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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
19397 Translation - Russian

7/10/2011 4:06 PM Would like a translation for this birth certificate.

Thank you in advance.
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19391 Translation - Russian

7/10/2011 4:06 PM I am seeking a translation including all names, dates and locations(home towns) listed in this death Certificate for Bysko Burak.

Thanks in advance.

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19393 Translation - Russian

7/10/2011 4:06 PM I am interested in a translation supplying me with associated names and vital info regarding the death of Rochla Burak. Family members, cause of death, dates....

Thank you

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19210 Translation - Other

7/10/2011 4:06 PM Churchregister-Copy from St.Alphage Church ,Canterbury in Great Britain about Peter Peters my Ancestor in my Family Tree : Jewishgen ID#367887 concerning The Johansen Family Tree by Magnus Torstein Jogvanson Johansen from the village Ejde in Faroe Islands - Faroes. Of course you could maybe Translate it into for example English for me. Thank you.!!! View the post with its 1 response
19456 Translation - Russian

7/10/2011 4:05 PM This is from LDS microfilm 1496889. According to JRI-Poland, it should be a record of the death of Golda L. Hardbrod.

1. What language is it?
2. What was her date of birth? If the date of birth is not given, then how old was she?
3. Who were her parents?
4. If married, what were her maiden name and her husband's name and age?
5. If indicated, what were her children's names and ages?
6. If her name or her husband's name is written in the traditional Russian way (given name, patronymic, surname), what is the patronymic?
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19457 Translation - Other

7/10/2011 4:05 PM This note was written on the back of a wedding picture. If anyone can translate it for me I would be very grateful. Thank you advance for your time. View the post with its 2 responses
19474 Translation - Hebrew

7/6/2011 4:33 PM I am a descendant of Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Maizlish (1759 Vilna -1849 Hebron). I found this note about him having a brother, Rabbi Ziskind, but can't translate the rest of his name and was hoping to find more information about him. They are both sons of Mordechai from Vilna.

--Lainey Melnick
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19475 Translation - Yiddish

7/6/2011 4:33 PM I believe this is a photo of my paternal grandfather's brother who never left Russia. If so, the photo is of Leyzor Bogoslowsky, a schoolteacher in Stavische. This photo was found with his daughter Sadie's possessions.

I would dearly love to know what it says. Perhaps there will be family information.

If someone can translate the Cyrillic, that could place the studio (and city) and possibly the date it was taken.
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19477 Translation - German

7/6/2011 4:33 PM Please could somebody make a direct (full) translation. This card is from my ggf to an unknown family member, referring to other family members (so fas as I can discern). Thank you View the post with its 1 response
19479 Interpretation

7/6/2011 4:33 PM I am trying to identify the name of the town listed under "place of birth" on the top line. In the second line, the town of "Odessa" appears, easily readable. (The town names were crossed out because the census taker only needed the country of birth - Russia.) Due to the crossing out I can't interpret the other town name where both parents of the children were born. Looks like Vallina, Vabbina, Vallona -- none of which make sense. We think this family once lived in the Zaslov, Nikolayev area before moving to Odessa. Any thoughts? View the post with its 6 responses
19471 Tombstone

7/6/2011 4:31 PM I need validation of two Hebrew words on the gravestone, after PN "PO NITMAN" (here lies)The sentence starts with "ish tam vEyashar" (an honest man..) and the next two words are not very clear, I think it is "asaa beemunah" (engaged in Emunah but I am not sure. Any help from an experienced gravestone reader would be very much appreciated.
This is my grandfather's gravestone and the rest of the text I was able to read quite easily.

Many thanks, Irit
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19472 Translation - Yiddish

7/6/2011 4:31 PM There is a photo of an unidentified family on the other side of this document. We cannot however read what this caption says, and we hope that it might give us a clue as to who are the family members in this photo. View the post with its 2 responses
19465 Translation - Yiddish

7/6/2011 4:30 PM I received a photo from a cousin with this script on the back. I have no idea when or where the photo was taken or who was in it. Hopefully the script will help! Many thanks in advance! View the post with its 1 response
19466 Translation - Russian

7/6/2011 4:30 PM This envelope was sent to Frank (Froim) Bressler. There were photos inside of this envelope of unknown people.

We are hoping to figure out who sent the photos and perhaps identify them. Thank you.
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19467 Translation - Russian

7/6/2011 4:30 PM These are column headings from the first page of the Piotrków Book of Residents form. I would greatly appreciate a complete translation for each column. View the post with its 1 response
19468 Translation - Russian

7/6/2011 4:30 PM These are the column headings of the second page of the form used in the Piotrków Book of Residents. I'd like a complete translation for each column heading. Thanks so much! View the post with its 1 response
19434 Translation - German

7/6/2011 4:29 PM Appreciate full translation of the card which is from my ggf to an unknown relative. It appears the relative was in the (Russian?) army as the card is addressed to a "Feldpoststation" number 212. Would any postal or social historian know of the background to the unit concerned and have a stab at the year of the card? Many thanks. Text of card follows in next image. View the post with its 2 responses
19435 Translation - German

7/6/2011 4:29 PM Would appreciate a full translation as I get the gist with schoolboy German and a dictionary but may have missed important nuances or mistranslated some text. Many many thanks. View the post with its 2 responses
19127 Photo Identification

7/6/2011 4:12 PM This photo is of my great grandmother, Simcha or Sophia "Klein" with her second husband Abraham Fasser and my grandfather (only son of her previous marriage) Israel "Klein" who was born in Plock on 17 December 1886.

Klein is not correct, but I have no idea what the original family surname might be - the German port authorities apparently couldn't understand the probably Georgian surname and "re-named" them Klein (because they were not tall!).

The photo was actually taken in Liverpool, England I would imagine in the mid-1890s. I have found records in the UK census - name wrongly spelled Fasso, and the death of Sophia Fasser in Liverpool in 1925 which is informed by her son Cyril Keene (the name my grandfather changed his Israel Klein to.

This was a second marriage for Abraham Fasser as well as Simcha/Sophia, who I believe was born Berliner, daughter of Binyamin. Her first husband was Abraham Isaac ??

Thank you.
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19411 Translation - Polish

7/6/2011 4:11 PM What does this note say? View the post with its 1 response
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