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Hlusker Benevolent Society cemetery plot
Baron Hirsch cemetery
Staten Island, New York

contributed by Michelle Frager

Below are some names gleaned from a recent clean-up visit (July, 2001) to the Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island, NYC. They are from the very overgrown Hlusker Benevolent Society plot, "Founded Jan 1, 1900, Dedicated Aug 21, 1910" is inscribed on the entry arch.  The section is A184.

Many of the burials from the middle back into the wild overgrowth date from the teens to the 30's, and were almost certainly immigrants from the Glusk/Hlusk area. 

We cut away what we could in searching for our family, clearing dates as well as names. We had a xerox-type copy of an undated hand-drawn plan of the Society's burials, signed by a City Surveyor, and we built from there.  These names are partly from the plan, and from our work.  One or two are a very small bit of guesswork.

I hope this may be of some help to someone.

Surname Given name Age Date of death Miscellaneous
ARKIN Isaac 59 Apr 1935  
ARKIN Jacob 44 Feb 1916  
ARKIN Joseph   1945  
ARKIN Sam   (bef WWII)  
ARKIN Tillie 73 19--  
BENJAMIN Charles 53 Oct 1933  
BENJAMIN Charles   Oct 1930?  
BENJAMIN Jacob   Mar 19(2)5?  
BERGER Nathan   1934  
BERMAN Joseph   1935  
BREGMAN Eli 54? Nov 1940?  
BREGMAN Sadie      
CUSTOWITZ Nathan      
FISHMAN Gussie      
GESHICK ?Ben      
GESHICK Gussie      
GOLOD Gussie 57 1937  
GOLOD Karl   1937  
GOLOD Louis   1934  
GRIEFER Mamie   1935?  
HERMAN Esther       
HOROWITZ Alexander      
KASLOWITZ Isaac 73 1923/6/8 This name must relate to the dorf of Koslovichi (Koslovitch) between Hlusk and Bobruisk.
KATZMAN Tillie   1935  
KITMAN? Jacob 18 May 2,1918 'Died in France'
LEIBOWITZ Annie 72 Mar 1960  
LEIBOWITZ Meyer 55 Mar 1939  
LEIBOWITZ (Mr.)      
LEIBOWITZ (Mrs.)      
LIFSHITZ Abraham 46 Nov 1915  
LIFSHITZ Max 49 Sep 1939  
LIFSHITZ Yettie 30 1922 intact memorial photo on stone
LUCHIN Charles 49(?) July 4,1935?  
MAISEL Harry      
MALIN Sam   1931  
MECKLER Irving   1927?  
MECKLER Sam   July 1929  
MICHLIN Isidore   1935  
MILLER Celia   1956  
OSHER(O)WITZ Barnett   1937  
OSHER(O)WITZ Isidor   1936  
PETLACK/PETZACK Annie   1930  
PETLACK/PETZACK Jennie   1920?  
POLLACK Joseph      
REGELSON Judah Wolf   1918  
ROSENBERG Cassell      
ROSENBERG Frume      
ROSENBERG Isador      
ROSOFF Sarah   1937  
ROTHSTEIN Julius      
RUBIN David   1927  
SCHIFF Harry   1938  
SCHIFF Miriam   1935?  
SCHULMAN Harry   1935  
SHMELKIN Solomon      
SIDELMAN Lena Welinsky   1932  
SIEGEL Sophie   1917  
WOLFSON Max 42 1936

2001 Belarus SIG