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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
14961 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 This is the second page of a four-page letter that was sent from Russia to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1916.------ My Grandmother's family lived in Parichi (near Shchedrin) in the Belarus region of Russia. I'd like to have this page translated from Russian to English. ----- -------- Page one of the letter is Viewmate # 14960.--------------Page three of the letter is Viewmate 15006--------------Page four of the letter is Viewmate 15007.-------Thanks for all of the great help!!
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14981 Tombstone

4/4/2010 Metzsava in same cemetery as a previous upload
I can see Koppel Dov and Yahuda Leib but the name of the deceased beats me - and relationships and date
Please translate
Many thanks
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15014 Tombstone

4/4/2010 Hi All,

I hope there is somebody who can translate the hebrew text of the headstone into english.

Best wishes,

Jan Thomsen
View the post with its 2 responses
15016 Translation - Yiddish

4/4/2010 Translation of postcard writing - names and addresses also. View the post with its 2 responses
15017 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 Translation of handwriting. I believe it is Russian, but could be Yiddish(?) View the post with its 1 response
15018 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 This is the firstborn of James/Bliman-my great grandparents. I would like to know any details regarding their ages and the actual date of birth and professions if listed. Thanks, Helena View the post with its 2 responses
14936 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 I'd appreciate help extracting the important data from this death certificate - 1) full name of the deceased, 2) date and place of death, 3) any further information (age, profession, parents, birthplace, survivors). Thank you! View the post with its 1 response
15022 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 This is death certificate of my great-grandmother, Leja Augustower on or about 10/9/1883. I am interested to see if there is any mention of cause of death, or any biographical data. View the post with its 1 response
15023 Translation - Russian

4/4/2010 My great-grandmother was Chaja Ruchla Krawczyk (aka Paja Ruchla Krawczyk). This might be her death certificate, or it could be a different Chaja Ruchla Krawczyk altogether. Would help to identify if the certificate mentions names of spouse, parents or other relatives. Any help appreciated. View the post with its 1 response
15026 Translation - Hebrew

4/4/2010 This photo was probably taken in Israel. Front side of the photo: can you tell anything about the meaning of this photo? Back side of the photo: there are three words written in either Hebrew or Yiddish. Can you please translate them?
Thank you. Eliana.
View the post with its 10 responses
15027 Do you recognize?

4/4/2010 I can identify three people in the photograph, but need to identify the woman on the left.

I believe she is the sister of Yetta Baltman Organek, the other adult woman in the photograph. The unknown woman's maiden name would have been Baltman.

The girl in the centre of the photo is my maternal grandmother Pearl Organek (later Ash) and the other is her sister, Mollie Organek (later Lee, and then Taylor).

Do you know the name and any other information about my great-grandmother's sister?
View the post, there are no responses
15031 Translation - Yiddish

4/4/2010 Please could someone translate this letter for me.

View the post with its 2 responses
15032 Translation - German

4/4/2010 This letter was written to his cousin before she arrived in Israel for a reunion of war survivors/family. Hanoch Pasternak lived in Haifa and is listed as giving testimony in Yad Vashem in 1956 concerning our family members. I believe he was still alive when i visited israel in 1974, and I met his daughter, but have since lost contact with them.This letter may shed some light on their original paths. View the post with its 2 responses
15033 Translation - German

4/4/2010 I would like to have the translation from German to Hebrew or English View the post with its 5 responses
14971 Translation - Hebrew

4/4/2010 Hello I am requesting a translation of my G.Grandparents Ketubah,I am trying to find out the groom/brides names and their parents and well as there place of birth,I know its rough but any help would be very appreciated,Thank you-Brian View the post with its 5 responses
14863 Translation - Russian

3/31/2010 Bottom half of wedding document-enlarged for better viewing. I would like to know the village and professions of birthplace of the couple. thanks so much, Helena View the post with its 1 response
14989 Tombstone

3/31/2010 Rachael was my great great grandmother's sister and I would like a translation of the gravestone that Rachael shares with her husband.

Thank you and Happy Passover to all!
View the post with its 1 response
14990 Sharing Document

3/31/2010 Marriage record and certificate of marriage for Sigmund BALTER and Rose SINDER. Rose's parents were Abraham SINDER and Dora MENDELSON listing Rose's birthplace as Kief, Russia. The mystery is the BALTER side. Sigmund lists his parents as Henry BALTER. Doesn't seem to me his name would be Henry. Sigmund's mother? Lists Minna what??? I can't tell. Sigmund lists his birthplace as Mogilif, Russia. View the post with its 1 response
14991 Sharing Document

3/31/2010 Death certificate for Rose Sinder BALTER. Lists her birth place on this documents as Radomishler, Russia. She is married to Sigmund BALTER and info is signed by my father, Alvin BALTER. They lived in the same apartment in NY for 40 years, 1430 University Avenue, in the Bronx. View the post, there are no responses
14992 Sharing Document

3/31/2010 Passport application form for a naturalized citizen has description, picture, date of naturalization and at what court also signed by a witness also naturalized. Witness, Samuel SCILKEN is listed as a merchant at Reliable Glove Company 32 Union Square, NYC. This is also where Sigmund BALTER lists his employment. View the post, there are no responses
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