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List of Those Killed in the Holocaust
in Rakishok and Surrounding Towns

Remembered by their families

(Names extracted from the memorial boxes, pp. 540-620, transliterated, and sorted alphabetically-- NOT a complete list of Rakishok killed)

Transliterated by Steven Weiss

Head of Family Others in Family
ABRAMOVITZ Rasya-Bella (Beder)  husband: Avraham, children: Herschel, Zelig, Yichiel
ADELMAN Sima  daughter: Chene
ADELMAN Tuvia  children: Itzchak, Chaya, Henya, Leib, Chana, Ben-Zion
ARSH Alchanen  wife: Nachma-Liba
ASHKENAZI Chatsi-Leib  wife: Sarah-Leah, children: Chaim Yesheya, Chayke, Hershel, Bashke
AYRESH Pesya  children: Teyva, Yischa, Binyamin
BAKALTSHUK Sarah  daughter: Feyga
BAKALTSHUK Tsvi-Hirash  wife: Chaya-Miriam, children: Malcha, Sima, Moshe
BAKALTSHUK Yehudi-Leib  wife: Chaya, children: Beryl, Aaron, Feyga, Bracha, Sheyna, Rechela
BEDER Chaim  wife: Shifra and children
BEDER Karpel  wife: Sarah, children: Rivka, Yaakov, Yichiel, Yehuda, Itzchak, David
BEDER Pinya-Yaakov  wife: Lieba, daughter: Asne
BEDER Esther Rechel  
BERZAK Mordechai-Peretz  children: Gedalya, Gitel
BLOCHER Yaakov-Ben-Zion  wife and children
BORODOVKA Idel  and child
BRICKMAN Avraham  wife and children
BRICKMAN Peya  husband: Alter and children
BRIKMAN Arzik  wife: Chana and children
BRIKMAN Binyamin  wife: Masha and children
BRIKMAN Yodel  wife: Hindya-Matele
BUNIMOVITZ Sarah-Pesach  
CHARMATZ Shmuel  wife: Sarah-Mina
CHAYTOVIZ Avraham  wife: Etel, children: Eliezer, Motel, Hynde
DAVIDOVITZ Itzchak  wife: Chaya
DEKTOR Ezriel-Yehuda  wife: Tuvia
DUBINSKY Chana-Elke  
DUBINSKY Feygetsheke  
DUBINSKY Notel  wife: Reyzel and son
DUBINSKY Shalom  and wife
FARBER Miriam (Gendelman)  husband and children
FARBER Sheyna (Epstein)  husband: Chaim-Yosef and daughter
FISHMAN Hershel  wife: Rivela (Bakaltshuk), children: Aaron, Matia, Zeldela
FREEDMAN Shlomo  wife: Tsipa
GALPERIN Rivka  husband and children
GEFFENOVITZ Chaya (Beder)  husband: Moshe, children: Sarah, Reyza, Teyva, Frieda and her son Ary-Leib
GINZBERG Chana-Musia  
GINZBERG Yosef-Raphael  wife: Rivka
GINZBURG Feyga  and husband
GINZBURG Yosef  wife: Rechel and children
GOMBERG Bessel  husband: Velvel and children
GORDON Golda  husband: Notel, children: Yosef, Leib, Zelda, Itsik
GORDON Notel  
GORDON Notel  wife: Golda
GRIFF Israel-Moshe  wife: Feyga-Rechel (Charmatz)
GRINGUT Chaim-Itzchak  wife: Matele, sons: Raphael, Chona
GRINGUT Esther (Shlosberg)  
GRIZ Eli  
HESELKOVITZ Moshe  wife : Reyzel
HOROVITZ Sarah-Leah  
HOROWITZ Etel  children: Ephraim, Rivka (Schneider), Avraham, Leib
ISAAKMAN Yerachmiel  and family
JACOBSON Bella  husband: Yankel and children
JACOBSON Chazkel  wife: Sarah, son: Emmanuel
KARK Yaakov  wife: Guta-Lea, children: Dvora, Yochka, Yehudit
KATZ Beryl  wife and children
KATZ Motel  and family
KATZ Motel  wife: Mosha-Batya child: Yodel
KLASS Saul  
KLATSKIN Avraham  and wife
KLAVIR Zelig  wife: Tila, son: Yaakov
KLUG Leiba  husband: Chaim and children
KLUG Mikhail  wife: Tsipa
KLUG Moshe  
KLUG Nachma  
KOKLAVSKY Shlomo  wife: Chaya Etta and children
KOLEKUR Musya  and children
KOPELOVITSH Isar  wife: Henya, son: Nachumka
KOPELOVITSH Liba  son: Lazer
KRIL Zisha  wife: Chana-Riva
KROK Avraham  wife and children
KROK David  wife and children
KROK Rechel  children: Reyna, Sarah, Tsipa, Gershon, Shlomo, Berel
KUR Yankel-Hirash  wife: Sarah, son: Feyva-Baer
LAND Esther  
LEVIN Aaron  wife: Meryl (Dubinsky)
LEVIN Chatzkel  
LEVIN Israel  wife: Sarah-Riva
LEVIN Jona  wife: Chaya-Leah
LEVIN Mendel-Leib  wife: Sarah, son: Shmuel, Chenya, Leyvik
LEVIN Yaakov  wife: Feyga, children: Perele, Mana
LUBOVITZ Saul  wife: Chaya-Dvora and 4 children
MIKHELOVITZ Mikhail-Zav  children: Moshe, Frumkela
MILLER Bentsya  wife: Sarah (Pulman), daughter: Chashka
NACHUMOVITZ Chaim-Itzchak  and family
ORLOVITZ Chona  wife and children
ORLOVITZ Frieda  husband: Avraham
ORLOVITZ Mayer  wife: Dovra, son: Ben-Zion
ORLOVITZ Pesach  wife and children
ORLOVITZ Rechel  husband and children
PAKOVITZ Lazer  wife: Sarah (Ayresh) and 4 children
PERKIM David  and wife
PERKIM Reyza  Leah, Bella (sisters)
PODLAS Bryna  and children
PODLAS Yankel  wife and children
POGRUND Cheyne  Rubin-Mayer (siblings)
POGRUND Feyga-Bluma  husband and son
POGRUND Mayer  Zalmen, Tsila (siblings)
PULMAN Ida-Feyga  daughter: Rivka
PULMAN Mira  husband: Leib and children
RASKIND family  
ROSENBERG Henoch  wife: Mina (Gringut) and children
ROSENBERG Sarah-Vele  and children
RUBIN Sarah-Rivka  
RUBIN Shlomo  wife: Rechel, children: David-Lazar, Leiba
RUCH Chaim-Yerahcmiel  wife: Chaya-Batya, children: Henya, Etta, Keyla, Leiba, Gita-Zelda, Hirash, Leah
RUCH Chaya  daughter: Chana
RUCH David  
RUCH Mayer  daughter: Sarah
RUCH Shmuel  wife: Leah, daughter: Michla
RUCH Tsipora  
RUCH Yeshcher  
RUCH Zelig  wife: Esther, daughters: Chaytsia, Perele
SALTUPER Yerachmil  wife: Peysa
SCHWARTZ Shlomo  wife: Esther (Borodvka)
SCHWARTZ Yosef  wife: Batya-Etel, son: Itzchak
SEGAL Eliehu  wife: Myra (Ashkenazi) and five children
SEYTOVITZ Avraham-Yaakov  
SEYTOVITZ Zundel  wife and children
SHAPIRO Hertsel  wife: Rechel and family
SHAPIRO Herzel  wife: Rocha and children
SHAPIRO Zalka  wife: Sarah
SHLOSBERG Arke  Shimka, Matke (brothers)
SHNEIDER Eliehu  wife: Sarah (Klein), child: Mikhail
SHNEIDER Sarah  children: Avraham, Dova, Riva, Mina
SHOMER Chetriel  wife: Sheyna
SHRIBNIK Sarah-Dina  husband:--daughter: Feyga-Rivka
SHULMAN Leiba:  husband: Israel and children
SHUSTERMAN David Itzchak  wife: Sarah Bella, daughters: Chayna Chasia, Elka, Hanna
SKORKEVITS Moshe  wife: Sarah-Leah (Siratsik) and children
SNEYG Binyamin  wife: Mina
SNEYG Israel-Leib  wife: Friedel
SOHN Sarah-Etel (Katz)  husband and children
SPIVAK David  wife: Malka, son: Moshe
TSADOK Sarah  children: Pesach, Yankel, Lazar
TSINDEL Bella  and children
TSUKORNIK Chatskel  wife: Chaya, daughter: Reyzel
VAGENHEIM Herman  wife: Chana (Ginzburg), and 4 children
VEINER Malcha (Zamelan)  
VEINGRIN Avraham-Leib  wife: Henya
VEINGRIN Tuvia-Riva  
VISOKALSKY Lotte-Gitel  son: Israel
VISOKALSKY Nach  and wife
VOLK Naphtali  wife: Chasia (Veingrin)
YICHILTSHIK Itchak  wife: Sonia, children: Mendel, Henya-Rechel, Zelda
YOSELOVITZ Hirash  wife: Tuvia
ZAMELAN Leibel  
ZAUG Moshe  wife: Golda
ZAUG Tsviya  and children
ZAUG Zelig  wife: Rechel
ZELIKMAN Tsiva  husband and 2 children
ZILBER Lazer  wife: Rivka


Those Who Were Not Victims of the Holocaust,
Remembered By Their Families

Transliterated by Steven Weiss

Head of Family Others in Family
ARLIN Avraham  wife: Rechel
AYRESH Itzchak  
BACHER Itzchak  wife: Chaya
BAKLATSUK Nacha (Tavchubitz)  
BEDER David-Moshe  
BERELOVITZ Dov-Baer  wife: Chasia-Tsira
BERZACK Meyer  wife: Rebecca
BERZAK Chaya  
BEYNART Moshe  wife: Chaya, son: Yaakov-Zelig
BLOCHER Abba  wife: Tsherne-Liba
DUBINSKY Yosef  wife: Chaya
EDELMAN Avraham-Itzchak  
FARBER Nachum-Leib  
FLEISHMAN Shlomo-Yehuda  wife: Fruma
GEN Chaim-Moshe  
GINZBERG Aaron  wife: Leiba-Bluma
GINZBERG Chaim, Moshe (brothers)  
GORDON Rikela  
GRINGUT Raphael  
GRIZ Mendel-Leib  
HOROVITZ Uri-Lazer  
KARABOZ Eli-Lazer  wife: Sarah, son: Moshe
KARK Leib  
KATZ Chaya-Gendel  
KIL Avraham-Yodel  
KLASS Tsiva  
KLEIN Itzchak  wife: Myra, son: Menachem-Mendel
KOPELOVITSH Nachman  son: Zalmen
KREMER Chaim  wife: Chaya-Sarah
KROK Menachem-Mendel  
LAND Avraham  
LEVIN Fishel  wife: Sheyna-Rechel
LOPE Mikhail  
LUBOVITZ Avraham-Mendel  wife: Etel
ORLOVITZ Avraham-Aaron  
MIKEL Nachma-Sheyna  son: Chona
MOSKAT Shmuel-Noten  wife: Feyga
MOSS Mayer (Shmuskovitz)  
NACHUMOVITZ Beynish  wife: Rechel (Brim)
NACHUMOVITZ Aaron  wife: Henya-Malcha
PENKIN Chetriel  
PENKIN Reyza-Dvora (Ruch)  
PODLAS Mikhail  
POGRUND Itzchak  
POGRUND Nachum-Notel  wife: Pesel
PULMAN Chaim-Itsa  
REUBEN Aaron-Noten  wife: Yirla-Bracha
RIEF Eli-Hiras  wife: Zelda
RUCH Elchanan-Zelig  
RUCH Leib  wife: Leiba (Volf), sons: Michal-Itzchak, Yodel
RUCH Pere-Ida  
RUCH Reuben  wife: Rechel
SAKS Yaakov  wife: Chana
SCHWARTZBERG Chaim-Shimshon  wife: Riva
SCHWARTZBERG Yaakov-Shimshon  wife: Esther-Bryna
SEGAL Feyvish  wife: Tsiva
SEYTOVITZ Rechel-Fruma, Gendel (sisters)  
SEYTOVITZ Shmeryl  wife: Sarah-Rosha
SHAPIRO Nach-Tsvi  wife: Matele
SHEIBEL David  wife: Sheyna
SHMILEG Rikela  
SHNEIDER Shmeryl  
SIRATSIK Israel  wife: Sheyna
SNEYG Yaakov  
VEINER Yodel  
VEINGRIN Beryl  wife: Roza
VISOKALSKY Abba-Yehosha  son: Moshe
YOSELEVITZ Mendel (Veits)  
YOSELOVITZ Leib-Hirash  wife: Bella, children: Mendel (Veitz), Isaac, Sarah
ZAK Yaakov  wife: Rivka
ZAKSHTEIN Chaim-Yaakov  
ZAKSHTEIN Leib  wife: Henya
ZAKSTEIN Shnaur-Zalmen  

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