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List of Holocaust Victims and Survivors from the Village of Kobylnik (today Narocz or Narach) Belarus

Compiled by Meyer Swirsky, March 2002
Prepared for the Internet by Anne Selicov

In Czarist Russia until 1918, Kobylnik was in Vilna Gubernia. Between WWI and WWII it was part of Poland. Since 1964 it has been called Narocz after the large lake nearby.

Meyer Svirsky is president of the Myadel-Kobylnik Association in Haifa, Israel which meets every year in October. More information about the Association and their work in Kobylnik can be found on  If you wish to contact Mayer Svirsky write or call:

53 Holland Street
Haifa, Israel
telephone +972 4 825 7888

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ALSFAIN Gissia wife victim  
ALSFAIN Mendel-Leib husband victim  
AXELROD Eliahu husband victim  
AXELROD Feiga wife survivor Israel-died
AXELROD Israel son victim  
AXELROD Joshua son victim  

BERGER Chana daughter victim  
BERGER Israel-Benjamin son victim  
BERGER Mina daughter victim  
BERGER Moshe son victim  
BERGER Nechama wife victim  
BERGER Shabtai husband victim  
BLINDER Ethel wife survivor Israel d. 1987
BLINDER Feigel daughter survivor Israel Living
BLINDER Josef husband survivor Israel d. 1987
BLINDER Pesia daughter survivor Israel d. 1994
BOTVINIK Chaya wife victim  
BOTVINIK infant son   victim  
BOTVINIK Moshe husband victim  
BOTVINIK Yosef son victim  
BOURGIN Basia daughter survivor Israel
BOURGIN Chaim-Mayer husband victim  
BOURGIN Ida wife survivor Israel d-1986
BOURGIN Mula son survivor Israel d-1986
BOURGIN Sara daughter survivor Israel

CHARMATZ Tzyla her sister survivor Israel d. 2002
CHODOS Abraham-Ytzke husband survivor Israel d. 1964 road accident
CHODOS Assna wife victim  
CHODOS Beila wife victim  
CHODOS Chaya daughter victim  
CHODOS Chaya daughter victim  
CHODOS Faive son survivor Israel
CHODOS Fraidel son victim  
CHODOS Laib husband victim  
CHODOS Menashe son survivor Israel
CHODOS Meyer son survivor Israel d. 1986 air accident
CHODOS Mina   victim  
CHODOS Moshe-Zelig husband victim  
CHODOS Rivka wife victim  
CHODOS Rivke wife victim  
CHODOS Sara her niece victim  
CHODOS Ya'akov son victim  
CHODOS Yitzke son victim  
CHODOS Yosef husband victim  

DANISHEVSKY Baruch-Eliahu husband victim  
DANISHEVSKY Menucha wife victim  
DANISHEVSKY   child victim  
DANISHEVSKY   child victim  
DANISHEVSKY   child victim  
DIMENTSHTEIN Chone husband survivor Israel d 1972
DIMENTSHTEIN Esther wife victim  
DIMENTSHTEIN Feiga daughter victim  
DIMENTSHTEIN Hirshl husband survivor Israel d.1987
DIMENTSHTEIN Leyzer son survivor Russia
DIMENTSHTEIN Rivka wife victim  

EINBINDER Malka wife victim  
EINBINDER Rabbi Yehuda-Leib husband victim  

FEIGELMAN Chaya-Sarah wife victim  
FEIGELMAN Masha daughter victim  
FEIGELMAN Rachel daughter victim  
FEIGELMAN Shabtai son victim  
FEIGELMAN Tuvia husband victim  
FRIEDMAN Judith wife survivor USA d. 1960
FRIEDMAN Leiba husband survivor USA d. 1994
FRIEDMAN Raphael son survivor USA Living

GANTOVNIK Chaim son survivor Israel d-1996
GANTOVNIK Gittel wife victim  
GANTOVNIK Mayer husband victim  
GANTOVNIK Yehuda son victim  
GERSHATOR Hershel son victim  
GERSHATOR Moshe husband victim  
GERSHATOR Shlomo son victim  
GERSHATOR Tamara wife victim  
GILMAN Chaim son victim  
GILMAN Ida wife victim  
GILMAN Lea daughter victim  
GILMAN Leib husband victim  
GILMAN Matla daughter victim  
GLOTT David husband victim  
GLOTT Hirshel-Yona son victim  
GLOTT Tayba wife survivor Israel died
GLOTT Yentka daughter victim  
GOL Malka daughter victim  
GOL Moshe-Aharon son victim  
GOL Sally daughter victim  
GOL Ya'akov husband victim  
GOL   wife victim  
GOLDZEGER Avraham husband victim  
GOLDZEGER Beila wife victim  
GOLDZEGER Chana daughter victim  
GOLDZEGER Menachem son victim  
GOLDZEGER Reizel daughter victim  
GOLDZEGER Sara daughter victim  
GOLDZEGER Ya'aqov-Faive son   USA d 1965 road accident
GORDON Aharon son victim  
GORDON Avraham husband victim  
GORDON Avraham-Leib husband victim  
GORDON Chava   victim  
GORDON Chaya-Moussia wife victim  
GORDON Chaya-Rivka wife victim  
GORDON Doba wife victim  
GORDON Eliahu-Moshe son victim  
GORDON Feiga daughter victim  
GORDON Fruma wife victim  
GORDON Grounia wife victim  
GORDON Herzel son survivor Israel- Living
GORDON Joshua husband survivor Belarus d-1950
GORDON Leib son survivor Israel d 1950
GORDON Malka daughter victim  
GORDON Nechama-Devora daughter victim  
GORDON Rachel daughter victim  
GORDON Shaul husband victim  
GORDON Shaul-David son victim  
GORDON Sheina daughter victim  
GORDON Ya'akov son victim  
GORDON Yehuda son victim  
GORDON Yishaq-Ya'aqov husband victim  
GORDON Yizhak son survivor Canada - Living
GREENBERG Chana daughter victim  
GREENBERG Ester daughter victim  
GREENBERG Leib son victim  
GREENBERG Minna wife victim  
GREENBERG Ya'akov-Beinish husband victim  

HOLFMAN Chana wife victim  
HOLFMAN Shmuel Husband victim  
HOLFMAN Sonia daughter victim  

JABLONOVITZ Azriel husband victim  
JABLONOVITZ Eliahyu-Yosef son victim  
JABLONOVITZ Merl wife victim  
JABLONOVITZ Zviya daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Avraham son victim  
JANOVSKY Chaya-Leeba daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Chaya-Rivka wife victim  
JANOVSKY Chayim-Ya'akov husband victim  
JANOVSKY Devoshka daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Eliahyu-Yosef husband victim  
JANOVSKY Esther daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Feivel husband victim  
JANOVSKY Genesiya wife victim  
JANOVSKY Gittel daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Israel son victim  
JANOVSKY Keila daughter victim  
JANOVSKY Merl wife victim  
JANOVSKY Moshe husband victim  
JANOVSKY Pinchas husband victim  
JANOVSKY Reizel wife victim  
JANOVSKY Sara wife victim  
JANOVSKY Sara-Rivka wife victim  
JANOVSKY Shlomo-Elyezer husband victim  
JANOVSKY Shmuel son victim  
JANOVSKY Yehoshua son victim  
JANOVSKY Yizhaq son victim  
JANOVSKY Zlata   victim  
JANOVSKY   her child victim  
JANOVSKY   her child victim  
JANOVSKY   daughter victim  
JANOVSKY   daughter victim  
JANOVSKY   daughter victim  
JANOVSKY   son victim  

KAGAN Batya daughter victim  
KAGAN Leib husband victim  
KAGAN Pessia Alsfain wife victim  
KAGAN Yosef son victim  
KAGANOVICH Chana wife victim  
KAGANOVICH Yizhaq husband victim  
KAPLAN Leibel son victim  
KAPLAN Shaul husband survivor Poland d.1995
KAPLAN Yehudit Todres wife victim  
KIRMRLISHKEY Bella-Doba   victim  
KLUMEL Anyuta   victim  
KLUMEL Avraham son victim  
KLUMEL Beila daughter victim  
KLUMEL Chaya-Sarah mother victim  
KLUMEL Gitel daughter victim  
KLUMEL Rivka daughter victim  
KLUMEL Shulamit daughter victim  
KLUMEL Yizhaq husband victim  
KOVARSKY Assia wife victim  
KOVARSKY Boris son victim  
KOVARSKY Raya daughter victim  
KOVARSKY Yosef husband victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Chaya-Liba daughter victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Efraim son survivor Israel d. 1995
KRAVTZYNSKY Haya-Batya wife victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Namaha daughter victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Reyzel daughter victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Sarah daughter victim  
KRAVTZYNSKY Yizhaq husband victim  
KRIVITSKY Akiva husband victim  
KRIVITSKY Benyamin son victim  
KRIVITSKY Beyla daughter survivor USA Living
KRIVITSKY Chana-Devosha mother victim  
KRIVITSKY Gershon husband victim  
KRIVITSKY Keila daughter survivor USA died
KRIVITSKY Keyla wife victim  
KRIVITSKY Keyla wife victim  
KRIVITSKY Yizhaq son victim  
KRIVITSKY Zelig son victim  
KRIVITSKY   her husband survivor USA died
KRUKOV Arieh son victim  
KRUKOV Asher son survivor Israel d. 1994
KRUKOV Chaya wife victim  
KRUKOV Chyena mother victim  
KRUKOV Heshl son victim  
KRUKOV Israel husband victim  
KRUPSKY Miryam wife victim  
KRUPSKY Peretz husband survivor Israel-died
KYEVSKY Avraham husband victim  
KYEVSKY Chaya-Sarah wife victim  
KYEVSKY Hirschel-Mendel son victim  
KYEVSKY Taibel daughter victim  
KYEVSKY Yizhaq son victim  

LEVITAN Avraham son victim  
LEVITAN Dina   victim  
LEVITAN Feiga daughter victim  
LEVITAN Friedl wife victim  
LEVITAN Israel-Meyer son victim  
LEVITAN Yizhaq husband victim  
LEYZEROVITZ Chaim husband victim  
LEYZEROVITZ Lyiba wife victim  
LIFSHITZ Ben-Zion husband victim  
LIFSHITZ Friedel daughter victim  
LIFSHITZ Ginesiya wife victim  
LIFSHITZ Lyiba-Malka   victim  
LIFSHITZ Reizel daughter victim died
LIFSHITZ Yeshayahu son victim  
LUSHNATZKY Beile daughter victim  
LUSHNATZKY Rachel wife victim  
LUSHNATZKY Shabtai husband victim  
LUSHNATZKY Shmuel-Hirsh son victim  
LUSHNATZKY Yizhaq son victim  

MACOVSKY Avraham son victim  
MACOVSKY Lyiba wife victim  
MACOVSKY Rabbi Leib husband victim  
MASHEETZ Shmuel-Hirsh son victim  
MASHEETZ Yizhag husband victim  
MASHEETZ Zipora wife victim  
MILCHMAN David son victim  
MILCHMAN Michael husband victim  
MILCHMAN Mina wife victim  
MILCHMAN Yocheved daughter victim  

NAROTZKY Aron-Laib husband victim  
NAROTZKY Beila daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Beila-Devora daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Braina-Cherna wife victim  
NAROTZKY Chaim   victim  
NAROTZKY Chaya daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Feiga daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Fryida wife victim  
NAROTZKY Keila wife victim  
NAROTZKY Michael son victim  
NAROTZKY Reizel daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Reizele(Roza) Pshechodnik daughter survivor Israel- Living
NAROTZKY Shlomo husband victim  
NAROTZKY Sonia daughter victim  
NAROTZKY Velvel son victim  
NAROTZKY Zelig husband victim  
NAROTZKY   daughter victim  

REIDER Chayim husband victim  
REIDER Esther daughter victim  
REIDER Ida wife victim  
REIDER Slova daughter victim  

SHAPIRA Leibel son victim  
SHAPIRA Sarah daughter victim  
SHAPIRA Sharaga husband victim  
SHAPIRA   wife victim  
SHNAIDEROVITZ Batya   victim  
SHNAIDEROVITZ Chaya daughter victim  
SHNAIDEROVITZ Sarah daughter victim  
SHNAIDEROVITZ Yizhaq son victim  
SHPYZ Chaim husband victim  
SHPYZ Devoshka daughter victim  
SHPYZ Leib son survivor Russia died
SHPYZ Lyiba wife victim  
SHPYZ Sonia daughter victim  
SOLOMON Boris   victim  
SOLOMON Chava his sister victim  
SOLOMON Leon his brother survivor USA living
SOLOMON Rivke his sister victim  
STEINGART Chaya daughter victim  
STEINGART Monya wife victim  
STEINGART Reizel daughter victim  
STEINGART Reuven husband victim  
STEINGARTH Batya wife victim  
STEINGARTH Ben-Zion son survivor Israel Living
STEINGARTH Bounya daughter victim  
STEINGARTH Chaim son survivor Israel d.1994
STEINGARTH Faivel son survivor Russia d. 1986
STEINGARTH Ya'akov son victim  
STEINGARTH Yosef husband victim  
STEINGROB Reizel   victim  
SVIDLER Esther-Leah wife victim  
SVIDLER Gedalya son victim  
SVIDLER Joshua husband survivor Germany d. 1994
SVIDLER Moshe & Family   victim  
SVIDLER Yerahmial son victim  
SVIDLER Yosef husband victim  
SVIDLER Yosef son victim  
SVIDLER Zipora wife victim  
SVIRSKY Chana sister survivor USA- Living
SVIRSKY Chava his mother survivor USA d. 1982
SVIRSKY David his father survivor USA d 1954
SVIRSKY Herzl   victim  
SVIRSKY Joshua brother survivor USA- Living
SVIRSKY Meyer brother survivor Israel- Living
SVIRSKY Mina sister survivor USA-d.1984
SVIRSKY Sundel brother survivor Israel-Living

TODRES Itta   victim  
TORONTZIK Esther daughter victim  
TORONTZIK Hirshel husband victim  
TORONTZIK Luba daughter victim  
TORONTZIK Samuel son survivor Canada - Living
TORONTZIK Sara wife victim  
TZERNOTSKY Basia daughter survivor Sweden- died
TZERNOTSKY Chaya wife victim  
TZERNOTSKY Chaya-Lyba daughter survivor USA d.1999
TZERNOTSKY David son victim  
TZERNOTSKY Dina wife victim  
TZERNOTSKY Esther daughter victim  
TZERNOTSKY Faive son survivor Belarus d. 1985
TZERNOTSKY Friedel husband victim  
TZERNOTSKY Gedaliyahu husband victim  
TZERNOTSKY Henye-Feige daughter survivor Sweden- died
TZERNOTSKY Israel husband victim  
TZERNOTSKY Sarah-Rivke wife victim  
TZERNOTSKY Ya'akov son victim  
TZERNOTSKY Yitzke husband survivor Israel d. 1999
TZERNOTSKY Yocheved daughter victim  
TZOFNAS Shimon husband victim  
TZOFNAS   wife victim  
TZOFNAS   son victim  

VAYNER Altar husband victim  
VAYNER Feiga wife victim  
VAYNER Israel father victim  
VAYNER Sara-Rivka daughter victim  
VAYNER Ya'akov son victim  

WEXLER Raisa wife victim  
WEXLER Yeshayahu husband victim  

YAVNOVITZ Baruch son victim  
YAVNOVITZ Bouniya wife victim  
YAVNOVITZ Chaim son survivor Israel
YAVNOVITZ David husband victim  
YAVNOVITZ Leibel son victim  
YAVNOVITZ Matliya wife victim  
YAVNOVITZ Michael husband victim  
YAVNOVITZ Rachel wife victim  
YAVNOVITZ Raitza wife victim  
YAVNOVITZ Rashl daughter survivor Montreal Canada Rashl Frishman died
YAVNOVITZ Shalom son victim  
YAVNOVITZ Shlomo husband victim  
YAVNOVITZ Yitzke son victim  
YAVNOVITZ Yosef husband victim  

ZAR Notle husband survivor Israel d. 1994
ZAR Sara wife survivor Israel d. 1988

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