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16179 Translation - Yiddish

8/4/2010 4:07 PM Pls see LINE 3 which appears just under line 2 in Yizkor Book Sefer Tarnogrod. Is line 3 a continuation of line 2 for the family with surname URLICH? How should this read?

LINES 1 AND 4, I believe, are translated correctly and I am including them in their place on the page.

Any help in this translation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your time.

Lorraine Rosengarten
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16180 Tombstone

8/4/2010 4:07 PM I would like to know whose son this was, if it is mentioned in the Hebrew on the tombstone. The first name is spelled Isrial for some reason. It is probably either Bert or Isador Hartstein, but I am not sure. View the post with its 3 responses
16173 Tombstone

8/4/2010 4:06 PM Please translate the hebrew inscription on the headstone View the post with its 3 responses
16001 Translation - Russian

8/4/2010 4:06 PM Names, dates, places of birth certificate (Izrael Josek Wermind) View the post with its 1 response
16002 Translation - Russian

8/4/2010 4:06 PM Names, dates, places of Death certificate (Icek Izrael Warmund) View the post with its 1 response
16008 Translation - Russian

8/4/2010 4:06 PM Names, dates, places of birth certificate (Hisia Warmund) View the post with its 1 response
16144 Translation - Yiddish

8/4/2010 4:05 PM Two words of this text remained untranslated. The last word of the second line (r to l), which looks like KYR or RYR, with a mark above the first letter. Also the word next to 1909, which looks like PAP. Could this be the name of a town in Hungary? Or a person's name? Any additional help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

I would appreciate a translation and transliteration of the personal message in Yiddish. My mother received this prayerbook when she was about 13 years old in Hungary. I would be most interested in knowing what it says, who may have written it, and who might have given it to her as a gift. Thank you for your help...Jo
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16093 Translation - Other

8/4/2010 4:05 PM I need help translating and interpreting these pages from [Abram] William Spiwak's American passport. He traveled with his 18 year old daughter, Lillian, back to Orgeyev, now Orhei in Romania, leaving in June, 1929. These four pages can help me reconstruct their journey. I need help translating each page, not only the language, but the information. What does the passport tell me? I am having a hard time even figuring out how long they were in each place, and when they passed through each country.

Abram, now using the name William A. Spiwak, signed his passport on June 6, 1929. The first three pages following their photos are visas stamped by consulates for Germany, Romania, and France. There is also a final page that bears someone's handwritten initials above the handwritten names of two towns, "Capresti" and then what looks like the letter "J" before the name "Soroca." Perhaps Abram was looking for his two sisters, Sore and Dvore, in Capresti and Soroca.
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16094 Translation - Polish

8/4/2010 4:05 PM Please help me by translating all the information on this this a VISA for Poland? What do all the markings mean? View the post with its 1 response
16095 Translation - Other

8/4/2010 4:05 PM Please translate these two pages from Romania, including the stamps and help me interpret the information. View the post with its 4 responses
16092 Do you recognize?

8/4/2010 4:04 PM The women in this photo are the six Spiwak sisters and their sister-in-law, Feige (maiden name not yet known).

I fix the end date for this photograph from the departure of Chava Spiwak for America in October 1910--that's the latest this could have been taken, thought it might have been taken earlier.

It may have been taken before Rachmiel Spiwak, Feige's husband, left for Argentina in December, 1909. If anyone has interpretive comments or questions about the hair, dress, pose, or place in this photo, or the date, please let me know.

Standing, L to R: Gitel, Dvore, Chava Spiwak
Seated, L to R: Rivke, Feige (sister in law), Sure, Chane Spiwak.

Dvore and Sure Spiwak never got out of Russia/Romania. If anyone recognizes them, please tell me. (Sure's married name was Wollman, and she had two chidren, Jankele and Perel. In 1910 she was still living in Orgeyev, according to Chava's ship manifest). Dvore's married name is unknown.
View the post, there are no responses
15974 Interpretation

8/4/2010 4:04 PM Can anyone interpret the uniform and gate in this image of Rivke Spiwak (married to Liebel Ridensky)? It was found in her daughter's wallet decades after both had died and bears no inscription. Rivke's husband emigrated to New York in 1913, sponsored by Rivke's brother, Abram Spiwak. Before she and their four children could join him, World War I broke out and she was unable to get out until 1920. I am guessing this was made in those years, but am not sure. The entire family was involved in radical politics during the years leading up to the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. As far as I know, they were not Zionists, but probably Socialists and / or Bundists. View the post, there are no responses
16021 Translation - Yiddish

8/4/2010 4:02 PM Need entire translation. The name Bernie and #12 is not part of the original Yiddish writing. View the post with its 1 response
13928 Translation - Polish

8/4/2010 4:02 PM death certificate of Rachel Frommer Eideks View the post with its 1 response
16169 Translation - German

8/1/2010 4:26 PM This is an entry in an 1890 birth record for a male named Israel, which appears in Column 12, "Uwaga/Anmerkung" asking for Remarks. I'm not sure whether this is in German or Polish. Can someone please translate the writing between the two lines? Thank you very much. View the post with its 2 responses
16170 Translation - German

8/1/2010 4:26 PM Hi, I am seeking a translation of this birth record scan for my great-grandfather from LDS film from Dt. Eylau (now Ilawa, Poland). I believe it is German, but please let me know if otherwise.

The child's name is Joseph.
The parents are _____ (? Gedalius and Mina (?) Elias (?). Any information about the parents names and background that are in this record would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your help!
View the post with its 2 responses
16171 Translation - German

8/1/2010 4:26 PM Hi,

I'm looking for a good translation of this short marriage record for my great-great grandparents. I believe it is in German. The town is Dt. Eylau, which was part of East Prussia, and is now Ilawa, Poland. Please let me know if the language isn't German.

I believe the wife's name is Mina Elias, and the husband's surname is Gedalius.

Thank you for your translation help.
View the post with its 1 response
16163 Translation - Yiddish

8/1/2010 4:25 PM Need help translating the Yiddish - will use the photo on a ShtetLinks page. Thanks!

Note: Image has been rotated, thanks!
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16164 Translation - Yiddish

8/1/2010 4:25 PM A document from the Feldafing Displaced Persons Camp near Wetzlar. Need help translating for use on a ShtetLinks page. We can read the last names at the bottom, but need help with the rest of the text; thank you! View the post with its 1 response
16166 Translation - Yiddish

8/1/2010 4:25 PM This is page one of a two-page letter that was sent to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1947. I believe it's from her half sister Raya Ainbund in Russia. I'd like to have the letter translated from Yiddish to English. Page two is Viewmate # 16167. ------------ Thank You!! View the post with its 1 response
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