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1954 Progressive Slutzker Young Mens Benevolent Society 50th Anniversary Souvenir Journal.htm

Contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

We last visited Slutsk on this site in August 2003. I am just completing a major restructuring of YIVO's RG 123 archive addendum folders and combining this with the host of cemetery maps recently received from the New York State Department of Insurance. RG 123 refers to materials too few to warrant a box of its own. As to the Slutzker anniversary journal: from the headings we might infer that the two lists are separated by at least two generations. Certainly the given names are worlds apart.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
SurnameGiven nameSource
AaronAmy BerylGreetings from our youngsters
AaronMolly EllenGreetings from our youngsters
AbramsSamIn memoriam
AlperDavidIn memoriam
AltshulerAbeIn memoriam
AltshulerMaxIn memoriam
AranowitzHymanIn memoriam
AsherowitzLouisIn memoriam
BaronHymanIn memoriam
BeckIsraelIn memoriam
BerensteinCharlesIn memoriam
BerensteinPhilipIn memoriam
BerkowitzMaxIn memoriam
BloomsteinJosephIn memoriam
BloosteinJacobIn memoriam
BlumHymanIn memoriam
BobkinDr IsraelIn memoriam
BooknerSolIn memoriam
BuckofskyAlexIn memoriam
BurdinskyJuliusIn memoriam
CantorJuliusIn memoriam
CantorMorrisIn memoriam
CarmenAbeIn memoriam
CasselJudy RobynGreetings from our youngsters
CasselLauren SueGreetings from our youngsters
ChayettChalasanGreetings from our youngsters
ChayettKaranGreetings from our youngsters
ChesinIkeIn memoriam
CohenHarryIn memoriam
CohenHymanIn memoriam
CohenIsraelIn memoriam
CoopermanPhilipIn memoriam
CristalHarryIn memoriam
CymesMaxIn memoriam
DanzingPhilipIn memoriam
DeitchHymanIn memoriam
DeitchRubinIn memoriam
DelsonHelen SGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonJanic CGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonJonothan BGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonMartin GGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonNancyGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonNickyGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonPhyllis HGreetings from our youngsters
DelsonSandra EGreetings from our youngsters
DiamondDavidIn memoriam
DiamondMorrisIn memoriam
DiamondsteinSamIn memoriam
DubrowHarryIn memoriam
EisenstadtAbeIn memoriam
EmmermanCynthiaGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanLeonardGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanMaxineGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanMichaelGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanNathanIn memoriam
EmmermanNormanGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanPhylissGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanSheilaGreetings from our youngsters
EmmermanStephenGreetings from our youngsters
EpsteinIsidorIn memoriam
EpsteinJackIn memoriam
EpsteinJoeIn memoriam
EpsteinJoe IIIn memoriam
EpsteinJoe IIIIn memoriam
EpsteinNolan LGreetings from our youngsters
EpsteinSandorGreetings from our youngsters
EpsteinSusanGreetings from our youngsters
FeinbergBarry SaulGreetings from our youngsters
FeinbergMarcee MaeGreetings from our youngsters
FeinbergSherry AnnGreetings from our youngsters
FeinsteinDavidIn memoriam
FeldmanIsidorIn memoriam
FeldmanLouisIn memoriam
FeldmanNancyGreetings from our youngsters
FeldmanSusanGreetings from our youngsters
FialkoffMeyerIn memoriam
FineMorrisIn memoriam
FisherAbeIn memoriam
FisherAlexIn memoriam
FoxBruce IraGreetings from our youngsters
FrankJuliusIn memoriam
FrankMorrisIn memoriam
GelbaumAllisonGreetings from our youngsters
GelbaumJayGreetings from our youngsters
GellmanSamIn memoriam
GladsteinAlbertIn memoriam
GoldbergHymanIn memoriam
GoldmanIsraelIn memoriam
GoodmanKalmenIn memoriam
GordonBarnettIn memoriam
GordonIsidorIn memoriam
GreenbergLouisIn memoriam
GreenbergPaulIn memoriam
GreenbergSolIn memoriam
GreensteinAbeIn memoriam
GreenwaldWilliamIn memoriam
GrobsteinMorrisIn memoriam
HaberLyn CherylGreetings from our youngsters
HaberNeal RobertGreetings from our youngsters
HalkinMaxIn memoriam
HalkinMorrisIn memoriam
HermanMorrisIn memoriam
HermanSolIn memoriam
HerschensonBruceGreetings from our youngsters
HerschensonMarkGreetings from our youngsters
HirshWilliamIn memoriam
HirshowitzJacobIn memoriam
HochbergBarnettIn memoriam
JayMaila FernGreetings from our youngsters
JayScott RichardGreetings from our youngsters
JayVicki JanGreetings from our youngsters
JonasHymanIn memoriam
KalishLouisIn memoriam
KalterLorraine EllenGreetings from our youngsters
KaplanDavidIn memoriam
KaplanSamIn memoriam
KobrinskyJoeIn memoriam
KrasantzSamIn memoriam
LazarowitzJackIn memoriam
LeaderLouisIn memoriam
LenJosephIn memoriam
LevineAndre RichardGreetings from our youngsters
LevineIkeIn memoriam
LevineJeanne ClaireGreetings from our youngsters
LevineLawrence StewartGreetings from our youngsters
LibowIsidoreIn memoriam
LibowMaxIn memoriam
LibsonHarryIn memoriam
LinettMark StevenGreetings from our youngsters
LipnickJoeIn memoriam
LipshitzHarryIn memoriam
LipskyMaxIn memoriam
MandelJackIn memoriam
MarcusIsieIn memoriam
MarcusRichard GGreetings from our youngsters
MarkofskyLouisIn memoriam
MarmurekSteven RobertGreetings from our youngsters
MillerHarryIn memoriam
MintzEdwardIn memoriam
MoskowitzPhilipIn memoriam
NachinoffPhilipIn memoriam
NarogrodskyHarryIn memoriam
NatingerMorrisIn memoriam
NeiburgIsaacIn memoriam
NeuwirthHarryIn memoriam
PaleyLawrence StevenGreetings from our youngsters
PaleySusan MerillGreetings from our youngsters
PaparinoSamIn memoriam
PeckJackIn memoriam
PerlinAbeIn memoriam
PerlinBarbaraGreetings from our youngsters
PerlinRichardGreetings from our youngsters
PincusBenIn memoriam
PressmanBernardIn memoriam
RachelsonDavidIn memoriam
RawitzAbeIn memoriam
RichLouisIn memoriam
RichmanBarryGreetings from our youngsters
RichmanMartinGreetings from our youngsters
RosenIkeIn memoriam
RosenbergLouisIn memoriam
RosenbloomJackIn memoriam
RubinHoward MartinGreetings from our youngsters
RubinRhona JaneGreetings from our youngsters
SarinskyIkeIn memoriam
SchifrenDianeJoGreetings from our youngsters
SchifrenRonald PaulGreetings from our youngsters
SchwartzMaxIn memoriam
SchwartzSandraGreetings from our youngsters
ShallinDr IrvingIn memoriam
ShatskyJuliusIn memoriam
ShifrinIkeIn memoriam
ShifrinLouisIn memoriam
SilvermanDavidGreetings from our youngsters
SilvermanHarryIn memoriam
SilvermanJosephIn memoriam
SilvermanMark JayGreetings from our youngsters
SimonBarbara EllenGreetings from our youngsters
SimonGary RichardGreetings from our youngsters
SimonJackIn memoriam
SimonNeil GordonGreetings from our youngsters
SklarLouisIn memoriam
SlifkinSamIn memoriam
SlifkinWmIn memoriam
SlutskyLouisIn memoriam
SlutskySamIn memoriam
SlutzkyAllanGreetings from our youngsters
SlutzkyEleanorGreetings from our youngsters
SlutzkyJackGreetings from our youngsters
SockolDonald IraGreetings from our youngsters
SockolMaxine AnnGreetings from our youngsters
SolomonSamIn memoriam
StliferJames AndrewGreetings from our youngsters
StrellLouisIn memoriam
TenenbaumAbeIn memoriam
ThalerMaxIn memoriam
TuckerCarrie VillaGreetings from our youngsters
TuckerSusan BlancheGreetings from our youngsters
UdelewitzIsidorIn memoriam
WalkAbeIn memoriam
WalkMeyerIn memoriam
WeinsteinIsaacIn memoriam
WellerJay KennethGreetings from our youngsters
WellerRichard AllanGreetings from our youngsters
WeslinHarryIn memoriam
WeslinSamIn memoriam
WigdorIkeIn memoriam
WitriolJackIn memoriam
ZagerDavidIn memoriam

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