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This town needs a Town Leader. Please contact Janette Silverman or Chuck Weinstein to become the Lvovo Town Leader. To learn more about becoming a town leader please read this pdf.

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1900s Name: Lvovo
1900s District: Kherson
1900s Province: Kherson
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Lvove, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Львів  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Львов  listen town name in russian

1930s: Lvovo, Nikolaiev, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
1950s: Lvovo, Soviet Union

Other names: Lvove [Ukr], Lvovo [Rus], Kolonie Lvovo [Yid], Yevreyskaya Koloniya Lvovo, Imeni Volodarskogo, Lwowo

46°47'N 33°09'E Mapquest Google Maps


CAHJP Document Acquisition and Translation - Kherson ProvinceSylvia WalowitzIn progress
This is a general project for Kherson province towns, including Novopoltavka. It deals with the following documents obtained from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (at Hebrew University in Jerusalem). 

  HM2/9025.1 -- Novo-Poltavka The offices of Novo-Russian and Bessarabian general governor, 1841-1842
Files 14783-14869. Novo-Poltavka The offices of Novo-Russian and Bessarabian general governor, 1841-1842. FINISHED

  HM2/9024.44 -- Correspondence with the ministry of governmental properties regarding permits for selected people of newly established settlements in Lvovo, Nowo Bereslav, Novopoltavka, Romanovka and Malaya Seideminucha to depart from Kurliatsky, Vitebsky and Mogilevsky regions in order to collect donations for the erection of synagogues and houses of prayer. 1842-1843

  HM2/9025.6 -- Items from the journey by the inspection commission of the region into the Jewish settlement of Kherson region. List of Jewish settlers in Romanovka, Nowo Bereslav, Novopoltavka, 1843-1849

  HM2/9021.11 -- Committee for foreign settlers in southern Russia (Jewish settlement). Matter in the affairs of exclusion of citizen from the settlement of Novopoltavka  David Pape in connection with his conversion into the Christian faith, 1850-1853. 

  HM2/9973.13 -- Regarding the application of Baron Hirsch for Russian Jewish immigration to Argentina, 1881-1904

The HM numbers in this list refer to the document"s catalog number at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People.
Fundraising Project, Doc Acquisition/Translation for Kherson, LvovoSylvia WalowitzIn progress
The FHL has Jewish vital records and family list microfilms for 83 towns and districts within the JewishGen Ukraine SIG"s geographic area, plus revision lists and community records for about 158 districts. Within the past few years, the FHL and its associated FamilySearch Centers (FSCs) have installed microfilm scanners, which can be used to convert microfilm images to several useful digital image formats. Our volunteers will rent microfilms from the FHL and will use the FHL/FSC scanners to obtain digitized images of vital records, revision lists, and other relevant documents. After acquisition, we will initiate individual translation projects. The translations (but not the images) will be posted in the JewishGen Ukraine Database, and possibly other locations.

The Central Archives (CAHJP) is accelerating document acquisition from archives in Eastern Europe, especially Poland and Ukraine. The JewishGen Ukraine SIG has an arrangement with the Director of the Central Archives to obtain digitized images of the records they obtain at a discounted price (see the “Estimated Cost” section of this proposal, below). This agreement stems from cooperative activities between the Kremenets District Research Group and the Central Archives over the past five years. In addition, the CAHJP has agreed to accept our requests for records from towns outside the Kremenets District.

The project will be carried out in several overlapping phases:

Identifying appropriate scanning resources, costs, and volunteers
Document acquisition: scanning FHL microfilms, and digital images of CAHJP documents
Translation / transliteration,
Processing for posting in the JewishGen Ukraine Database and other places.
Merchants and members of their families of the Podolia and Chernigov Provinces and otJanette SilvermanNot Yet Started
Lists of merchants and members of their families of the Podolia and Chernigov Provinces, also the cities of Bakhchisaray, Bryansk, Kovel", Libava, Ol"viopol", 1838, Russian, HM2/9315.2.
Minstry of Finance, Dept of Manufacturing and Internal Trade
RGIA, Sainst Petersburg, Fond 18, Opis 4, Delo 589
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), Lvovo2001
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 769: "Lvovo".
Shtetl Finder, Cohen (1989), Lvovo
Shtetl Finder (1989), p. 53: "Lvovo, Kolonie Lvovo".
CAHJP Documents, HM2/9025.1, Correspondence re Jewish settlements, Lvovo1841-1842
Correspondence with the Ministry of Governmental Properties and the Kherson regional administration regarding the opening of specific establishments in the Jewish settlements in Lvovo, Novyy Bereslav, Novo-Poltavka and Malaya (small) Seydeminukha.  
The CAHJP catalog number is HM2/9025.1. The documents are in Russian. The title is "The offices of Novo-Russian and Bessarabian general governor." The original archive is GAOdO, Odessa. Fond 1, Opis 2, Delo 79.

Contact Sylvia Walowitz for information about this collection.
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