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Subject: Mozyr' (Minsk gubernia) - 1818.
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Below you may find surname list I compiled and transliterated from Russian from additional revision records of Jewish kagal (community) of Mozyr', Minsk gubernia for 1818.  I already posted two first lists of the revision (both for 1816).

The records availanble from LDS microfilm #1925415

Beder, Bukhma, Bukhman, Burshtein, Busil


Felman, Finkel'shtein, Freidman, Frumkin, Furman

German, Gershtein, Golbman, Golshtein, Gol'stein, Grula, Guretsky, Gutman

Katsman, Kerman

Labach, Lande, Lipovich

Markman, Moteshchik, Mumtsi

Rekhman, Rishes, Rubinshtein

Sheiman, Shifman, Storos

Tabachnik, Tsigman

Ufengand, Ufengein, Ufingand, Uritsky


Zakharenko, Zalatas, Zelman,

The same microfilm has few other sets of this census from several towns of Mozyr' povet (uyezd, district), Minsk gubernia (province) but not of every town of the povet. I will try to compile surname list and post it later.  The towns are: David Gorodok, Turov, Kozhan Gorodok, couple more...

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

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