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Divorce records 

from the
"Detailed Inventory of 13 Microfilms of Belarus Records at the Family History Center

last updated March 15, 2002

This data is being temporarily shown here.  Every few months, these records will be moved into the All Belarus Database.

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Film No. Frame # Record# Day Month Year Hebrew calendar Town/Uyezd (groom) Surname (groom) Given Name (groom) Father (groom) Age/ Yr. Born (groom) Bride's place Surname (bride) Given Name (bride) Father (bride) Age/ Yr. Born (bride) Town (marriage) Uyezd (marriage) Guberniya (marriage) Record/ Publication Rabby Misc. Signature Witness1 Witness2 Comments Archive/Fond/List/Item
1920795 540 D1 28 10 1903 20 Heshvan Rakov. Minsk BOTVINNIK Nekhemia Shloma-Even 53 Bobruisk MIROV Elka Girsh 42 Rakov Minsk Minsk 1903 Sh.Rosental   Movsha Botvinik Shmuil Kantor divorce according to both sides   NHAB/1226/2/35
1920795 477 D1 14 2 1896   Uzdensk LEVIN Movsha Ariel 31 Koidanov REISIN Khaia-Reisel Girsh 29 Koidanov Minsk Minsk 1896     Girsh Sinaikin Mordukh Shapiro divorce according to both sides   NHAB/1226/2/30

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