The Nesvizh Yizkor Book
(Nyasvizh, Belarus)

53°13' / 26°40'

Translation of
Sefer Nieswiez

Edited by: David Shtokfish, Nieswiez Societies in Israel and the Diaspora,

Published in Tel Aviv, 1976,(H,Y, 531 pages)

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Project Coordinator

Stephen Stein

Michael Meshenberg (emeritus)


Don Shifris and Scott Shifres

The material posted here is part of a continuing effort by members of the Nesvizh Study Group to create
English-language indexes to the entire book, to transliterate all name lists, and to translate selected portions.

A Debt of Gratitude is owed and due to Don Shifris and Scott Shifres for the translation and contribution
of the following pages.  Don and Scott collaborated to have translated every page in the Nesvizh Yizkor Book
on which the name Shifris/Shifres appears, including photograph captions, and shared it with us. Gratitude is also
owed to Russ Chase whose transmission of the text and the scanning of the pictures made the following possible.

This is a translation from: Sefer Nieswiez (The book of Nieswiez),
Editors: David Shtokfish, Tel Aviv, Nieswiez Societies in Israel and the Diaspora, 1976 (H,Y, 531 pages).

This material is made available by JewishGen, Inc. and the Yizkor Book Project for the purpose of
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The Hebrew portion 
of the Nesvizh Yizkor book,  pages 1-275

A.  From the Recent and Distant Past Binyamin Yoeli/Nisowitch
History of the city and Stories of the Jewish Community from the day itwas founded until W.W. II (1939)

1.  Nisowitch - Where the Princess of Radzivil resides;
2.  The formation of the Jewish settlements;
3.  The public and economic live of the Jewish community in the 16th and 17th centuries;
4.  The Jews of Nisovich in the 18th century;
5.  Nisovich under Russian rule from 1793 after the second division of Poland;
6.  The Jews lives in Nisovich in the last quarter of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century;
7.  Between the two world wars: 1914-1939

1.  In the war years 1914-1916;
2.  The February revolution 1917 until the German occupation in 1918;
3.  Under German occupation 1918;
4.  During the Soviet rule 1919;
5.  Under the Polish rule 1919-1920;
6.  During the short Soviet rule 1920;
7.  Under the Polish rule 1920-1939;
8.  The Zionist activity
9.  Statistics of the Jews of Nisovich in different periods.
Remarks and references; list of abbreviations and acronyms; bibliography; list of key names.
B.  Way of life, Memories, and the Public life
M. Ben Artzi (Shteinhouse) R.I.P./To my town with pity 59
Shalom Cholevsky/The Kuzymir Synagogue 62
Ruvin Alpert R.I.P./Nisovich our city 63
Gershon Gefen (Paianis)/Dashuk Synagogue 65
Noach Shkaler/In the streets of my town 68
Yael Coral (Eisenshdat)/The Nisovich market 72
Yaakov David Butzin/Schools organizations and yeshivas 73
A. Guterman/The pedagogical friend and the presidency of the "culture"chapter 76
Gershon Bergson/"culture" school 79
Yaakov Krunitz/our street Michaeli Shuk 81
Gavriel Katz R.I.P./My town and my family 82
Moshe Eisenfeld/My city of youth 83
Chayim Friedshtein R.I.P./City in Israel (songs) 84
Mordechai Zeev Raisin/A Jewish city 85
Kalman Yitzchaki (Iskov)/Synagogues in Nisovich 88
Dr. Moshe - El Azar Eisenshdat / going on the road 90
Shlomo Damesic/The chamber of my father and my teacher Gershon Zeev Damesic R.I.P 91
Shlomo Damesic/Even there the son rose 95
A. Guterman/My visit with Prince Albert Radjiville 99
Binyamin Yoeli (Yovalyosky)/Tzeira Zion/Poaleh Zion 101
Shlomo Damesic / Poalah Zion in Nisovich 103
Avraham Barzin/"Fryheight" movement 104
Avraham Niv (Kachanovsky)/"Hashomer "Hatzzayir" 105
Shalom Tzur (Volochoyansky)/ "Hashomer Hatzayir" struggle on its existence 110
Shevach Eden Eisenbud)/"Gordonia" 114
Ishai Mazin/About "Gordonia" 117
C.  The War, Holocaust, and Heroism
Rachel Ostrinsky/The first day of war 121
Shalom Cholavsky/
During theSoviet rule September 1939; expectations;sequences; against Kitrug; the youngsters underground; refugees
Yitzchak Alperovich/The Soviet rule in Nisovich in the years 1939-1941 125
Ishai Mazin/The Holocaust echoes (songs) 127
Gavriel Katz R.I.P./Nisovich that was and does not exist anymore 128
Yoseph Damesek/Memories from the war days 129
Shulamit Gordon-Damesek/
In the shadow of death: The escape; the joyful meetings; we are making aliyah
Shalom Holavsky/ 
The bitter ending of the Nisovich community: The school; the weapon;  the demolition of getto Horodzai; the revolt; the forest; wandering; searches for weapons; the Kapulska Brigade; in action; connections; Stulpatzy  the battles of Staritzey and Lavi; Bauriliky actions; the Jews of Severshna;  the ambush in Zouostrovitch; the hunt; indication of splitting; not on the gun by itself; Rujani; informingthe population; again Pulsia; from the family store; Sabitzeh; within theliberation; across from my home
("Hatzofeh")/drops of consolatoryin the cup of sorrows 163
Yitzchak Alferovitch/Berl Alferovitch R.I.P 164
Gershon Gefen/In Gershon Farfel's Home 165
Avraham Barazin/Curtain of bloodshed went down on the Nisovich community 166
Shalom Chulavsky/why did werebel. 167
D.  People
Shlomo Maimon/From his autobiography 171
Our house in Burnadinska Street/Gershon Gefen (Paiyanas):  Rabbi Moshe Paiyanas and his life history; Ferralle the treasurer; Yitzchak Moltzadsky;  My mother Elizabeta Avramovana 174
Nisovich Rabbis and other famous Nisovich natives/Moshe Tzinovitch 190
From our people/ShalomHalovsky 198
They were three/Gershon Gefen(Peiyanas) 206
The last Generation/Binyamin Yoeli (Yovalyosky) 211
The Jews of "holidays" and high holidays/Gershon Gefen (Peiyanas) 213
Binyamin Eisenbod/ShevachEden 218
Cantors- Synagogue Leaders-Public Emissaries and others who like to chant and pray/Gershon Gefen (Peiyanas) 221
The Rabbi and the Judge/or the hen without Gall/Binyamin Yoeli (Yovalyosky) 229
Rabbi Darkuzimar/Yoseph Moshe and Yisrael Burgansky 229
Rabbi Dov Bar Halpern R.I.P./YaakovDavid Butzin 231
The history of an ancient Jewish family/Naftali Herzog 231
My family/Nisan Torov 234
From our people/Tzvi Kaplan 235
The Judge Rabbi Yitzchak Davidovsky/Gershon Gefen (Peiyanas) 236
People/Shlomo Damesek 240
Elishevah Eshkol; my friend Ben Artzi/Levy Ben Amitai 247
Ben Artzi in his youth/Binyamin Yoeli 247
Avinovitzky Fivish: A person in his body/Uri Kaysari 248
The string that is twisted three times will not tear soon/A. Guterman 249
Rabbi Avraham Puchovsky/A. Guterman 252
Simcha Chayim Vilkomitz/Tidhar 254
Moshe the Butcher - protector of the weak/Kalman Iskov Yischaky 254
The characteristics of Yerachmiel Shkalar/Feivel Millstein 254
Two people/Yehuda Arieh Lavine 255
This is how a human lives and dies/P. Hielprin 255
Rabbi Nachum Tzechanuvich's family/Yehuda Alperovich 256
Naftali Hayutin and Rabbi Shlomo Lavine/Yaakov David Butzin 257
My friend Nachmiel Vinkler/A. Guterman 257
The teacher Shaul Friedstein/A. Guterman 258
E. In memory of those we lost
In memory of Yehoshua Pochovsky/Zeev Gach-Oman 259
Rabbi Shmuel Yoseph Botzin R.I.P./Y. Volak 259
Yoseph Berzin R.I.P./Avraham Lisod 260
Four people/Yehuda Alperovich 262
In memory of Gershon Lemesh/Yehuda Alperovich 262
Pesach Kovel R.I.P./Burna Kachanovsky (Avraham Niv) 262
You have been like a father to us/Gershon Gefen 263
Akiva Barzilai and his life story/Shmuel Eisenshtadt 264
Batiyah Volach/Hedvah Lachovitzky 266
Itzik/"B'Machaneh Gadnah" 266
CaptainYitzchak Katz R.I.P./Gershon Gefen 267
Mr. Gershon Farfel/Shalom Cholavsky 268
Rabbi Chayim Eliahu Friedshtein/Avraham Niv Kachanovski 268
Rafi (Refael) Kachanovski/Avraham Niv Kachanovski 269
Yoseph Chachanovich 269
Arieh Shamushkovitz 270
Pesach Maazin 270
Chayim Mah'z 270
Friedel Rosovski 271
Yoseph Ben Baruch Shamushkovitz 271
Eliahu Ben Getzel Farfel 271
Pesach Kovel 271
Gensiya Malavsky 271
Aka Vusiluvsky-Melyer 272
Pesiya Friedshtein 273
Avraham Tzudik 273
Breyna Goldin 273
Ruvin Alpert 273
Gavriel Abniali (Ashtein) 273
Yoseph Lifshitz 274
Yoseph Shamushkovich 274
Aaron Ruzofski/A. Barzin 274
Gavriel Katz 274
Zalman Shifres/Binyamin Yoeli 274
Selections from Yiddish Section
Under Polish Rule
Under the brief Soviet rule (1920)
Independent Poland (1920-1939)
Documents Tell the Story
Regional Conference of the Tarbut teachers in Nyesvich
Handwritten letter
A letter from Rabbi Yoel Rozovsky
Printed Certificate
Inside Nyevsich 348
Indexes and Necrology
Name Index-History of Nesvizh
Name Index-Hebrew and Yiddish Sections
Subject Index

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