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Submitted by Magnus Torstein Jogvanson Johansen

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 1/20/2013 3:55 PM
Family Surname: Johansen
Country: Denmark
Town: Ejde, the Faroe Isles
Date of Image: 5/5-2012
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Our Family Coat of Arms. The Danish " Johansen." With the JewishGen ID#367887.

Is also a Scandinavian Arms which range are from the Faroe Islands throughout Norway , Sweden (Sweden - Herzog )and over the canal back to Germany, France and Southern England ( Canterbury ,Cornwall and Yorkshire) Scotland ( the Isles north of Scotland) and Iceland back to Faroes. The Genealogy-Recarchers call it " An Arc Earth led there the whole way is involved from the beginning to the end of the Family Tree Members. I have the Copies of these people in a dokumentbag . For example Sune Baat and Herborg Iversdatter and so on. Ours personally Family Led in that case in Norway via Sweden. Goldsmit, Goldschmidt, Hirsch ,Herzog and others.

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On  Response 
1/20/2013 4:36 PM 282. MR.Brandvik(Herborg,s great-great-grandfather).
283.Margretha Brandvik(Sandven)(Herborg,s great-great-grandmother) was born to Petur A.(Joenson)Sandven (289) and Ingebjorg Sandven (Guttormsdatter) (290) .Margretha is no longer living. MR. Brandvik (282)married Margretha Brandvik (Sandven).They had one son: Thorberg Brandvik.(275).
284. Marte Sunedatter Baat(Herborg,s cousin, four times removed) was born to Sune Jonsson Baat. (291). Marte is not longer living. Herborg,s surname, maiden name, was Iversdatter married Anders Guttormsen. The father of Herborg was Ivar Galte born 1470-1497. Married Ingrid O. Galte (Lydvo). The Link for is this following. date 27/12/2011. JewishGen ID:#367887 The Johansen Family Tree.
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