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Names in the Lechowitz section of Mt Judah cemetery

contributed by Stephen Warshall

These are the names found on gravestones in the Lechowitz (Lachowicze, Lyakhovichi) section of Mount Judah Cemetery, Queens, New York, on July 23, 2001.  The names were copied directly from the stones by Sarah V. Dunlap and Stephen Warshall and have not been checked against cemetery records.

Surname Given name
Abramowitz Bella
Abramowitz Esther
Abramowitz Fannie
Abramowitz Harry
Abramowitz Morris
Angelowitz Golde
Beitz Aaron
Berkowitz Esther
Berkowitz Jack
Berkowitz Samuel
Bloom Abraham
Bloom Libby
Bloom Sam
Brody Abram
Brody Dora
Brody Dora
Brody Hyman
Brody Ida
Brody Jennie
Brody Joseph
Brody Morris
Brody Osher
Brook Benjamin
Brook Bernard
Brook Ida
Budin Louis
Budin Sarah
Burstein Israel
Burstein Lena
Bussel Albert
Bussel Minnie
Chait Isaac
Chait Tillie
Charles Jacob
Cohen Abraham
Cohen Anna
Cohen David
Cohen Fannie
Cohen Fannie
Cohen George
Cohen Hyman
Cohen Ida
Cohen Ida
Cohen Lee
Cohen Max
Cohen Sam
Cohen Samuel
Dorfman Anna
Eisenstadt Esther
Eisenstadt Jacob
Eisenstadt Pesha
Eisenstadt William
Engel Milton
Feinstein Isidore
Feinstein Morris
Feirstein Irwin
Fin Ethel
Finkelstein Ida
Finkelstein Joseph
Gerson Ida
Gerson Lillian
Goldberg Bessie
Goldberg Jennie
Goldberg Julius
Goldberg Sarah
Goldstein Bessie
Goldstein Joseph
Hait Pauline
Hertz Mollie
Hyatt Max
Hyman Sylvia
Kahn Adelaide
Kahn Robert
Kantrovitz Sarah
Kantrowitz Ida
Kantrowitz Max
Kantrowitz Ralph
Kantrowitz Ray
Kaplan Barnet
Kaplan Esther
Kaplan Fanny
Kaplan Herman
Katz Isidor
Kuntz David
Kuntz Morris
Lew Nathan
Malachawsky Pessie
Margolin Lowell
Mintz Joe
Moskowitz Louis
Moskowitz Rifka
Mukashei Sasha
Musicant Solomon
Musicant Tamara
Perelberg Jack
Resnick Fannie
Sealove Beckie
Sealove Betty
Sealove George
Sealove Harry
Sealove Morris
Sealove Sarah
Shapiro Elka
Shapiro Julius
Shopenn Abraham
Siegal Aaron
Siegel Gertrude
Siegel Julius
Slutsky Abraham
Sorkin Norma
Suchow Beckie
Suchow Minnie
Suchow Morris
Suchow Raphael
Temsen Anna
Weiner Betty
Zablotsky Dora
Zablotsky Louis
Zapol Harry
Zapol Wolf
Zapol Pauline
Zarkow Pauline
Zirinsky Israel
Zirinsky Rose

2001 Belarus SIG