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Submitted by Corinne Lee Mitchell

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 4/14/2013 4:19 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
Town: ? Lodz
Date of Image: 11 Jul 1921
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Part 2 from 11 Jul 1921, ? Lodz, Poland

These letters have just surfaced and could be from the same great uncles who didn't immigrate with their 2 sisters. One sister was my husband's grandmother. In a previous letter one great uncle pleaded for money to be able to immigrate.

I would be so grateful if you could translate these letters.

We do not know what happened to these great uncles and their families
Thank you so much,

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On  Response 
4/18/2013 10:51 AM
Dear Corinne,
just the beginning of a transliteration, I will continue and give you a translation, soon.

liber man ershdins shraybe dir dos ikh mit di libe kinder zenen gzind geybe Gott dos mayn shrayben zol dikh mit Feygale bayren besten gizund ontrefen/ mir zolen zikh vi omshnelsden zeyen / yetst ken ikh dir shrayben fun mayn rayze di ershte 3 tok iz mir gevezen zeyer gut biz mir zenen gkumen in tifen yam zenen mir gvoren krank mir hoben zeyer gbrokhen 5 tok nur keynder un mener hot nisht azoy gshat vi froyen di veterin zenen gvezin zeyer gut di shif iz ggangen 13 tok oyf di shif kumt oft far gneyvis men mus zayn oyfmerksam oyf yedere zakh yetst ken ikh dir shrayben dos eyde ikh bin ggangen tsu di letste komisye for’en arobgen fun di shif is s kint kvorin krank un zi hot gehat hits un mir zenen ferhalten gvoren un balt hot men unts aropgenumen oyf eyn andere shif un tsugforen tsu eyn inzil in eyn shpital arayn ikh hobe zikh zeyer tsishroken nor azoy vi di tsoris mayne zenen ministom gvezen gnuk…
un dos mestil iz shoyn iber ggangen iz in shpital arayn gkumen dokdoyrim un feltsheris un shastris un s vi fil men hot in kint gmosten di hits hot s kint keyn hits nisht ghat un keyne hot nisht gekent dikenen tsi s kint iz krank un zey hoben mir gfrekt far vos hot dos kint ghat hets oyf eyne shif hobe ikh gzokt az ikh hobe dos kint oyfgenumen fun shif(?)iz zi gvoren hes ober dos kint iz gzunt zi est un trinkt ober un mir hot mayn herts gklopt vayl ikh hobe gvust az dos kint iz krank gvezin 2 tog un ikh hob getuen vos ikh hobe gkent aleyn geratevit un nish ggangen tsum dokder ikh hobe gmaynt az s vet adorekhgeyn bis tsu di komisye in dem shpital hot men mikh mit di kinder zeyer gut behandilt men hot mir gbrenkt gute esen un trinken ober ikh hobe nisht gkent esin fun agmisne fish
vayl ikh hobe nisht gvust vi lank men vet mikh in dem shpital haltin ich hobe mikh nisht gkent mit kenim oys shmusen ikh fertenish zeyer shprakh un di vos zenen dort glegen zenen oykh engelishn nor ikh hobe bemerikt az fun di feltsheris iz eyner a yud azoy geh ikh tsem tsu un zog ikh bite zi oyb fertseyong geeyerter herin mir sheynt dos zi zenen no eyn yud er hot zikh oysglakht un hot mir geentfert..not readable, totally bleached…aleyn iza xxx( not readable) nor der kop zayner iz ...
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