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Independent Brisk de Littau Lodge 565 A. A. B. Abraham.
Ladies Auxiliary of the Independent Brisk de Littau Lodge 565 I.O.B.A.

by Marc Weiss

Here is a listing of the text (translated from the Hebrew) on the gates of the burial plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, block 3, path 20.  Mt Hebron Cemetery is located at 130-04 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, Queens, New York.  Their telephone number is 718-939-9405.

Belarus SIG members are urged to submit their burial data to JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry Project, where it will be incorporated into a massive searchable database.
Last name First name Position Note
Antopolski Dvora Member Wife of Leib
Antopolski Leib Member Husband of Dvora
Aronson Sender Member Husband of Zlate
Aronson Zlate Member Wife of Sender
Bagel Joseph Member Husband of Rachel
Bagel Rachel Member Wife of Joseph
Biarat Golde Member Wife of Tevye
Biarat Tevye Member Husband of Golde
Burshtein Mordechai Member Husband of Rivke
Burshtein Rivke Member Wife of Mordechai
Davidson Anna Member Wife of Harry (Member)
Davidson Anna Wife of Executive President: Treasurer Relief Wife of Harry (Executive president)
Davidson Harry Member Husband of Anna (Member)
Davidson Harry Executive President: Treasurer Relief Husband of Anna
Eidelman Fievel Member Husband of Malke
Eidelman Malke Member Wife of Fievel
Fisher Chana Wife of Executive President Wife of Eliahu
Fisher Eliahu Executive President Husband of Chana
Geller Anna Wife of Executive President: Chairman Relief Wife of Moishe
Geller Moishe Executive President: Chairman Relief Husband of Anna
Goldfarb Esther Wife of Executive President Wife of Sam
Goldfarb Rivka Member Wife of Yona
Goldfarb Sam Executive President Husband of Esther
Goldfarb Yona Member Husband of Rivka
Jacobson Itzhak President Husband of Sara
Jacobson Sara Wife of president Wife of Itzhak
Jaconson Elke Wife of financial secretary Wife of Joseph
Jaconson Joseph Financial Secretary Husband of Elke
Katkin Peretz Member Husband of Toybe
Katkin Toybe Member Wife of Peretz
Korn Sam Executive President Husband of Yosefe
Korn Yosefe Wife of Executive President Wife of Sam
Kozlowitz Mordechai Member Husband of Rachel
Kozlowitz Rachel Member Wife of Mordechai
Kravitz Sara Rivke Wife of trustee Wife of Shlomo
Kravitz Shlomo Trustee Husband of Sara Rivke
Kurman Bernard Member Husband of Esther
Kurman Esther Member Wife of Bernard
Leshtshinski Shprintze Wife of trustee Wife of Yeshekl Yakov
Leshtshinski Yeshekl Yakov Trustee Husband of Shprintze
Malowitz Hershl Member Husband of Sara
Malowitz Sara Member Wife of Hershl
Mandelbaum Eliezer Executive President Husband of Freide
Mandelbaum Freide Wife of Executive President Wife of Eliezer
Melnitsky Chaim Member Husband of Dwoshe
Melnitsky Dwoshe Member Wife of Chaim
Parker Basheve Wife of Executive President Wife of Leibl
Parker Leibl Executive President Husband of Basheve
Radinski Itzhak Leib Member Husband of Sheine
Radinski  Sheine Member Wife of Itzhak Leib
Retzitzer Aharon Member Husband of Keile
Retzitzer Keile Member Wife of Aharon
Rosenthal Rivka Member Wife of Shaul
Rosenthal Shaul Member Husband of Rivka
Rotshild Mordechai Member Husband of Nechama
Rotshild Nechama Member Wife of Mordechai
Rozen David Member Husband of Mirke
Rozen Mirke Member Wife of David
Rubinstein Freide Member Wife of Shlomo
Rubinstein Shlomo Member Husband of Freide
Senzinner Malke Member Wife of Mordechai
Senzinner Mordechai Member Husband of Malke
Shapiro Chaia Wife of Executive President: Secretary Relief Wife of Moishe
Shapiro Moishe Executive President: Secretary Relief Husband of Chaia
Sheifer Tzirl Member  
Tzimmernan Rivke Member Wife of Yakov
Tzimmernan Yakov Member Husband of Rivke
Vabnick Anshel Trustee Husband of Miriam
Vabnick Miriam Wife of trustee Wife of Anshel
Vartanitski Gitl Member Wife of Leib
Vartanitski Leib Member Husband of Gilt
Vinograd Bertshe Vice-President Husband of Sheine Lea
Vinograd Sheine Lea Wife of Vice-President Wife of Bertshe
Wainnerowsky Feige Wife of Executive President Wife of Shlomo
Wainnerowsky Shlomo Executive President Husband of Feige
Waisman Fanny Wife of trustee Wife of Joseph
Waisman Joseph Trustee Husband of Fanny
Waitzman David Member Husband of Etl
Waitzman Etl Member Wife of David
Weiss Itzak Member Husband of Rachel LEa
Weiss Rachel Lea Member Wife of Itzak
Zaidman Feige Wife of recording secretary Wife of Shmerl
Zaidman Rachel Member Wife of Yakov
Zaidman Shmerl Recording Secretary Husband of Feige
Zaidman Yakov Member Husband of Rachel

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