List of Deceased--Part 1

Notes on the Translation and Format

Column Headings

Code:"D"is for the living person who dedicated the memorial
"M" are those who are now dead (memorialized)
The number is the page number as written in the Yizkor Book
Family Name:are as they appeared in the listing. Where they are followed by "?" it means there was no family name given but that person is in the same family as the name stated - usually women who married, but their husbands' names do not appear in the memorial.
First Name/Maiden Name/Spouseself explanatory
Family code:As follows:
  • sometimes used for the title of the individual (Rabbi/ Doctor etc); R = Reb or Rav
  • cc means children are mentioned without names. Where there is a number it means the number of children; for example 7cc = 7 children are mentioned in the memorial.
  • h = husband
  • w = wife
  • c = only one child mentioned
  • Sometimes a date appears that is the date of death (the year appears in the date column next to it).
  • family = family is mentioned without further specifics
  • Sometimes a name of a son (s=) or daughter (d=), or some other relationship appears.
Date:the year of death. Some of the people memorialized are not Holocaust victims.
Place:the place of death. Places of death are not always in Europe.
Father:usually the Father's name as mentioned in the memorial OR some other identifying relative or relationship.

I attempted to write the names in the same order as they appear in each memorial (though sometimes for reasons of logic it was not possible).

CodeFamily nameFirst nameMaiden NameSpouseFamily CodeDatePlaceFather
M462MiTriskVelvel  Rebbe   
M462TwerskiNachum-Mosheleh  Rabbi   
M463NitzbergEliezar  Rabbi   
D463VortzelYaakov Shprintza    
D463VortzelShprintza Yaakov    
D463VortzelNoah Piniafamily   
D463VortzelPinia Noahfamily   
D463GonManiyaVillentshik family   
D463KashtanSavel Lizafamily Brazil 
D463KashtanLizaDorfmanSavelfamily Brazil 
M463VexelbaumAlter BilahR   
M463VexelbaumBilah Alter    
M463SariShaul Braina7cc   
M463VexelbaumMoshe Devorah4cc   
M463VexelbaumDevorah Moshe4cc   
M463VillentshikShmuel Leib  4cc   
M463MoshkinsHeniaVexelbaum h-cc   
M463FinkelsteinSarahVexelbaum h-2cc   
M463KashtanLanaVexelbaumShlomo DiedBrazil 
M463KashtanShlomo Lana DiedBrazil 
M463KopitFaigelSari h-cc   
M463GuzBrachaTenenbaum h-c   
M463TenenbaumTzaleh  w-2cc   
M463VortzelAvraham FraidaR   
M463VortzelFraida Avraham    
M463MandelMoshe Mishke    
M463ZafranSarahVortzel h-5cc   
M463TechvirMiriamVortzel h   
M463VortzelPinchas  w-cc   
M464SheinbaumYechiel  1-Sep
Vilner Ghetto 
M465LissKalman  DoctorDiedWarsaw 
M465FrankfortAsher  Doctor   
D466PerelLeibel    Mexico 
M466PerelMoshe Golda    
M466PerelGolda Moshe    
M466PerelShoshana  1942KovelMoshe
M466PerelBenyamin cousin   
M466Perels  Moshe's father 1942Radovitch 
M466Perels  Moshe's stepmother 1942Radovitch 
M466Perels  Moshe's sister 1942Radovitch 
M466Perels  Moshe's brother 1942Radovitch 
M467GontsharYitzhak Miriam-Liba DiedRussia 
M467GontsharMiriam-Liba Yitzhak DiedRussia 
D467Gontshar   family   
M468ShpakMoshe Nachum our grandfather'   Yitzhak
M468ShpakBila Rifka our grandmother' 1912KovelShmuel
M468WinterYaakov Haim's father Nisan 26KovelShraga-Feivel
M468ShpakAvraham-Eliezar Faiga    
M468ShpakFaiga Avraham-Eliezar    
M468ToyvitchAvraham Yitzhak Rachel    
M468ToyvitchRachel Avraham Yitzhak    
M468FradelisAaron EtelR   
M468FradelisEtel Aaron    
M468WinterHaim MalkaR1920  
M468WinterMalka Haim    
M468GobermanMoshe Hannahcc   
M468GobermanHannah Moshecc   
M468Kogan   family   
D468WinterHaim  family   
M469WolfShmuel GoldaAdar 1913Berlins-Yaakov
M469WolfGolda Shmuel   s-Yaakov
M469ErlichgerechtMottel Tonia 1942  
M469ErlichgerechtToniaAvrech (?)Mottel 1942 b-Yaakov
M469ErlichgerechtShmuel (Micha)   1942 Mottel
M469ErlichgerechtHersheleh   1942 Mottel
M469KormanAaron  R KivritzaYitzhak
D469AvrechYaakov  cc   
D469AvrechMina  cc   
M469ShadchanShmuel  R  Meshel
M469ShadchanZaiftel     Eliezar
M469GuzPinchas     Meshullem
M469GuzChaya Malka     Shmuel
M469Guz ?Tzvi      
M469Guz ?Eliyahu      
M469Guz ?Eliezar      
M469Guz ?Shmuel      
M469Guz ?Shprintza      
M469Guz ?Haim      
M469GuzYosef Arieh      
M469KimmelMenchem Mendel      
D469ShadchanBen Zion      
D469AshkenasiNaftali     Avraham Arieh
M469AshkenasiAvraham Arieh Malka    
M469AshkenasiMalkaRozenbergAvraham Arieh    
M469ShweibHannah Rachel      
D470BallerBetzalel     Aaron Wolf
M470BallerAaron Wolf Sarah Heshvan25
M470BallerSarah Aaron Wolf    
M470KozakBraindelBallerAvraham Yitzhak   Aaron Wolf
M470KozakAvraham Yitzhak Braindel    
M470KozakGisiya     Avraham Yitzhak
M470BallerBen Zion  w-cc  Aaron Wolf
M470KatzRaizelBallerHershelcc  Aaron Wolf
M470KatzHershel Raizelcc   
M470HendzelMaliyaBallerHershelcc  Aaron Wolf
M470HendzelHershel Maliyacc   
M470ZocholtzDovaBallerYankelcc  Aaron Wolf
M470ZocholtzYankel Dovacc   
M470SharafankerYosef BrachaR1930 d-Meniya
M470SharafankerBrachaGortensteinYosef 1942 Yitzhak
M470FriedRaichelSharafankerAltercc1942 Yosef
M470FriedAlter Raichelcc1942  
M470BergmanRifkaSharafankerBaruchcc1942 Yosef
M470BergmanBaruch Rifkacc1942  
M470Sharafanker??TzipporaSharafanker h1942 Yosef
M470SharafankerBliomka   1942 Yosef
M470SharafankerHaika   1942 Yosef
M470SharafankerHodeleh   1942 Yosef
D470KapshukAvraham Berish Itafamily  Naftali
D470KapshukItaMednickAvraham Berishfamily  Shepsil
M470KapshukNaftali Dintzafamily   
M470KapshukDintza Naftalifamily   
M470MednickShepsil Chopafamily   
M470MednickChopa Shepsilfamily   
D471VerbaYehuda     Haim
M471VerbaHaim   Shvat 17
M471VerbaMiriamFeivish  1942 Shraga
M471VerbaShabtai Soniacc1942 Haim
M471VerbaSonia Shabtaicc1942  
M471VerbaAvraham Tzila 1942 Haim
M471VerbaTzila Avraham 1942  
D471GlikinBeatriceToib    Mordecai
M471ToibMordecai   Heshvan 25
D471MelamedHaim Riva    
D471MelamedRiva Haim    
M471BlumenfeldEsther Malka      
M471GildvargMonik Maniya    
M471GildvargManiya Monik    
M471Bober ?Yehudit     Mordecai Shmuel
M471Bober ?Faiga     Moshe
M471Bober ?Yisrael     Shraga Feivel
M471Bober ?Moshe     Shalom
M471Bober ?Noah     Yisrael Shimon
M471Bober ?Miriam     Yehuda Leib
M471Bober ?Faiga     Noah
M471Bober ?Peril     Dov
M471Bober ?Mindel     Dov
M471Bober ?Dov     Gedalia
D472ShiterLaibel  cc  Michael
D472ShiterAvraham  family  Michael
M472ShiterMichael Sarah 1942 Leib
M472ShiterSarahBorsteinMichael   Moshe
M472GrushkaMalkaShiterShlomocc1942 Michael
M472GrushkaShlomo Malkacc1942from Ludmir 
M472YerochimovitchTchernaShiter h-cc1942 Michael
M472KleinerTzipporaShiterMottelcc1942 Michael
M472KleinerMottel Tzipporacc1942  
M472ShiterMoshe  w-cc1942 Michael
M472ShiterReuven   1942 Michael
M472ShiterShlomo   1942 Michael
M472ShiterPesil   1942 Michael
M472ShiterEsther   1942 Michael
M472BorsteinZechriyahu  R1942  
M472BorsteinHaim Yossel Esthercc1942  
M472KleinBen Zion Rifkafamily1942  
M472WeissbergShmuel Yochevedfamily1942  
M472YerochimovitchBen Zion  family1942  
M472Kleiner   family1942  
M472BorsteinYosef   1942  
M472BorsteinMalka   1942  
M472BerilsonAsher   1942 (Shochet)
M472AvrechPesach   1942 (Shochet)
M472SmuklerMendel Frumafamily1942  
D473PanturinYisrael Haim  family  Eliyahu
M473PanturinEliyahu Golda 1922 Pinchas
M473PanturinGolda Eliyahu 1942KovelMoshe
M473ShochetLeibush Henna 1942Kovel 
M473ShochetHennaPanturinLeibush 1942KovelEliyahu
M473PanturinRikel   1942KovelEliyahu
M473PanturinYechiel Boniya 1942KovelEliyahu
M473PanturinBoniya Yechiel 1942Kovel 
M473PanturinEliyahu   1942KovelYechiel
M473PanturinShlomo   WW I Eliyahu
D473PanturinRachelGreenblat family  Baruch
D473GoishenAsnehGreenblat family  Baruch
M473GreenblatBaruch Hannah Malka 1940 Benyamin
M473GreenblatHannah Malka Baruch 1942 Shlomo
M473MenenbaumFaiga DevorahGreenblatEfraim3cc1942 Baruch
M473MenenbaumEfraim Faiga Devora 1942  
M473SegalDobaGreenblatYosef2cc1942 Baruch
M473SegalYosef Doba 1942  
M473GreenblatBenyamin  w-cc1942 Baruch
D474FrankfovitchFeivel Ethel    
D474FrankfovitchEthel Feivel    
M474FrankfovitchBetzalel Bracha    
M474FrankfovitchBracha Betzalel    
M474FrankfovitchKassia     Betzalel
M474FrankfovitchHannahleh     Betzalel
M474RittYosef Malka Sivan 18
M474RittMalka Yosef Sivan 18
M474RittCecillia   Sivan 18
M474RittFraidaleh   Sivan 18
M474Frankfovitch ?Rifkaleh   Elul 6
D474FinkelsteinYoel Wolf  family  Yechezkel
M474FinkelsteinYechezkel Fruma 


 Yoel Zeev
M474FinkelsteinFruma Yechezkel Kislev 19
M474FinkelsteinEliezar     Yechezkel
M474FinkelsteinNachman     Yechezkel
M474FinkelsteinBatia     Yechezkel
D474YosiovitchShlomo     Yosef-Aidel
M474YosiovitchYosef-Aidel Tzippora    
M474YosiovitchTzippora Yosef-Aidel    
M474YosiovitchMoshe  family  Yosef-Aidel
M474Yosiovitch?DobaYosiovitch h-cc  Yosef-Aidel
M474YosiovitchHannah-Batia     Yosef-Aidel
M474YosiovitchSarah     Yosef-Aidel
D475PasYosef     Yechiel-Mordecai
M475PasYechiel-Mordecai   Shvat 17
D475BatshkovskiYaakov Raileh    
D475BatshkovskiRailehPearlYaakov   Baruch
D475BatshkovskiAvraham     Yaakov
D475BatshkovskiBenyamin     Yaakov
M475PearlBaruch Esther fromRadovitch 
M475PearlEsther Baruch    
M475PearlBenyamin Faiga Racheleh   Baruch
M475PearlFaiga RachelehBransteinBenyamin    
M475PearlYossel     Benyamin
M475PearlShlomo     Benyamin
M475FromerYechiel Hannah    
M475FromerHannahPearlYechiel   Baruch
D475GoldzweigGittleLevShmuel   Haim
D475GoldzweigShmuel Gittle    
M475LevHaim Zlata 1942  
M475LevZlata Haim 1942  
M475LevEthel   1942 Haim
M475LevTzipa   1942 Haim
M475LevVelvel   1942 Haim
M475LevMoshe   1942 Haim
D475LaikachMendel Hannah   Eliezar
D475LaikachHannah Mendel    
M475LaikachEliezar     Haim-Arieh
M475LaikachLeahKalika    Moshe
M475LaikachMoshe     Eliezar
M475LaikachYosef-Ber     Eliezar
M475GopenMordecai     Avish
M475HermanFaiga     Shmuel
M475VainroibHindehLaikach    Eliezar
M475VainroibAvish     Zisia
M475VainroibYosef     Zisia
M475VainroibShmuel     Zisia
M475LaikachPeril     Eliezar ?
D476HoppenNotta     Moshe
D476EinsteinMenuchaHoppen    Moshe
M476HoppenMoshe Raizel3cc1942  
M476HoppenRaizel Aizik3cc1942  
M476HoppenAizik   1942 Moshe
M476HoppenZaddok   1942 Moshe
M476HoppenFaiga   1942 Moshe
M476Hoppen (?)Notta (uncle)family1942Rozshitsh 
M476Hoppen (?)Sarah (aunt)family1942Melnitza 
D476ReznickDevorahVeinshel    Mordecai Eidel
M476VeinshelMordecai Eidel      
M476VeinshelBraina Leah      
M476Veinshel (?)Haika  h-cc  Mordecai Eidel
M476VeinshelNotta     Mordecai Eidel
M476VeinshelYankel Gittle   Mordecai Eidel
M476VeinshelGittle Yankel    
M476SchwartzblatReuven Leahkacc  (uncle)- of Devorah
M476SchwartzblatLeahka Reuvencc  (aunt)- of Devorah
D476KaplanMordecai   1942Kovel(brother)
M476KaplanBetzalel Chaya 1942Kovel(brother)
M476KaplanChaya Betzalel    
D476BatterFaigaRubenstein h-cc  Shmuel
M476RubensteinShmuel Chaya Blooma 1942  
M476RubensteinChaya Blooma Shmuel 1942  
M476MovsovitchDvorsiaRubensteinNaftali 1942 Shmuel
M476MovsovitchNaftali Dvorsia 1942  
M476RubensteinHannah   1942 Shmuel
M476RubensteinTema   1942 Shmuel
M476RubensteinYisrael   1942 Shmuel
D477MelamedYisrael     Moshe Yitzhak
M477MelamedMoshe Yitzhak Sheindel 1930  
M477MelamedSheindel Moshe Yitzhak 1934  
M477MelamedFishel Chaya Sara4cc1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477MelamedChaya Sara Fishel4cc1942  
M477MelamedYaakov  w-2cc1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477KamenChaya ItaMelamedAvraham2cc1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477KamenAvraham Chaya Ita2cc1942  
M477Melamed (?)Ethel  h-2cc1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477KodishMoshe  w-cc1942 (uncle)
M477MelamedHaim  w-cc 19421927Matziev(uncle)
M477GlozMoshe   1942Melnitza 
M477GlozYisrael  w-cc 19421938Melnitza 
D478KoznietzBerish  family  Mottel
M478KoznietzMottel Leah Devora Kislev 11
M478KoznietzLeah Devora Mottel 1942  
M478ElbertMalkaKoznietzShamai 1942 Mottel
M478ElbertShamai Malka 1942  
M478ElbertEstherka  (daughter)1942 Shamai
M478SkirtchTzesiaKoznietzHershka 1942 Mottel
M478SkirtchHershka Tzesia 1942  
M478KristalkaChayaKoznietzYehiel 1942 Mottel
M478KristalkaYehiel Chaya 1942  
M478KoznietzBuzia Moshe 1942  
M478KoznietzMoshe Buzia 1942 Mottel
M478Koznietz   family1942  
M478Elbert   family1942  
M478Skirtch   family1942  
M478Kristalka   family1942  
M478Sternberg   family1942  
M478Ashkenasi   family1942  
M478Zusman   family1942  
M478Richter   family1942  
M478Fuks   family1942  
M478Shub   family1942  
M478Rosenberg   family1942  
M478Broinstein   family1942  
M478Danziger   family1942  
M478Zuker   family1942  
M478Bakimer   family1942  
M478Meltzer   family1942  
M478Kasis   family1942  
M478Zeltzer   family1942  
M478Glaiberman   family1942  
M478Katz   family1942  
M478Schneider   family1942  
M478Plosker   family1942  
M478Ginzberg   family1942  
M478Raisisher   family1942  
D479FeiferSima Liba Beril    
D479KoznietzBilaFeifer    Beril
M479FeiferBeril Sima Liba 1919  
M479Feifer (?)Fraida   Kislev 4
MatzievSima Liba's mother
M479SchwartzbordZisel Moshecc1942 Sima Liba's sister
M479SchwartzbordMoshe Ziselcc1942  
M479Becker   family1942  
M479Schwartzbord   family1942  
M479Shammes   family1942  
M479Feingloz   family1942  
M479Pomerantz   family1942  
M479KoshinskyMeir   1942 (friend)
M479BerensonEthel  h-cc1942 (friend)
M479GaierNachum  w1942 (friend)
D480GoldinDavid  family  Hershel
D480MelamedItiaGoldin family  Hershel
D480ZlotnikMalkaGoldin family  Hershel
M480GoldinHershel Rachel Av 28
 Yaakov David
M480GoldinRachel HershelErev Rosh1920 Yoel
M480GoldinShlomo  w-cc  Hershel
M480GoldinMirel Dvora   Heshvan 3
M480NizvestnaAharon Yosef  inlaw1942 Noah
M480NizvestnaMalka   1942 Ahron Yosef
M480NizvestnaItia   1942 Ahron Yosef
M480NizvestnaNoah   1942 Ahron Yosef
M480Nizvestna (?)Feivel  inlaw1942  
M480Nizvestna (?)Hersheleh   1942 Fishel
M480Nizvestna (?)Chaya Rivkaleh   1942 Fishel
M480KatzSirkaNizvestna ?Simcha 1942 Noah
M480KetzSimcha Raizelcc1942  
M480KetzRaizel Simchacc1942  
M480KetzFishel   1942 Simcha
M480KaganMoshe Hinda 1942 Shmuel
M480KaganHinda Moshecc1920  
D480GoldinChayaAppel    Yosef
D480PortogezMalkaAppel    Yosef
M480AppelYosef Leah Shvat 21
M480AppelLeahReichstalYosef Kislev 15
M480HellerFishel Rachel(uncle)1942  
M480HellerRachel Fishel(aunt)1942  
M480SegalRachelAppelReuven 1942KovelYosef
M480SegalReuven Rachel 1942KovelAizik Leib
M480NudelsteinMatot (?)   1942Kovelnephew of Reuven Segal
D481BarnboimBeril  family  Tzvi Arie
D481BarnboimYosef  family  Tzvi Arie
M481BarnboimTzvi Arie Yenta 1920 Dov - HaLevi
M481BarnboimYenta Tzvi Arie 1942 Arie
M481Barnboim ?Dova  son- Hershel  Tzvi Arie
M481NaimanMalkaBarnboimAaron 1942 Tzvi Arie
M481NaimanAaron Malka 1942  
D481MeshtelerYosef     Arie
M481MeshtelerArie Chaya Esther Simhat Torah
M481MeshtelerChaya Esther Arie Adar 24
M481MeshtelerAsher  Tz Gdalia1920LibechinArie
M481FuksYaakov Ita 1920  
M481FuksIta Yaakov 1920  
M481FuksShlomo   1920 Yaakov
M481FuksDova   1920 Yaakov
M481FuksMoshe  family1920 Yaakov
M481VerberYonah Rachelcc1920  
M481Fuks ?Malka Mottelcc1920  
M481ShlechterHannah   1942  
D482OrdaBeril     Shlomo
D482OrdaMoshe     Shlomo
M482OrdaShlomo Raizel Adar 8
M482OrdaRaizel Shlomo 1942LibechinShmuel
M482Orda ?Fraida  c1942LibechinShlomo
M482OrdaPeril   1942LibechinShlomo
M482Schuster ?MiriamOrdaNachum ? 1942LibechinShlomo
M482SchusterNachum Miriam ? 1942Libechin 
M482OrdaMordecai   1942LibechinShlomo
M482OrdaYitzhak   1942LibechinShlomo
M482OrdaAvraham   1942LibechinShlomo
M482HaCohenMoshe   Age 90LibechinAaron
M482HaCohenShmuel  family1942 Moshe
M482HaCohenYisrael  family1942 Moshe
M482HaCohen ?Peril  family1942 Moshe
M482HaCohen ?Itia  family1942 Moshe
M482HaCohenShlomo   1920 Moshe
D482MeshtelerGittleSantimmer family  Yosef
D482SantimmerMoshe  family  Yosef
D482SantimmerShmuel  family  Yosef
M482SantimmerYosef Esther Raizel 1942 Shmuel - HaLevi
M482SantimmerEsther Raizel Yosef 1942 Zisia Leib
M482Santimmer ?RachelSantimmer h-cc1942 Yosef
M482Santimmer ?PerilSantimmer son- Mosheleh1942 Yosef
M482Santimmer ?YachaSantimmer h-c1942 Yosef
M482SantimmerAvraham   1942 Yosef
M482Santimmer ?DevorahSantimmer 2cc1920 Yosef
M482KaufmanEidel   1920 Avraham
M482KaufmanHaim   1920 Eidel
M482KaufmanDavid   1920 Eidel
M482DebertMoshe  inlaws1920  
M482KaufmanGolia Abraham 1918  
M482SantimmerSarah Shmuel 1920  
M482SantimmerYosef Rifka 1920 Benyamin
M482SantimmerRifka Yosef 1920  
D483SokatsherYankel  w-cc  Asher HaCohen
M483SokatsherLippa Mishka   Asher HaCohen (grandfather)
M483SokatsherMishka Lippa    
M483LembergerDov Chava(Rabbi)1920  
M483LembergerChava Dov 1920  
M483SokatsherAsher Liba 1942 Lippa
M483SokatsherLibaLembergerAsher 1942 Dov
M483SokatsherGetzel  "my brother"  Asher HaCohen
M483Sokatsher ?Yaakov  uncle   
M483Sokatsher ?Dov  uncle   
M483Sokatsher ?Malka  aunt   
M483SokatsherAvraham Liba 1920 Asher HaCohen
M483SokatsherLiba Avraham 1920  
M483SokatsherNechemia   1920 Avraham
M483Sokatsher ?Itzel   1942 Avraham ?
M483Sokatsher ?Asher   1942 Avraham ?
M483Sokatsher ?Sirka   1942 Avraham ?
M483Sokatsher ?Utka   1942 Avraham ?
M483Sokatsher ?Malka   1942 Avraham ?
M483Sokatsher ?Eliyahu Fraida 1934  
M483Sokatsher ?Fraida Eliyahu 1934  
M483SokatsherSimcha  family1942  
M483SarokaYankel Libafamily1942  
M483SarokaLiba Yankelfamily1942  
D483BatterYaakov     Moshe Meir
D483BatterYoel     Moshe Meir
M483BatterMoshe Meir Chaya 21 Heshvan
 Mordecai HaCohen
M483BatterChaya Moshe Meir 1940 Yaakov
M483BatterShlomo   1940 Moshe Meir
M483BatterYitzhak   1940 Moshe Meir
M483BatterSarah  h-cc1940 Moshe Meir
M483BatterYisrael   1940 Moshe Meir
M483GoldinYitzhakbrother in law of Batter  1 Elul
Buenos AiresTzvi
D484KahanFishel Sonia (?)family  Elezar
D484KahanHaim-Ber     Elezar
M484KahanElezar Esther 1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484KahanEstherReichstalElezar 1942 Yosef Ariyeh HaLevi
M484KahanNehama   1942  
M484KahanYosef Leib   1942  
M484KahanYaakov Fraida 1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484KahanFraida Yaakov 1942  
M484KahanHaim-Ber   1942 Yaakov
M484KahanShaulik   1942 Yaakov
M484KahanRaizel   1942 Yaakov
M484KahanIsraelik Hannahcc1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484KahanHannah Israelikcc1942  
M484KinenzonWolf Tzirel 1942 (uncle of Fishel Kahan)
M484KinenzonTzirel Wolf 1942  
M484BiberShlomo Leah 1942 (uncle of Fishel Kahan)
M484BiberLeah Shlomo 1942  
M484BiberPesil   1942 Shlomo
M484BiberYitzhak   1942 Shlomo
M484RozshitzBen Zion Pincus Sarah 1942from Klevan(Kahan in-law)
M484RozshitzSarah Ben Zion Pincus 1942  
M484RozshitzMalka   1942  
M484RozshitzShmeril Rifka 1942 (Kahan in-law)
M484RozshitzRifkaKertzmanShmeril 1942  

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