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1951 Delatizer Aid Benevolent Society

contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

The YIVO archivists have a monumental task ahead of them.  They must painstakingly go through the mainly unorganized papers of defunct landsmanshaften societies and make order of a mass of documents. This is the hard work.  Researchers can then access these files to discover the history of benevolent societies and through these societies the story of the lives lead by our ancestors in this country. We cannot thank these archivists sufficiently for their efforts. 

Two lists of the Delatizer [Delatcze] Aid Benevolent Society will be presented herein.  The first list were the dues paying members as of 1971.  The second list, an alphabetized list complete with partial addresses, were dues paying members as of 1951.  Complete addresses of the 1951 lists will be found in the YIVO Landsmanshaften boxed files.

We advise the readers that nether YIVO nor this author can provide a follow up to these lists. It is suggested that the reader pursue the classic tools of the researcher.

-Jerry Seligsohn

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname First name Miscellaneous CityState
Abramowitz Donald c/o Ajax  Cost Co New York CityNY
Adler Maurice New York CityNY
Agensky M, Mrs BrooklynNY
August Solomon     
Baden Sam BronxNY
Bailen David     
Berenson Frank BronxNY
Berkoff William New York CityNY
Berkowitz G, Mrs LakewoodNJ
Bernstein Elke, Mrs BronxNY
Brose Jean, Mrs FlushingNY
Chaisen L, Mrs   BronxNY
Chernoff Sam   ElmontLI
Chononoff Aaron   BronxNY
Cohen David   BrooklynNY
Dalin Hyman   BronxNY
Dalin Rose, Mrs   BronxNY
Daly Lena, Mrs   BrooklynNY
Daly Joseph   BronxNY
Daly Louis   BrooklynNY
Daly Philip   BrooklynNY
Denman Aaron   New York CityNY
Elkind Max   BrooklynNY
Ellison Isidore   BronxNY
Engel Eva, Mrs   New York CityNY
Finder Harry c/o W Ginsburg BronxNY
Fried Alexander, Dr   New York CityNY
Friedland Michael   BrooklynNY
Goldstein Irwin   BronxNY
Goldspiel Julius   NutleyNJ
Guss David   NorwalkConn
Gutzeit Louis   New York CityNY
Heitner Irving   New York CityNY
Heitner Herbert   BronxNY
Heitner Morris   BronxNY
Held Sidney   BronxNY
Helfman Solomon   New York CityNY
Hersh Harry   BronxNY
Hirsch Charles   BrooklynNY
Horowitz Benjamin   BrooklynNY
Horowitz Joseph   Fall River Mass
Horowitz Sam   BronxNY
Jarvis David   YonkersNY
Jarvis Hyman   BronxNY
Jarvis I   BronxNY
Jarvis Milton   BronxNY
Kagel Louis   YonkersNY
Kapatz Annie, Mrs   New York CityNY
Karpe Murray   Coral Gables Fla
Karpen Anna, Mrs   BronxNY
Karpen Bernard   BelleroseNY
Karr Carl   New York CityNY
Karr Joseph   BronxNY
Karr Stanley   Hartford Conn
Katz Nathan   BrooklynNY
Kepner Abraham   BronxNY
Kessman Charles   BronxNY
Klieger Kalman   BrooklynNY
Klein Alex   BrooklynNY
Kleinman Minnie, Mrs   BronxNY
Kline Sarah, Mrs   BrooklynNY
Lazarus H   BronxNY
Lazarus Sam   BronxNY
Leibowitz Jacob   New York CityNY
Leizerovsky Chas   BronxNY
Levine Sophie   BronxNY
Levine Hyman   BrooklynNY
Levine Irving   New York CityNY
Levine Jacob c/oKamner BronxNY
Levine Milton   HollisNY
Levine Rochmiel  c/o B Brooks BlynNY
Levine Reuben   BronxNY
Levine William   BronxNY
Lewitsky M   BrooklynNY
Lependorf Irving   BrooklynNY
Levitsky Harry   BrooklynNY
Loskowitz Dora, Mrs   NYNY
Magaziner Abraham c/o Reisch BronxNY
Marashinsky Ben   BronxNY
Marashinsky Sam   BronxNY
Marcus Rose, Mrs   BronxNY
Marcus Dora, Mrs   BrooklynNY
Marcus Nathan c/o Steinberg BronxNY
Margolis Sam   BronxNY
Mendelsohn Jacob   BronxNY
Miller Sarah, Mrs c/o Alskin BrooklynNY
Mintz Isidore   BrooklynNY
Nash Julius   BrooklynNY
Negin Harry   New York CityNY
Negnevitssky ?   New York CityNY
Nelson Martin   Bergenfield NJ
Nelson Sophie, Mrs   BronxNY
Nevitsky Charles   New York CityNY
Nevitsky Max   New York CityNY
Nochimovsky Tevel   BrooklynNY
Nussbaum Meyer   New York CityNY
Palinbaum Isidore   New York CityNY
Pirker Aaron   North Bergen NJ
Peck Henry L   Brooklyn NY
Peck Irving   BrooklynNY
Peretzman Sarah, Mrs   FlushingNY
Peretzman Sam   BrooklynNY
Pinkovsky William   BronxNY
Plotnick Harry   NW Washington DC
Plotnick Irving   BrooklynNY
Plotnick Joseph   New York CityNY
Puchowitz Harry   BrooklynNY
Puchowitz J David   New York CityNY
Robbins Joseph   BronxNY
Rosensweig Mrs Y   BrooklynNY
Sachs Lena   BrooklynNY
Schaul Charles   New Hyde Park LI
Schaul Emmanuel     
Schneider Benjamin   BrooklynNY
Schwartz Morris   BronxNY
Shalevsky Morris   BrooklynNY
Sinofsky William   BrooklynNY
Sloan Alex   BronxNY
Slomowitz Mollie, Mrs   BrooklynNY
Smith Benjamin   New York CityNY
Smith Julius   BrooklynNY
Smith Rose, Mrs   BronxNY
Spiegelman S c/o S Lazarus BronxNY
Stein Max   BronxNY
Steinberg Harry   Bayonne NJ
Steinberg Ida, Mrs   BronxNY
Trotsky Jennie, Mrs   New York CityNY
Trotsky Peshe, Mrs c/o Ribeler BrooklynNY
Weisboch Ida, Mrs   BrooklynNY
Wolfson Daniel, Dr   New York CityNY
Zuckman A   BrooklynNY

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