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1967 Disner Benevolent Association

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

Owing to the efforts of the YIVO archivists whose diligence in organizing and presenting the papers of defunct landsmanshaften organizations we are able to present to you the names and partial addresses of the United Disner Benevolent Association.  We are grateful for the efforts of Edward Rosenbaum without whose  cooperation and efforts the listing of landsmanshaften members both now and in the past could not take place.  Because of the relative life of this list addresses  which were found in the files for these members will not be listed to protect the privacy of those listed. Needless to say, YIVO will provide no follow up on your  genealogical requests relative to this list.

The author of this list is not  from Disner but merely provides names from the files of Belarus landsmanshaften.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname First name Miscellaneous City / zip code State
Abramson Nathan Pres. Flushing 54 NY
Abramson Ben c/o Mrs Grace Mitgang Brooklyn 34 NY
Abramson Sam   Brooklyn 29 NY
Aronson Lillian   BronxNY
Aronsom Sam   Bronx 53NY
Bayer Raymond   NY 13 NY
Bayer Sophie   NY 40 NY
Berkowitz Archie   NY 40 NY
Bialick Murray   BronxNY
Bodzin David   Brooklyn  NY
Boosin Helen   NY NY
Carlin Leonard A   NY NY
Cohen Benjamin   Bronx 63NY
Cohen Issidor   BronxNY
Cohen Morris   BronxNY
Cooper Al   NY NY
Cooper Harry   Forest Hills NY
Cyrlin Iser   Brooklyn NY
Davis Harry   Bronx 57NY
Dulitz Sander   NY 40 NY
Eisenberg Norman   Brooklyn 24NY
Elianoff Bessie, Mrs   Brooklyn 29NY
Elianoff Issac   BronxNY
Elinoff Sally, Mrs c/o Gandell Brooklyn  NY
Elinoff Sarah, Mrs c/o S Perlman Hollywood Fla
Epstein Edward   Brooklyn NY
Epstein Leon   Bronx67NY
Epstein Max   Flushing 67 NY
Ettinger Murray   Brooklyn NY
Feigelman Issie   Oceanside LI
Feigelman Ralph   Rockaway Beach 93 NY
Freeman Ada, Mrs   Far Rockaway 91 NY
Freeman Jean, Mrs   Far Rockaway 91 NY
Friedner Sidney   Bronx NY
Germain Morris   BronxNY
Glazer Elik   Brooklyn NY
Gluckman Olga   Brooklyn 25NY
Greneman Israel   Brooklyn NY
Greneman Jack   Brooklyn 10NY
Greneman Sol   Brooklyn NY
Heifetz Isaac   Brooklyn 24 NY
Horenstein Rose   Brooklyn NY
Jaffe Paul   Brooklyn NY
Joshpe Paul   BronxNY
Kaplan Morris   NY 40 NY
Kaplan Moshe, Br.   NY 21NY
Kashdan Max   Whitestone 57 NY
Katz Sam   NY 2 NY
Kesner Sadie, Mrs   BronxNY
Kesner Sam   Bronx NY
Kiffel Emerson   Yonkers NY
Klot Frank   Brooklyn 6NY
Kunkies Mina   Brooklyn NY
Lastic Ida   Brooklyn NY
Lawner David   Brooklyn Ny
Levy Gertrude, Mrs   BronxNY
Liefland William   Forest Hills 75 NY
Marks Dora, Mrs   Brooklyn 11NY
Masonson Molly, Mrs   Brooklyn NY
Miller Louis   Brooklyn  NY
Prensky Rose, Mrs   Arverne 92 NY
Prince Herbert   NYNY
Resman Libby, Mrs   Rego Park 74 NY
Rothman Sam BronxNY
Rudow Samuel   Long Beach 61 NY
Ruppo Jacob   Jackson Heights NY
Sebaty Aron   Brooklyn NY
Sack Isaac   Brooklyn 3NY
Schwartz Conrad   Paterson NJ
Shanky Al   Forest Hills NY
Shankman Robert   Kew Gardens 35 NY
Shankman Sam   Brooklyn 24NY
Slobodkin Benjamin   Brooklyn NY
Sofian Simon   Flushing 54 NY
Sporn Henry   Flushing 68 NY
Stern Eugene   NY NY
Swerdlow Irving   NY 40 NY
Swerdlow Jack   BronxNY
Swerdlow William   Bronx 53NY
Warhoftig     Valley Stream NY
Wekar Morris   Paterson NJ
Youdin Ernie   NYNY
Zlotogorski Samuel   Forest Hills 75 NY
Zweranken Israel   Bronx 69NY

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