July 8, 1944,  who killed in the City and around it 127,500 people, and  killed 3,000 Jews from Czechoslovakia in Guy Place; In the summer of 1994 a memorial of the people of  the Ghetto was dedicated.  A tomb stone was made in Israel with funds collected by the people of Baranovichi.

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