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Ukraine Master Index of Names: Record POLONSKY, Hana

Record Information

Document Type:Death
Given name:Hana
Father's name:
Comments:Cause of Death: Maladies
Collection location:
Original source:SAVO Fond 905 Opis 3 delo 3
Location in source:Record #: F52
Microfilm:Not Microfilmed

Related Places

Place TypeRecorded Place NameTown Page
Place RecordedZaslavlZaslav (Town)
TownZaslavZaslav (Town)
Place ResidenceZaslavZaslav (Town)

Other Persons

RelationshipFamily NameGiven NamePatronymic
Spouse POLONSKY Avrum  

Note: All records of the master name index have been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine database.
However, some time can pass between the submission and their appearance on the JGUD.

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