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Selected Records from the Grodno Oblast Archive (mss.) [Manuscript RG-53.004M] in USHMM

compiled by Tilford Bartman

This collection is on seven reels of microfilm, containing seventeen fonds (or record groups).  Some fonds are so large as to take up more than one reel; other fonds take up less than one reel.  Thus, a few reels contain multiple fonds.  The USHMM Archives did not film every dela (or file) in the fonds.  As a result, gaps will appear between dela numbers.  All of the fonds filmed here contain only one opis (sub-collection). The microfilm of Fond 641 contains only the second opis of that fond.   The documents were captured by the Soviets when they assaulted the German headquarters in Grodno.  A group from the USHMM apparently went to Grodno a couple of years ago and microfilmed them.  They are available to be copied at the USHMM archives for 10 cents a page as of 1 Jan 2000.

Reel 1 Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944
Dela 2 Gendarmarie reports to Commissar regarding arrests and interrogations; Jewish economic productivity; Jews shot escaping from ghetto (pp. 251, 256); anti-partisan actions. 5 Sep 1941-27 Jul 1942. 263 pages.
Dela 4 Passes to enter and leave Grodno, includes correspondence with Gestapo; requests to travel to Warsaw filled with anti-Jewish pronouncements (p 20). 28 Oct 1941-31 Jan 1942. 68 pages.
Dela 5 Area by area assessment of partisan activities and German reprisals; tactics for fighting partisans; area situation reports in occupied territories. 1942. 60 pages.
Dela 7 Chief of gendarmarie units report regarding arrests and fines. Oct 1941-Feb 1942. 21 pages.
Dela 15 Administration organization and plans for governing Grodno district and minutes of meetings with volost commissars; Jewish doctors.
Dela 25 Personnel file of Drunk, Rishard, who was an applicant to be an Amtskommissar. 1940-1942. 16 pages.
Dela 27 Transfer of Zhidomlyansk church to Roman Catholic Church; includes interrogations and arrests of the church's priest and organist. Nov-Dec 1941. 34 pages.
Dela 28 Personnel file of the Amtskommissar for Kreis Grodno. 1941. 15 pages.
Dela 33 Organization of the Belorussian Committee in Grodno. Oct 1941-Mar 1942. 37 pages.
Dela 43 Arming Volksdeutsche in Grodno district. Jan-Oct 1942. 53 pages.
Dela 53 Instructions and cost estimates for making Jesziory synagogue in Ozery into propaganda cinema. 36 pages.
Dela 54 Transport list of Jews from Grodno to death camp; shooting Jews who fled; police to Bialystok to liquidate ghetto. Reports and correspondence. 24 Feb 1942-15 Jan 1944. 56 pages.
Dela 59 Shooting Jews in Martinkantsy, who were meant to be sent to death camp and interrogations. Nov 1942-Jan 1943. 28 pages.
Dela 62 Amtskommissare meetings; army conscriptions; lists of local German officials, etc.
Dela 65 Organization of duties for Grodno Commissariat; crimes by employees of Grodno passport office; working conditions for non-Germans; etc. Apr 1942-Mar 1944. 175 pages.
Dela 71 Census of local population. Directives, etc.
Dela 72 Grodno branch NSDAP meetings; directives for Grodno district Commissariat employees at work and home. Mar 1942-Jan 1944. 66 pages.
Dela 80 Forced labor; escaped Polish Ostarbeiter; reprisals; etc. (Part of Dela 80 is on Reel 2.)
Reel 2 Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944. (Continued)
Dela 80 (This part of Dela 80 continues from Reel 1.) Forced labor; escaped Polish Ostarbeiter; reprisals; etc.
Dela 84 Theft by partisans of government money during attack on Ozery; other matters. May 1942-Jul 1943. 22 pages
Dela 100 Use of reprisal measures in combating partisans; arrest of Gypsies, defense of railroads; Soviet propaganda. May-Oct 1942. 233 pages.
Dela 103 Enumeration of non-German workers in East Prussia. 66 pages.
Dela 105 Internment of US citizens (including Jews) in Grodno district and Poland. Jan-Apr 1942. 8 pages.
Dela 108 Reprisals against partisans (orders from Koch in East Prussia); etc. Jan-Nov 1942. 14 pages.
Dela 114 Auditing accounts; Amtskommissar's accounts out of balance. 1942. 3 pages.
Dela 119 Priest accused of hiding food case transferred to Field Court; economic matters. Mar-Dec 1942. 21 pages.
Dela 120 Treatment of former Red Army prisoners-of-war hiding in local population; order to register all foreign-born people. Jan-May 1942. 67 pages
Dela 121 Combating partisans; arrests in Grodno district and interrogations of arrestees; confiscation of furs from Jews. Oct-Dec 1942. 282 pages
Dela 134b Poles marrying Jews. Reports. Feb 1942.
Dela 141 Partisan issues. Correspondence with Gestapo and Gendarmarie. 1942-1944. 67 pages.
Dela 146 Shooting 26 hostages in reprisal for partisan activities in Novodvorsk; etc. Jan-Dec 1943. 34 pages.
Dela 150 Confiscation via Judenrat of Jewish electrical goods in Bialystok; list of names of hundreds of Jews in Grodno ghetto. Sep 1942- July 43. 74pp
Dela 152 Partisan confiscation of agricultural products. Correspondence Oct-Nov 1942. 27 pages.
Dela 163 Report on state of Kreis (including data on Jews and partisans). Oct 1943. 10 pages.
Dela 167 Partisans; punishment of those helping them; death sentences in Field Court Bialystok; Jews tried for smuggling (Nov 1942). Feb 1942-Mar 1943. 232 pages.
Dela 172 Arrests and executions for anti-German activities. Correspondence with Gestapo, et al. Jan-Mar (1942?). 63 pages.
Dela 180 Economic effect of deportation of Jews on economy of Grodno district; forms for assessment of labor force (Jewish and non-Jewish categories). 1942. 21 pages.
Dela 181 Pay list of Grodno city workers; use of forest resources; relationship to local Poles/intelligentsia. 1941-1943. 109 pages.
Dela 205 Criminal accusations against volost commissars. Correspondence Jan 1943-Apr 1944. 15 pages.
Dela 206 Dienstvorschriften für Amtskommissare. 1943-1944. 25 pages.
Reel 3 Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944. (Continued)
Dela 209 Economic Department head personal correspondence. 1943-1944. 43 pages.
Dela 235 Punishment of non-Germans who lost police identification papers. Jun 1943-Feb 1944. 13 pages.
Dela 262 Utilization of prison facilities, dispute between Amtskommissare. Jan 1943. 11 pages
Dela 264 German workers in Grodno district. List. 1942-1943. 87 pages.
Dela 265 Transmission of prisoners to Grandichi penal camp with names of prisoners. 1941-1943. 13 pages.
Dela 271 Partisans, reprisals, arrests, interrogations; arrest of Gypsy family; disposal of Jewish property; deportation of Jews from Bialystok; Ostarbeiter. Gendarmarie (Porechi, Skidele, and Ostrino) reports. Jan-Jun 1943. 209 pages.
Dela 276 Partisan activities (including Jewish partisans) and anti -partisan measures; Jewish workers (page 87); Rassenschande. 1943. 206 pages.
Dela 277 Partisan activities (including Jewish partisans) and anti -partisan measures; Jewish workers; Rassenschande. 1943. 164 pages
Dela 279 Instructions on propaganda against Judaism and Bolshevism. 1943-1944. 29 pages.
Dela 280 Name lists of Amtskommissare, heads of Gendarmarie, and village mayors of Grodno district. 1943. 8 pages.
Dela 283 Anti-partisan measures, including arrests. 33 pages.
Dela 284 Partisans. Report of Grodno district commissar for 1943 with appended reports from Gendarmarie units. 26 pages.
Dela 287 German propaganda for Bialystok district. Correspondence. Nov-Dec 1943. 7 pages.
Dela 290 Confiscated property in Koptevka burned for killing of police by partisans; reports on persons suspected of being Jews; resettlement of Volksdeutsche in Bialystok; reports of successful escapes by Jews. Arbeitslager. Jan 1943-Jan 1944. 80 pages.
Dela 295 Partisan attack on distillery in Cherlen, Skidele volost; reprisals against people of Yakubovichi, Skidele volost, for partisan activities. Apr-Aug 1943. 454 pages.
Dela 298 Mobilization of Ostarbeiter; increasing control over prisoners-of-war labor; defense of railroads. Instructions. Mar-Dec 1943. 24 pages.
Dela 299 Grodno district Amtskommissariat structure and organization. 8 pages.
Dela 308 Rules for conduct of Germans, Grodno mayor's instructions. 1944. 27 pages
Dela 312 Defense of Railroads; lists of Germans proposed for awards; etc. 1944. 82 pages.
Dela 317 Conduct of propaganda including "political news" in Grodno district. Feb-June 1944. 17 pages.
Reel 4 Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944. (Continued)
Dela 335 Jewish property confiscated by Germans as of 23 Jan 1943; disposal of Jewish property; list of 12 ghettos in Grodno district. Dec 1942-Jan 1943. 95 pages.
Dela 342 Rules of conduct for German citizens in Grodno. Jan 1943-Apr 1944. 30 pages.
Dela 346 Directives for Jews in forced labor in East Prussia as of Sep 1941; attempts by employers to retain their Jewish workers; wage-earnings of listed Jews; 35,000 Jews put to work in Bialystok ghettos; Einsatzgruppe activities; establishment of 24 Jews as Judenrat in Grodno. 142 pages.
Dela 365 Storage and sale of Jewish property; Ghetto by ghetto reports on confiscated property; notes on response of rabbis to actions against Jews; ghetto work activities for 1942. Reports. Correspondence Nov 1942-Sep 1943. 118 pages.
Dela 371 Storage and sale of Jewish property; Ghetto by ghetto reports on confiscated property; notes on response of rabbis to actions against Jews; ghetto work activities for 1942. Reports. Correspondence Sep 1942-May 1944. 24 pages.
Dela 405 (This file is actually found at the end of Reel 7.) Name lists of gendarmarie and volost commissars receiving supplies of food and goods; Judenrat request for paper to create forms required to be completed by Aug 1942. 1942. 41 pages.
Dela 441 Authorizations for tobacco rations, including long list of German police and officials in Grodno district.
Dela 481a Wage earnings of Jewish workers (pages 150, 164, 321). 1942. 341 pages.
Dela 481b Wage earnings of Jewish workers (pages 1, 153ff, 175, 231, 255). 1942. 280 pages.
Dela 487a Partisans; Jewish workers' salaries half that of non- Jews. Lists of retail and industrial firms and resolution to pay them from Grodno district budget. 1942. 260 pages.
Dela 487b Partisans; Jewish workers' salaries half that of non- Jews. Lists of retail and industrial firms and resolution to pay them from Grodno district budget. May-Aug 1942. 273 pages. (This dela is continued on Reel 5.)
Reel 5 Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944. (Continued)
Dela 487b (This dela is continued from Reel 4.) Partisans; Jewish workers' salaries half that of non- Jews. Lists of retail and industrial firms and resolution to pay them from Grodno district budget. May-Aug 1942. 273 pages.
Dela 500 Wages earned statements for workers, including Jews (pp. 19, 27, etc.). Jun-Jul 1942. 118 pages.
Dela 507 Lists/estimates of payment to Jewish workers in Grodno district commissariat and resolution to pay them. 15 Jun-15 Nov 1942. 46 pages.
Dela 512 Wage earnings and tax statements of Jewish road construction crew. 1942. 238 pages.
Dela 539 Establishment and operation of ghettos in Grodno district; penal work camp. Jan-Jul 1944. 111 pages.
Fond 2 Grodno Mayor's Office-Construction Department (179 Files).
Dela 4 Census of Jews working in Construction Department by Ghetto I and Ghetto II with name, trade/profession and date of birth. Nov-Dec 1941. 46 pages.
Dela 13 State of Grodno economy and reorganization of city administration. Jul 1941. 15 pages.
Dela 23 1942 Grodno city budget matters. Oct-Dec 1942. 15 pages.
Dela 26 Grodno Jewish Community correspondence regarding manufacture of tools, etc. ; request to Judenrat for certain materials; etc. Mar 1942-Nov 1943. 46 pages.
Dela 27 Racial policies (German marriages with Poles; numbers of German and local employees in Construction department.
Dela 36b Grodno budget for 1942. Apr 1942-Mar 1943. 83 pages.
Dela 45a Grodno city administration. Geschäftsordnungen and Verteilungsplan. 25 Sep 1942. 45 pages.
Dela 50 List of Grodno Polish and German street names. 28 pages.
Dela 51 Personnel files and autobiographies of Construction Department employees (check for Jews).
Dela 53 Construction of Arbeitserziehungslager in Grodno with three sections for Jews, Aryans and women; structure of Construction Department. Jan 1942-May 1944. 43 pages.
Dela 57 Labor, construction and industry in Grodno district, including reference to number of skilled workers in ghetto (Jun 1942). 91 pages.
Dela 62 Wages for Jewish craftsmen working in Construction Department. Mar-Dec 1942. 143 pages.
Dela 63 Estimates of trade and industrial firms and correspondence regarding paying them; includes plans and locations for propaganda plaques in the city. 203 pages.
Dela 64 Name list of German employees receiving wool. 1942-1944. 22 pages.
Reel 6 Fond 2 Grodno Mayor's Office-Construction Department (179 Files). (Continued)
Dela 70 Wages for Jewish Construction Department employees. Jun 1942-Dec 1943. 218 pages.
Dela 71 Wages for Construction Department employees. Aug 1942-Jan 1943. 137 pages.
Dela 72 Wages for Construction Department employees. Aug 1941-Nov 1942. 95 pages.
Dela 73 Wages for Construction Department employees, includes Jewish employees. Dec 1941-Dec 1942. 166 pages.
Dela 74 Labor Department instructions regarding pay rates and leave for German and local workers; regulation of working conditions. 1942-1943. 14 pages.
Dela 76 Name list, including Jews, of Construction Department workers paying taxes. 1942-1944. 21 pages.
Dela 78 Reorganization of city administration and Construction Department. 1942. 22 pages.
Dela 79 Orders for parts made by Grodno joiners shop. 1942. 71 pages.
Dela 81 Lists of workers. Mar 1942. 14 pages.
Dela 95 Repairing Germans' apartments damaged in air raids. Aug-Nov 1943. 86 pages.
Dela 115 Exemptions from military draft for certain Germans. 1943-1944. 12 pages.
Dela 118 List of employees of and work plan for Construction Department. 1943. 16 pages
Fond 3 Grodno Branch-East Prussian Regional Labor Exchange (441 Files).
Dela 1 Instructions from Regional Labor Exchange, includes requests for Jewish craftsmen. 8 Aug-9 Oct [N.D.]
Dela 2 Ostarbeiter matters; issuance of passes for Jewish workers. 17 Dec 1941-15 Feb 1944.
Fond 8 Field Command of 815 Guard Division, 403rd Rear Military District, Grodno. 1941-1944 (12 Files).
Dela 1 Creation of village mayors (Bürgermeister). Jul-Oct 1941. 69 pages.
Dela 3 Orders regulating daily life in Grodno from Stadtkommandatur. Nov-Dec 1941. 44 pages.
Dela 5 Opening of retail stores and lists of tradesmen; Feld-kommandant order to search ghettos for foodstuffs hidden by Jews. Jul-Sep 1941. 78 pages.
Dela 10 Appointments to the city bank by Kommandantura. Jul-Sep 1941. 18 pages.
Fond 11 Grodno city department of East Prussia National Socialist Women's Organization of the NDSAP (3 Files).
Dela 2 Files of German women living in Grodno, with inquiries about their Party status. Apr 1944. 29 pages.
Dela 3 Files of German women living in Grodno, with inquiries about their Party status. Apr 1944. 14 pages.
Fond 12 Grodno District Gendarmarie for Bialystok Region 1941-1944 (15 Files).
Dela  Requests for release of arrested persons. Sep 1941-Feb 1942. 4 pages.
Dela 2 Interrogations of those arrested for communist and speculation activities; lists of German gendarmarie. 1941-1944. 37 pages.
Dela 3 Report on prisoners shot while trying to escape. 1941-1943. 17 pages.
Dela 5 Punitive activities report by Reserve Battalion 91 in Grodno District and Volkovysk. Jan-Apr 1942. 60 pages.
Dela 6 Anti-partisan struggle and internment of US citizens. Instructions. 9 Jan 1942-23 Feb 1943(?). 26 pages.
Dela 12 Salary payments for police; marriage and baptism questions. Jul-Oct 1943. 20 pages.
Fond 15 Grodno City Administration-Civil Administration of Bialystok Region (36 Files).
Dela 1 Evacuation plans. Orders of Grodno District Committee. 15 pages
Dela 2 List of 264 Jewish joiners in Grodno, alphabetical with date of birth and address. 1941. 5 pages.
Dela 3 Name list of 264 Jewish workers. 1941. 5 pages.
Dela 4 List of 795 Jewish craftsmen in Grodno. 1941. 14 pages.
Dela 5 List of 599 Jewish craftsmen in Grodno, dates of birth, addresses. 13 pages.
Reel 7 Fond 15 Grodno City Administration-Civil Administration of Bialystok Region (36 Files). (Continued)
Dela 6 List of Jewish craftsmen in Grodno, dates of birth, addresses. 12 pages
Dela 7 List of 1112 Grodno Jews, date of birth and address. 19 pages.
Dela 8 List of Grodno Jews, date of birth and address9. Monthly budgets. Sep-Oct 1941. Mostly in Polish. 49 pages.
Dela 10 Economic/industrial matters; registration of members of certain professions (mostly Polish). Correspondence, meeting minutes. Jul-Dec 1941. 47 pages.
Dela 11 Fire fighting matters, equipment needed, etc. List of fire department employees, PAZ. 1941. In German and Polish. 81 pages.
Dela 12 Citizens (mostly Polish) right to gardens on city property. 1941. 30 pages.
Dela 13 Name lists of city administration employees and miscellaneous correspondence. Mostly in Polish. 74 pages
Dela 14 Lists of city watchmen and rented kiosk proprietors (probably includes Jews). Sep-Oct 1941. 49 pages.
Dela 15 Economic questions; specific Jews working for the city, who received no pay (page 109). Jul 1941-Jan 1942. 124 pages.
Dela 16 City administration workers passes. Correspondence with Kommandatura. Aug-Nov 1941. 19 pages.
Dela 17 Chimney sweeps: only Aryans can be employed. Correspondence. 64 pages.
Dela 18 City public baths; confiscation of Jewish public baths; special ghetto work permission to leave ghetto. Nov-Dec 1941. 13 pages
Dela 19 Enlarging German cemetery. Correspondence Oct 1941-Jan 1942. 14 pages.
Dela 20 Summons to citizens to work, lists of names; Identification papers. Jul-Dec 1941. 118 pages.
Dela 21 Polish language receipts for office supplies. 1941. 157 pages.
Dela 22 Orders for office supplies (possibly also for ghetto?). Jul-Oct 1941. In Polish. 54 pages.
Dela 23 Requests to city administration and police units for various items and permissions; includes permission for a worker to enter Ghetto I to make repairs (Jan 1942; page 26). Nov 1941-Jan 1942. 26 pages.
Dela 24 Requests for fuel. Jan 1942. 28 pages.
Dela 25 Requests for night watchmen from firms; lists of names; applications. Jul-Dec 1941. 206 pages.
Dela 26 Citizens' requests to rent land. Oct-Nov 1941. 4 pages.
Dela 27 Requests by local citizens to rent retail buildings and land. Jul 1941-Jan 1942. 41 pages.
Dela 28 Cancellation of retailers rent. Oct 1941. In Polish. 29 pages.
Dela 30 Personnel files and autobiographies of city employees. Aug 1941. 47 pages.
Dela 31 Employment applications; Identification papers; papers of dismissed workers. Mostly in Polish. 33 pages.
Dela 32 List of employees for 1941 with salaries, etc. 23 pages.
Dela 33 Lists of approximately 322 Jews by trade, working under supervision of city administration as of 04 Sep 1941. 54 pages.
Dela 34 Establishment of repair and construction units for industry; possible ghetto connection. In Polish. 52 pages.
Fond 641 [Name of Fond Unknown.]
Opis 2 Dela 3 List of Jews in ghetto near Korelichi (in prewar Baranovichi Oblast), 989 names, 40 names of Judenrat members. Name, date of birth, profession, place of work, job at work, fitness for work, comments. May-Jun 1942. In Russian. 61 pages.
Fond 1 Grodno Commissar (Amtskommissar) for Civil Administration of Bialystok Region. 1941-1944.
Dela 405 (This folder should have been a part of Reel 4.) Name lists of gendarmarie and volost commissars receiving supplies of food and goods; Judenrat request for paper to create forms required to be completed by Aug 1942. 1942. 41 pages

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