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Homler Young Men's Society

Contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

Please refer to the two previous societies from Gomel which have appeared on this site and which I have organized for the YIVO Archives (of course this society refers to the Jewish community of Gomel, Belarus)  Again it is a transfer from the New York State Department of Insurance. Remember that the Russian G is the White Russian H. 


Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
SURNAMEGiven nameSource
AARONSMurray1989 membership list
ABRAMSNattie1989 membership list
ALENICKMinnie1989 membership list
ALENICKWarren1989 membership list
ALENIKCelen ?1980 dues book
ALENIKMinnie1980 dues book
ALENIKWarren1980 dues book
BARNETTBruce1980 dues book
BARNETTDr Bruce1989 membership list
BARNETTH C1980 dues book
BARNETTHyman1989 membership list
BARNETTRichard1989 membership list
BARNETT 1980 dues book
BERGOFSKYDavid1980 dues book
BERLANDVictoria1980 dues book
BERLANDVictoria1989 membership list
BERSOFSKYClara1989 membership list
BERSOFSKYLeonard1989 membership list
CRYSTALIsidor1989 membership list
CRYSTAL 1980 dues book
DIETZmany1980 dues book
DIETZSylvia1989 membership list
DRAGENSKY ?Jay1980 dues book
FARBER ?Leonard1980 dues book
FARBMANBarnett1980 dues book
FARBMANLeonard1989 membership list
FARBMANSaul1980 dues book
FARBMANSaul1989 membership list
FINESylvia1989 membership list
FIREMANDr Marian1989 membership list
FIREMANFreda1980 dues book
FIREMANHoward1989 membership list
FIREMANSid1980 dues book
FIREMANSidney1989 membership list
FLEURLeo1989 membership list
FLEUR ?Leo1980 dues book
GUROCKDorothy1989 membership list
GUROCKJack and Leah1980 dues book
GUROCKRose1980 dues book
GUROCKRose1989 membership list
HALPERNHarvey & Reesa1989 membership list
HARRISHyman1980 dues book
HARRISHyman1989 membership list
HOROWITZCelia1989 membership list
HOROWITZLeo1980 dues book
HOROWITZLeo1989 membership list
HOROWITZNeil1989 membership list
HOROWITZSam1980 dues book
JACOBSONIrving1980 dues book
JACOBSONIrving1989 membership list
JACOBSONRuth1980 dues book
KALUGINSidney1980 dues book
KALUGINSidney1989 membership list
KAPLANAnna1989 membership list
KAPLANAnna and Bennie1980 dues book
KAPUTIN ?Sally1980 dues book
KAYEIrving1980 dues book
KEISELRose1980 dues book
KEISELRose1989 membership list
KETVINERIrvin1989 membership list
KLEINLeo1980 dues book
KRAUTHAMEREleanor1989 membership list
KRUPITDorothy1980 dues book
LANDAUSara1980 dues book
LANDESMANAnne1989 membership list
LANDSMANSara1980 dues book
LEVITTAlex1980 dues book
LEVITTNathan1980 dues book
LEVYMarylin1980 dues book
LIPTONEdward1989 membership list
LIPTONMichael1980 dues book
LIPTONMichael1989 membership list
LOTKERCharlotte1980 dues book
LOTKERGeo1980 dues book
LOTKERGeorge1989 membership list
LOTKERJack1980 dues book
LOTKERJack1989 membership list
LOTKERMichael1989 membership list
LOTKERRose1980 dues book
LOWENBERGAlvin1980 dues book
LOWENBERGAlvin1989 membership list
MAGIDANPhilip1980 dues book
MARKSShirley1980 dues book
MERMELAnnette1980 dues book
MERMELHyman1980 dues book
MERMELIda1980 dues book
MILLERDean1980 dues book
MOGIDSONPhilip1980 dues book
NIREMBERGHoward1989 membership list
NIREMBERGTrudy1989 membership list
RACANDVera1980 dues book
RACANDVera1989 membership list
RAISNERMichael1980 dues book
REYNESEthel1989 membership list
RICCIARDI [LEVY]Marylin1989 membership list
ROSENBERGSandra1980 dues book
ROSENBERGSandra1989 membership list
RUKINNettie1980 dues book
RUKINNettie1989 membership list
SALESNathan1980 dues book
SALES ?Nathan1980 dues book
SCHOENFELDBella1989 membership list
SCHOSTACKLeonard1980 dues book
SCHOSTACKSemour and Joan1980 dues book
SCHWARTZBAUMJack1980 dues book
SCHWARTZBAUMJack1989 membership list
SCOENFELDNathan1980 dues book
SELESHOWJack1980 dues book
SELESNOWAnna1989 membership list
SELESNOWBarry1980 dues book
SELESNOWBarry1989 membership list
SELESNOWBoris1980 dues book
SELESNOWBoris1989 membership list
SELESNOWJack1980 dues book
SELESNOWJack1989 membership list
SELESNOWJerome1980 dues book
SELESNOWJerome1989 membership list
SHOSTACKSally1989 membership list
SHOSTACKSeymour1989 membership list
SHUPNICKRhoda1989 membership list
SHUPNICKSeymour and Rhoda1980 dues book
SILVERAlfred1980 dues book
SILVERAlfred1989 membership list
SILVERMANRuth1980 dues book
SILVERMANRuth1989 membership list
SORKINShirley1980 dues book
SORKINSophie1989 membership list
STERNPhilip1989 membership list
STERNSara1989 membership list
STERNSarah1980 dues book
STROZERAnna1989 membership list
STROZERD1980 dues book
STROZERFrank1980 dues book
TRAVALIMichael1989 membership list
TURKINSymour1980 dues book
TURKINSymour1989 membership list
WELLERSam1980 dues book
WYMANJacob1989 membership list

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