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Chevra Adath Kdeishim Anshei Rozenoy
A New York metropolitan landsmannschaften for Ruzhany, Belarus

contributed by Ann Rabinowitz

The following information comes from a single dues receipt for one member in 1973 of the New York metropolitan landsmannschaften officers for Ruzhany, Belarus.  The group was formed by individuals from Ruzhany, Belarus, but was comprised of members from other shtetls as well such as Kartuz Bereza, Minsk, and others.  I attribute this to either the wives or husbands of members being from various other related shtetls.

The 1973 dues receipt was for member Mrs. Ethel Anna Goldberg Cooper, daughter of Louis Goldberg.  Her nephew was Bernard Goldberg, the Hospitaler for  Brooklyn.  His father, Alexander Goldberg, had also been an officer of the group.  The receipt was contributed by Ethel Cooper's daughter Gertie Cooper Etter.

The dues were $2.00 a quarter and any member who was indebted for more than two quarters would not be entitled to any of the benefits.

The official undertaker of the Chevra was Gutterman, located in New York at Broadway and 66th Street, Tel:  TRafalgar 3-3500, in Brooklyn, at Church and Flatbush Avenues, Tel: BUchminster 4-1500, and other branches in Jersey City, Rockville Center and Miami.  The official rabbi of the Chevra was Rabbi Z.K.  Zakheim, 1510 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY, Tel:  5-5388.

Several of the cemeteries that had a Chevra plot were:

The General Meeting for 1973 was held on Sunday, January 7, 1973, 2:00 P.M.

The group had social events throughout the years and was quite active until many of the members passed away including most of the officers listed on the dues receipt.

Chakofsky S. Sergeant of Arms  
Farber S./ Mrs. Recording Secretary Brooklyn
Gelstein Saul Hospitaler for New York Manhattan
Gelstein Saul Vice-Chairman, Cemetery Committee Manhattan
Goldberg Bernard Hospitaler for Brooklyn Brooklyn
Goldstein R. Trustee  
Kaplan David President Bronx
Kaplan David Vice-Chairman, Cemetery Committee Bronx
Karelitz J. Chairman, Cemetery Committee Yonkers
Levine L. Sergeant of Arms 
Lichter Max Vice-President Astoria
Lichter Max Vice-Chairman, Cemetery Committee Astoria
Litzky I. Trustee 
Pinck N. Financial Secretary and Treasurer Brooklyn
Pitofsky S. Trustee 
Stern M. Sergeant of Arms 
Zakheim Z.K. / Rabbi Trustee Brooklyn

2001 Belarus SIG