City of Borisov, Belorussia,

Twenty third of August, nineteen ninety five

We, the undersigned, Mr. Semyon A. Shimanovich, living at (address deleted) USA, hereafter called the Customer, and private proprietor Nikolai N. Kapshai, living at (address deleted) Belorussia, hereafter called the Contractor, have made the following agreement:

1. The Customer requests the Contractor to manufacture, transport and assemble monuments at the location of sadistic murder of people of Jewish nationality by Germans on August 18,1941 in the forest next to the village of Zembin of Borisov District, Minsk County, Belorussia.

2. The Contractor promises to individually put a monument for each murdered person, according to the lists of names, given to the Contractor by the Customer. Each of the monuments should be no less then 30 by 30 centimeters, according to the enclosed sketch, with attached polished granite plate of dark color with dimensions no less then 30 by 30 by 5 centimeters. On the polished surface of the granite plate the Contractor will carve the family name, first name, middle name or the initials of the murdered person as well as the date of birth and the date of death in following words: tortured to death on 8/18/1941. In addition, the Contractor will place at the entrance to the memorial a stone rock, of desired shape, one side of which will be leveled. A text will be carved on it which will be similar to that of on the memorial plate, located on the fence of the memorial.

3. The Contractor promises to carry out all the work, mentioned in this contract, with high quality of world standards.

4. The Customer promises to regularly pay the Contractor the amount of 50 US dollars, according to the price of Belorussian ruble, for each monument after completion of all the work on erection of each of the 10 monuments. According to the specific agreement the aforementioned number of monuments can be changed.

5. The contract will be null only after completion of all the work required to erect a monument for each person, murdered at the above location (about 1000 persons).


On the 23 of August, 1995,1, N.V. Strigalev, the notary public of Borisov District of Minsk

County, Belorussia, have notarized this contract. The contract was signed by both parties in my presence after the identification and credibility of each party was established.

Registration number 1-3161

State fee was taken in amount of 30000 rubles.

Notary public: SEALED SIGNED