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United Grodner Relief of New York
September/October 1944, page 3
"The following Grodner and non-Grodner answered our appeal to become members"

by Edward Rosenbaum

"The GRODNER" was an English/Yiddish newspaper, published by the "United Grodner Relief, Inc" in New York, NY.  According to the masthead, it was in existence since 1915, and was affiliated with the "Grodno Relief Federation".  Copies of this list of donors was given to YIVO in New York City when the society became defunct.  Other than what is listed below, there is no additional information available (I would assume, however, that the people listed below have some sort of family ties to the Grodno gubernia). 

If certain names are mentioned several times, it means that the person donated money so many times during the year.

Surname First name Residence Donation
Abramowitz A. Red Bank, NJ 3.00
Abramson Walter 10.00
Alexander Max Redding, CA 3.00
Ashkenasi Isaac 3.00
Barnett Louis 3.00
Becker Abe 3.00
Belzinsky Moris 5.00
Bendeson Jacob 5.00
Bialo Nathan 5.00
Boyarsky Meyer 10.00
Braverman Wm. San Francisco, CA 3.00
Braverman Mrs. Katie San Francisco, CA 5.00
Brout Credit Jewelers 25.00
Cibulsky Benj. 10.00
Clancy Mrs. Jamaica, Long Island, NY 5.00
Deienstag Jacob 3.00
Derechinsky Sol 10.00
Derechinsky Sol 15.00
Dryshpel John 10.00
Dvorkin and Daspin 1.00
Ewashkovsky J. 4.00
Fashion Craft Dresses 10.00
Feingold Isidor St. Loius, MO 5.00
Fine Abraham 3.00
Flatte Max 5.00
Fractenberg Mrs. Mary San Francisco, CA 3.00
Garbulsky Leo 5.00
Goldberg Jack 5.00
Goldberg Mrs. Dora Los Angeles, CA 3.00
Goldberg Jack 3.00
Goldsmith Irving 5.00
Gordon Eli 15.00
Gotkin J. Tuscon, AZ 10.00
Grodner Branch 74, W.C. 25.00
Grozalsky Rubin 5.00
Heglofsky Louis 5.00
Heller Harry 25.00
Isaacson Morris 1.00
Isaacson Mrs. Leah 2.00
Kaplan Benj. Red Bank, NJ 3.00
Krantz Julius I. 10.00
Kulick Max 10.00
Leaf Rose 5.00
Leifert Mr. And Mrs. Hyman 10.00
Levin Israel 5.00
Lewis Mr. And Mrs. Abe Los Angeles, CA 6.00
Lewis Abe Los Angeles, CA 5.00
Lipoff Simon 25.00
Lutenberg Nathan 25.00
Lutenberg Nathan 3.00
Mattes Mrs. Lena 10.00
Meyers Hillel 18.00
Miller Andrew N. 50.00
Nebrasky N. Mew Rochelle, NY 5.00
Nichols Yetta Brooklyn, NY 5.00
Olian Harry 3.00
Orlowsky Morris 5.00
Ostrow Mrs. Esther 5.00
Peckover Jacok 5.00
Polonsky Miss. Bertha 5.00
Ponemon Eli 3.00
Posner Nathan E. Los Angeles, CA 5.00
Posner Nathan E. Los Angeles, CA 3.00
Rasher I.M. Brockton, MA 5.00
Raudiman Mrs. Rose 5.00
Rich Benjamin 20.00
Rich Isidor L. 10.00
Rich Harry 10.00
Rutkoff Sam Montclair, NJ 5.00
Rutkoff Sam Montclair, NJ 3.00
Rutkovsky Eli Cotesville, NJ 5.00
Sall Mrs. Tillie 10.00
Schmuckler Morris 3.00
Schneider Morris 10.00
Schneider Samuel 25.00
Schneider Mrs. Anna 3.00
Schwartz Mrs. Rose 3.00
Schwartz Mrs. R. 1.00
Sebulsky Nathan 5.00
Selvin Sol J. Tooele, UT 10.00
Shapiro Mr. And Mrs. S. Los Angeles, CA 3.00
Shereshevsky N. Bound Brook, NJ 3.00
Sherr Harry Los Angeles, CA 3.00
Solomon Abraham 5.00
Stahl Mrs. Rachel 3.00
Stein Rosa R. Jacksonville, FL 5.00
Stein Hanna Lawton, OK 25.00
Stern Isidor 5.00
Stevens Mr. And Mrs. S. 2.00
Sumner Louis 5.00
Sunshine Samuel 5.00
Talan Jacob 5.00
Topf Mrs. Bessie 1.00
Trivash David 3.00
Trivash David 1.50
Waldman Louis 5.00
Waldman Max 2.00
Wessler Sam 5.00
Woolf Abraham 3.00
Young Julius I. 10.00
Zatz Albert 2.60
Zimmerman Samuel New Rochelle, NY 10.00

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