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1971 Delatizer Aid Benevolent Society

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

The YIVO archivists have a monumental task ahead of them.  They must painstakingly go through the mainly unorganized papers of defunct landsmanshaften societies and make order of a mass of documents. This is the hard work.  Researchers can then access these files to discover the history of benevolent societies and through these societies the story of the lives lead by our ancestors in this country. We cannot thank these archivists sufficiently for their efforts. 

Two lists of the Delatizer [Delatcze] Aid Benevolent Society will be presented herein.  The first list were the dues paying members as of 1971.  The second list, an alphabetized list complete with partial addresses, were dues paying members as of 1951.  Complete addresses of the 1951 lists will be found in the YIVO Landsmanshaften boxed files.

We advise the readers that neither YIVO nor this author can provide a follow up to these lists. It is suggested that the reader pursue the classic tools of the researcher.

-Jerry Seligsohn

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname First name
Abramowitz Benjamin
Bardekoff Abe
Beaver Julius
Berkowsky Edward
Berman Abe
Berman Charles
Blank Jacob [dec]
Brown Leon S
Chernoff Isidor
Daly Myron
Flax David
Friedman Jan S
Friedland Isidor
Friedman Michael
Gaurin David
Gaurin Irving
Goldman Laurence
Gordis Philip
Guas David
Hopter Alfred
Horowitz Benjamin
Horowitz Dave
Jarvis Miller
Katz Nathan
Klein Alex
Lesendorf Irving
Levine Ben [dec]
Levine Hyman
Levine Irving
Levine Reuben
Levine William
Negin Harry
Nelson Martin
Rodman Martin
Rosenfeld Joseph
Sales Julius
Shafran Robert
Shale Harry
Siller Harry [dec]
Smith Irving
Troy Engeril
Weicher Irving
Weiss Jesse

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