Volosts and most important settlements of the Empire, 1884

As you possibly know, the Gubernias of the Russian Empire have been divided into uyezds and uyezd have been divided into volosts (earlier - povets).

To know this is quite important because from my experience some records refer not to a town/village but to uyezd or volost. If you know the volost and know that there are (as usual) one Jewish settlement - you will know what the records are about. In most cases the volost name derived from one of the local settlements, but not necessary the town you looking for.

The data listed below is for the towns and villages of the Minsk Gubernia with references to administrative division of the Gubernia in early 1880s.  I mostly used data from "Volosti i vazhneishie seleniya Imperii, vyp. V" - (" Volosts and most important settlements of Empire, 5th edition) of 1884 and several other sources.

I selected more than 500 settlements (most of them with populations of 300 people and more) and show the names of the volost and uyezd that they belonged to.  I also marked (in red) settlements where I had information about Jewish communities or just percents of Jewish population at the time (1884).  Earlier or later in time, the picture could be different.

I was puzzled by the absence of reference to such well known Jewish settlements as Shchedrin (Seliba) of the Bobruisk uyezd. Possibly some other location are missing.

In the data below, I left the volosts names in the form of feminine adjectives in nominative case as it written in Russian. So, for example,  Lyakhovichi volost will be vritten as Lyakhovichskaya [volost] - I thought it will help in the work with the documents.

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

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Towns/villages Volost' Uyezd
Antonovka Dudichskaya Rechitsa
Atalez' Zasul'skaya Minsk
Azarichi (Ozarichi) Azarichskaya Bobruisk
Babaevichi Kletskaya Slutsk
Babchin Mikulichskaya Rechitsa
Bagrimovichi Kopatkevitchskaya Mozyr'
Baranovichi Novomyshskaya Novogrudok
Barbarov Narovlyanskaya Rechitsa
Begoml' Begoml'skaya Borisov
Belevichi Chaplitskaya Slutsk
Belichany Belichanskaya Igumen
Belichi Tsarevskaya Slutsk
Belogusha Stolinskaya Pinsk
Beloruchye Beloruchskaya Minsk
Berezhno Mirskaya Novogrudok
Berezichi Ugrinichskaya Pinsk
Berezin Pogostskaya Igumen
Berezino Berezinskaya Borisov
Berezov Berezovskaya Mozyr'
Bezverkhovichi Slutskaya Slutsk
Blevchitsy Bystritskaya Slutsk
Blon' Pukhovichskaya Igumen
Bobovnya Telyadovichskaya Slutsk
Bobrovichi Svyatovol'skaya Pinsk
Bobruisk "uyezdny gorod" Bobruisk
Bogdanovka Pogost-Zagorodskaya Pinsk
Bogushevichi Yakshitskaya Igumen
Bolotchitsy Chaplitskaya Slutsk
Bol'shie Avtyutevichi Avtyutevichskaya Rechitsa
Bol'shie Nestanovichi Pleshchenitskaya Borisov
Borisov "uyezdny gorod" Borisov
Borovoe Kukhotskovol'skaya Pinsk
Bortniki Bol'shie Bortnikskaya Bobruisk
Bortniki Malye Bortnikskaya Bobruisk
Boshchevichi Boshchevichskaya Bobruisk
Bostyn' Luninskaya Pinsk
Botovo Pogost-Zagorodskaya Pinsk
Bragin Braginskaya Rechitsa
Brod Mstizhskaya Borisov
Brodavka Kishchino-Slobodskaya Borisov
Brodets Brodetskaya Igumen
Bronnaya Zaspenskaya Rechitsa
Bryanchitsy Starobinskaya Slutsk
Bucha Krugovichskaya Slutsk
Bugachin Vyznenskaya Slutsk
Buinovichi Buinovichskaya Mozyr'
Bykhov Lyubeshovskaya Pinsk
Bytche Bytchanskaya Borisov
Chemerisy Derazhitskaya Rechitsa
Chernin Chereninskaya Bobruisk
Chernyavka Velyatichskaya Borisov
Chirkovichi Parichskaya Bobruisk
Chizhevichi Starobinskaya Slutsk
Chukhov Dobroslavskaya Pinsk
Dakovichi Dakovichskaya Mozyr'
Danilovichi Uzdenskaya Igumen
David-Gorodok Khorskaya Mozyr'
Delyatichi Lyubchanskaya Novogrudok
Deniskovichi Krugovichskaya Slutsk
Denisovichi Ukhval'skaya Borisov
Derevok Lyubeshovskaya Pinsk
Dernovichi Dernovichskaya Rechitsa
Dmitrovichi Dmitrovichskaya Borisov
Dobroslavka Dobroslavskaya Pinsk
Dokshitsy Dokshitskaya Borisov
Doktorovichi Romanovskaya Slutsk
Dolginichi Slobodo-Pyryshevskaya Igumen
Dolgoe Dolzhanskaya Igumen
Dol'noe Shchorsovskaya Novogrudok
Domanovichi Domanovichskaya Rechitsa
Domanovo 2nd Brozhskaya Bobruisk
Domovitsk Grebenskaya Igumen
Dorosino Pogostskaya Slutsk
Dory Pershaiskaya Minsk
Dostov Porechskaya Pinsk
Drazhnya Zhtinskaya Bobruisk
Drichin Novosel'skaya Igumen
Dubinets Plotnitskaya Pinsk
Dubova Darevskaya Novogrudok
Dubrova Turkovskaya Bobruisk
Dubrovka Chereninskaya Bobruisk
Dubrovsk Morochanskaya Pinsk
Dubrovy Rakovskaya Minsk
Dudichi Dudichskaya Igumen
Dudichi Dudichskaya Rechitsa
Dukora Dukorskaya Igumen
Dunaichitsy Sinyavskaya Slutsk
Dvorishche Khoinikskaya Rechitsa
Dyatlovichi Kozhangorodetskaya Pinsk
Dzedzilovichi Osovskaya Borisov
Eremichi Ereminskaya Novogrudok
Es'mony Es'monskaya Borisov
Evangilevichi Romanovskaya Slutsk
Gaino Gaino-Slobodskaya Borisov
Gatovo Samokhvalovicheskaya Minsk
Gden Yolchanskaya Rechitsa
Glinnoe Berezovskaya Mozyr'
Gliven' Glivinskaya Borisov
Glukhov Braginskaya Rechitsa
Glushkevichi Toneshskaya Mozyr'
Glusk Gluskaya Bobruisk
Gnezdilovo Dokshitskaya Borisov
Golovchitsy Komarovichskaya Mozyr'
Golovchitsy Narovlyanskaya Rechitsa
Golovenchitsy Sverzhenskaya Minsk
Golubichi Tumilovichskaya Borisov
Golynka Svislochskaya Bobruisk
Golynka Sinyavskaya Slutsk
Gorboshchevichi Gorboshchevichskaya Bobruisk
Gorno Mil'chanskaya Borisov
Gorodishche Gorodishchskaya Novogrudok
Gorodno Terebezhovskaya Pinsk
Gorodnya Gorodzeiskaya Novogrudok
Gorodok Gorodokskaya Bobruisk
Gorodok (Ostroshitskiy) Ostroshitsko-Gorodetskaya Minsk
Gorodyshche Krzhivoshinskaya Novogrudok
Gorvol' Gorvol'skaya Rechitsa
Gotsky Chuchevichskaya Mozyr'
Govezna Goveznyanskaya Slutsk
Grebenka Grebenskaya Igumen
Gresk Greskaya Slutsk
Gritsevichi Gritsevichskaya Slutsk
Gritskovichi Kholopenichskaya Borisov
Grozov Grozovskaya Slutsk
Igumen "uyezdny gorod" Igumen
Ivaniki Stavokskaya Pinsk
Ivenets Ivenetsko-Starinskaya Minsk
Izabelin Raichanskaya Novogrudok
Kaliniki Petrikovskaya Mozyr'
Kamel' Pogost-Zagorodskaya Pinsk
Kamen' Ivenetsko-Starinskaya Minsk
Kamen' (Log) Zembinskaya Borisov
Kaplantsy Pogostskaya Igumen
Karolin (Yel'sk) Mikhalkovskaya Mozyr'
Karpovichi Karpovichskaya Rechitsa
Karsakovichi Karsakovichskaya Borisov
Kazimirovka Kholmechskaya Rechitsa
Kazimirovo Stepskaya Bobruisk
Kazulichi Lyubonichskaya Bobruisk
Khoiniki Khoinikskaya Rechitsa
Khoino Khoinskaya Pinsk
Kholmech Kholmechskaya Rechitsa
Kholopenichi Kholopenichskaya Borisov
Kholuy Pogorel'skaya Igumen
Khoromtsy Lyaskovichskaya Bobruisk
Khorsk Khorskaya Mozyr'
Khotaevichi Pleshchenitskaya Borisov
Khotlyany Shatskaya Igumen
Khotynichi Khotynichskaya Pinsk
Khrakovichi Savichskaya Rechitsa
Khrenovo Grozovskaya Slutsk
Khutor Uyr'evichskaya Igumen
Kievichi Kievichskaya Slutsk
Kishchino-Sloboda Kishchino-Slobodskaya Borisov
Kletsk Kletskaya Slutsk
Klichev Dolzhanskaya Igumen
Klinok Klinokskaya Igumen
Kochitsy-Maranovo Skorodnenskaya Mozyr'
Koidanovo Koidanovskaya Minsk
Kolenkovichi Avtyutevichskaya Rechitsa
Kolki Kryukovichskaya Rechitsa
Kolyban' Savichskaya Rechitsa
Komarin Yolchanskaya Rechitsa
Komarovichi Komarovichskaya Mozyr'
Konchitsy Duboiskaya Pinsk
Konotop Narovlyanskaya Rechitsa
Kopatkevichi Kopatkevitchskaya Mozyr'
Koptsevichi Kopatkevitchskaya Mozyr'
Koptsevichi Laskovichskaya Mozyr'
Kopyl' Potseikovskaya Slutsk
Korelichi Korelichskaya Novogrudok
Korotkovichi Stepskaya Bobruisk
Korovatichi Malodushskaya Rechitsa
Kosino Yur'evskaya Borisov
Kostritsa Zachistskaya Borisov
Kostyashi Mogil'nyanskaya Igumen
Kovchitsy 2nd Brozhskaya Bobruisk
Kozhan-Gorodok Kozhangorodetskaya Pinsk
Kozlovichi 2nd Brozhskaya Bobruisk
Krasnodvortsy Starobinskaya Slutsk
Krasnoluki Bogdanovskaya Borisov
Krinka Zhtinskaya Bobruisk
Krivichi Starobinskaya Slutsk
Kroshin Stvolovichslaya Novogrudok
Krupeiki Loevskaya Rechitsa
Kryukovichi Kryukovichskaya Rechitsa
Krzhivoshin Krzhivoshinskaya Novogrudok
Kukhotskaya Volya Kukhotskovol'skaya Pinsk
Kukhtichi Uzdenskaya Igumen
Kupyatichi Pinkovichskaya Pinsk
Kuritichi Petrikovskaya Mozyr'
Lakhva Lakhovskaya Mozyr'
Laktyshi Krugovichskaya Slutsk
Lan' Lan'skaya Slutsk
Lapichi Pogorel'skaya Igumen
Laskovichi Laskovichskaya Mozyr'
Lelchitsy Lel'chitskaya Mozyr'
Lemeshevichi Lemeshevichskaya Pinsk
Lenin Leninskaya Mozyr'
Leshnya Bystritskaya Slutsk
Lipsk Berezinskaya Borisov
Lipsk Krzhivoshinskaya Novogrudok
Litva Darevskaya Novogrudok
Loginitso Loginitskaya Borisov
Logishino Logishinskaya Pinsk
Logoisk Logoiskaya Borisov
Lopatino Lemeshevichskaya Pinsk
Losha Slobodo-Pyryshevskaya Igumen
Lotvichy Telyadovichskaya Slutsk
Loyev Loevskaya Rechitsa
Lozki-Negnevichskie Shchorsovskaya Novogrudok
Luchitsy Luchitskaya Mozyr'
Luchniki Slutskaya Slutsk
Luchnoe Klinokskaya Igumen
Luki Zhukhovichskaya Novogrudok
Lunin Luninskaya Pinsk
Luninets Luninskaya Pinsk
Lyadki Ereminskaya Novogrudok
Lyady Smilovichskaya Igumen
Lyady Yakshitskaya Igumen
Lyakhovichi Duboiskaya Pinsk
Lyakhovichi Zhitkovichskaya Mozyr'
Lyakhovichi Lyakhovichskaya Slutsk
Lyuban' Zabolotskaya Bobruisk
Lyubanichi Tsirinskaya Novogrudok
Lyubcha Lyubchanskaya Novogrudok
Lyubeshov Lyubeshovskaya Pinsk
Lyubonichi Lyubonichskaya Bobruisk
Lyusino Khotynichskaya Pinsk
Makalovichi Vasilevichskaya Rechitsa
Makhnovichi Buinovichskaya Mozyr'
Maksimovichi Brodetskaya Igumen
Malodushi Malodushskaya Rechitsa
Malye Dol'tsy Veliko-Doletskaya Borisov
Mar'yana Gorka Novosel'skaya Igumen
Matorovo Dukorskaya Igumen
Matskevichi Bystritskaya Slutsk
Medvedichi Medvedichskaya Slutsk
Mikhalki Mikhalkovskaya Mozyr'
Mikhalovtsy Yastrebzhemblyanskaya Novogrudok
Mikulichi Mikulichskaya Rechitsa
Mikulichi Uyr'evichskaya Igumen
Mil'cha Mil'chanskaya Borisov
Milevichi Leninskaya Mozyr'
Miloshevichi Toneshskaya Mozyr'
Minsk "uyezdny gorod" Minsk
Mir Mirskaya Novogrudok
Mogil'no Mogil'nyanskaya Igumen
Mokhro Duboiskaya Pinsk
Mokro-Dubrovo Logishinskaya Pinsk
Mokrov' Lakhovskaya Mozyr'
Morich Zaostrovichskaya Slutsk
Morin Vereskovskaya Novogrudok
Moroch Leninskaya Mozyr'
Morozovichi Koshelevskaya Novogrudok
Mozyr' "uyezdny gorod" Mozyr'
Mukhevichi Grabovskaya Mozyr'
Mukhondy Dernovichskaya Rechitsa
Nacha Nachskaya Borisov
Narovlya Narovlyanskaya Rechitsa
Negnevichi Negnevichskaya Novogrudok
Neleshkevichi Neleshkevichskaya Mozyr'
Nemonitsa Loginitskaya Borisov
Nestanovichi Rudobel'skaya Bobruisk
Nesvizh "zashtatny gorod" Slutsk
Nevel' Khoinskaya Pinsk
Nikolaevshchina Sverzhenskaya Minsk
Nobel' Morochanskaya Pinsk
Nosovichi Domanovichskaya Rechitsa
Novaya Mysh Novomyshskaya Novogrudok
Novo-Volosovichi Volosovichskaya Borisov
Novocelki Domanovichskaya Rechitsa
Novocelki Khoinikskaya Rechitsa
Novocelki Kievichskaya Slutsk
Novocelki Potseikovskaya Slutsk
Novogrudok "uyezdny gorod" Novogrudok
Novosady Koidanovskaya Minsk
Novoselki (Karpilovka) Novosel'skaya Igumen
Novy Dvor Logishinskaya Pinsk
Novy Dvor Starosel'skaya Minsk
Novy Sverzhen' Sverzhenskaya Minsk
Novye Dorogi Novodorogskaya Bobruisk
Obrovo Svyatovol'skaya Pinsk
Okhovo Zhabchitskaya Pinsk
Okolovo Prusovichskaya Borisov
Ol'shany Khorskaya Mozyr'
Omel'no Omel'yanskaya Igumen
Opechki Stolpetskaya Minsk
Osipovichi Gorkovskaya Bobruisk
Osovets Osovetskaya Bobruisk
Osovy Osovskaya Borisov
Ostashkevichi Karpovichskaya Rechitsa
Ostroglyady Mikulichskaya Rechitsa
Ostrov Morochanskaya Pinsk
Ostrov Ostrovskaya Novogrudok
Ostrov Yakshitskaya Igumen
Ostrovki Gorodzeiskaya Novogrudok
Otrubok Berezinskaya Borisov
Ozarevichi Krugovichskaya Slutsk
Ozarichi Telekhanskaya Pinsk
Ozerichin Dudichskaya Igumen
Ozero Stan'kovskaya Minsk
Ozershina Rovensko-Slobodskaya Rechitsa
Papernya Beloruchskaya Minsk
Parichi Parichskaya Bobruisk
Patseva Sloboda Lyubonichskaya Bobruisk
Pererov Turovskaya Mozyr'
Perezhir Perezhirskaya Igumen
Pershai Pershaiskaya Minsk
Petkovichi Omel'yanskaya Igumen
Petrikov Petrikovskaya Mozyr'
Petrinka Ruchaevskaya Rechitsa
Petrovichi Smilovichskaya Igumen
Pinkovichi Pinkovichskaya Pinsk
Pinsk (with Karolin) "uyezdny gorod" Pinsk
Pleshchenitsy Pleshchenitskaya Borisov
Plotnitsa Plotnitskaya Pinsk
Pobolovo Turkovskaya Bobruisk
Pochapov Pochapovskaya Novogrudok
Podles'e Lyakhovichskaya Slutsk
Podstarin'ya Stvolovichslaya Novogrudok
Pogoreloe Pogorel'skaya Igumen
Pogorel'tsy Snovskaya Novogrudok
Pogost Pogostskaya Igumen
Pogost Pogostskaya Slutsk
Pogost-Zagorodsky Pogost-Zagorodskaya Pinsk
Pogost Zarechny Morochanskaya Pinsk
Polonechka Zhukhovichskaya Novogrudok
Polonka Novomyshskaya Novogrudok
Poluzh'e Korelichskaya Novogrudok
Porech'e Porechskaya Pinsk
Porshevichi Zhabchitskaya Pinsk
Poruchin Gorodishchskaya Novogrudok
Potapovichi Duboiskaya Pinsk
Pral'niki Ivenetsko-Starinskaya Minsk
Priluki Samokhvalovicheskaya Minsk
Prosnishche Klinokskaya Igumen
Prusovichi Prusovichskaya Borisov
Prussy Tsarevskaya Slutsk
Pukhovichi Pukhovichskaya Igumen
Pukhovichi Zhitkovichskaya Mozyr'
Pukovo Pukovskaya Igumen
Puzov Timkovichskaya Slutsk
Radchitsk Radchitskaya Pinsk
Radoshkovichi Zaslavskaya Minsk
Rakov Rakovskaya Minsk
Rechitsa Stolinskaya Pinsk
Rechitsa "uyezdny gorod" Rechitsa
Romanovo Romanovskaya Slutsk
Rovenskaya Sloboda Rovensko-Slobodskaya Rechitsa
Rubezhevichi Velikoselskaya Minsk
Ruchaevka Ruchaevskaya Rechitsa
Rudensk Tsitvyanskaya Igumen
Rudobelka Rudobel'skaya Bobruisk
Sadovichi Chaplitskaya Slutsk
Samokhvalovichi Samokhvalovicheskaya Minsk
Savichi Savichskaya Rechitsa
Sedlichi Ugrinichskaya Pinsk
Seilovichi Goveznyanskaya Slutsk
Seliba Brodetskaya Igumen
Selishche Romanovskaya Slutsk
Semezhov Kievichskaya Slutsk
Semkov Gorodok Semkovo-Gorodetskaya Minsk
Senezhitsy Raichanskaya Novogrudok
Sennitsa Sennitskaya Minsk
Serniki Radchitskaya Pinsk
Seroel'nya Koshelevskaya Novogrudok
Shatsk Shatskaya Igumen
Shevernichi Dmitrovichskaya Borisov
Simakovo Mirskaya Novogrudok
Simenichi Lel'chitskaya Mozyr'
Simonovichi Gorodokskaya Bobruisk
Sinyavka Sinyavskaya Slutsk
Sitnya Dudichskaya Rechitsa
Skorodno Skorodnenskaya Mozyr'
Skrigalov Slobodo-Skrigalovskaya Mozyr'
Slavkovichi Lyaskovichskaya Bobruisk
Sliva Tsarevskaya Slutsk
Sloboda Ereminskaya Novogrudok
Sloboda Gaino-Slobodskaya Borisov
Sloboda Kuchenka Pukovskaya Igumen
Sloboda Pyryshevskaya GN="LEFT">Slobodo-Pyryshevskaya Igumen
Sloboda Skrigaloskaya Slobodo-Skrigalovskaya Mozyr'
Slobodka Slobodskaya Minsk
Slonevskaya Volya Negnevichskaya Novogrudok
Slutsk "uyezdny gorod" Slutsk
Smilovichi Smilovichskaya Igumen
Smolevichi Smolevichskaya Borisov
Snov Snovskaya Novogrudok
Stan'kovo Stan'kovskaya Minsk
Starchitsy Vyznenskaya Slutsk
Starinki Velikoselskaya Minsk
Starinky (Gubara) Grabovskaya Mozyr'
Staritsa Kocherichskaya Bobruisk
Starobin Starobinskaya Slutsk
Staroe Selo Lel'chitskaya Mozyr'
Staroe Selo Starosel'skaya Minsk
Startsevichi Romanovskaya Slutsk
Starye Dorogi Novodorogskaya Bobruisk
Stavok Stavokskaya Pinsk
Sterlichev Khoinikskaya Rechitsa
Stolin Stolinskaya Pinsk
Stolptsy Stolpetskaya Minsk
Struga Terebezhovskaya Pinsk
Studenka Verkhmenskaya Igumen
Stvolovichi Stvolovichslaya Novogrudok
Sudche Kukhotskovol'skaya Pinsk
Sumyatichi Gorodechnyanskaya Novogrudok
Svisloch Svislochskaya Bobruisk
Svoyatychi Darevskaya Novogrudok
Svyataya Volya Svyatovol'skaya Pinsk
Tal' Zabolotskaya Bobruisk
Tatarkovichi Svislochskaya Bobruisk
Telekhany Telekhanskaya Pinsk
Terebezhovo Terebezhovskaya Pinsk
Terushki Pogostskaya Slutsk
Tesny Derazhitskaya Rechitsa
Tesova Pogostskaya Slutsk
Timkovichi Timkovichskaya Slutsk
Tolkachevichi Shatskaya Igumen
Tonezhy Toneshskaya Mozyr'
Troyanova Potseikovskaya Slutsk
Trukhanovichi Pukovskaya Igumen
Tsarevtsy Tsarevskaya Slutsk
Tsenevichi Chaplitskaya Slutsk
Tsirin Tsirinskaya Novogrudok
Tsitva Tsitvyanskaya Igumen
Tul'govichi Yurevichskaya Rechitsa
Tumilovichi Tumilovichskaya Borisov
Turets Dukorskaya Igumen
Turets Ereminskaya Novogrudok
Turin Pukhovichskaya Igumen
Turki Turkovskaya Bobruisk
Turov Turovskaya Mozyr'
Ugrinichi Ugrinichskaya Pinsk
Ukhvalo Ukhval'skaya Borisov
Urech'e Gorkovskaya Bobruisk
Uzda Uzdenskaya Igumen
Uzlyany Perezhirskaya Igumen
Varkovichi Slutskaya Slutsk
Vasil'chitsy Timkovichskaya Slutsk
Vasilevichi Vasilevichskaya Rechitsa
Vasilinki Slutskaya Slutsk
Velikaya Lisitsa Gorodzeiskaya Novogrudok
Velikaya Lotva Lyakhovichskaya Slutsk
Velikie Chuchevichi Chuchevichskaya Mozyr'
Velikie Dol'tsy Veliko-Doletskaya Borisov
Velikie Luki Yastrebzhemblyanskaya Novogrudok
Velikie Zhukhovichi Zhukhovichskaya Novogrudok
Velikiy Bor Khoinikskaya Rechitsa
Velikiy Rozhan Vyznenskaya Slutsk
Velikoe Selo Velikoselskaya Minsk
Velyatichi Velyatichskaya Borisov
Vereskovka Vereskovskaya Novogrudok
Verkhmen' Verkhmenskaya Igumen
Vetchini Dakovichskaya Mozyr'
Vetunichi Vitunichskaya Borisov
Vitchevka Radchitskaya Pinsk
Volkovichi Gorodechnyanskaya Novogrudok
Volma Klinokskaya Igumen
Volma Smilovichskaya Igumen
Vol'na Chernikhovskaya Novogrudok
Voloki Mstizhskaya Borisov
Volosovichi Volosovichskaya Borisov
Voronichi Tsitvyanskaya Igumen
Vselyub Vselyubskaya Novogrudok
Vul'ka Telekhanskaya Pinsk
Vydritsa Nachskaya Borisov
Vygonoshchi Telekhanskaya Pinsk
Vyshniya Zhary Yolchanskaya Rechitsa
Vyzna Vyznenskaya Slutsk
Yakimovskaya Sloboda Yakimovo-Slobodskaya Rechitsa
Yakshitsi Yakshitskaya Igumen
Yaminsk (Troichany) Osovetskaya Bobruisk
Yatra Pochapovskaya Novogrudok
Yatvez' Chernikhovskaya Novogrudok
Yazvin Kozhangorodetskaya Pinsk
Yottsitsi Gritsevichskaya Slutsk
Yurevichi Yurevichskaya Rechitsa
Yur'evo Yur'evskaya Borisov
Yurovichi Uyr'evichskaya Igumen
Yushkevichi Chernikhovskaya Novogrudok
Zachst'e Zachistskaya Borisov
Zamosh'e Dokshitskaya Borisov
Zamosh'e Zamoshskaya Bobruisk
Zamost' Greskaya Slutsk
Zaozer'e Es'monskaya Borisov
Zapol'e Korelichskaya Novogrudok
Zarech'e Osovskaya Borisov
Zarud'e Lyubeshovskaya Pinsk
Zaslav Zaslavskaya Minsk
Zaspa Zaspenskaya Rechitsa
Zasul'e Zasul'skaya Minsk
Zavshitsy Starobinskaya Slutsk
Zayamno Stolpetskaya Minsk
Zayatel'-Zapesochye Turovskaya Mozyr'
Zelemichi Khorskaya Mozyr'
Zembin Zembinskaya Borisov
Zen'kovichi Uzdenskaya Igumen
Zhabchitsy Zhabchitskaya Pinsk
Zheleznitsa Kukhotskovol'skaya Pinsk
Zhitin Zhtinskaya Bobruisk
Zhit'kov Bytchanskaya Borisov
Zhitkovichi Zhitkovichskaya Mozyr'
Zhitnovichi Khoinskaya Pinsk
Zhivogladovichi Vyznenskaya Slutsk
Zhodin Smolevichskaya Borisov
Zhuravok Dukorskaya Igumen
Zilikhovo Bystritskaya Slutsk