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People have inhabited Sub-Carpathia since ancient times. Various relics have been found in Sub-Carpathia. The most ancient finds go back to the Paleolithic Period (the early Stone Age—300,000 BCE).

The region was officially called:

  • Subcarpathia (Kárpátalja) or North-Eastern Upper Hungary, during its period of Hungarian rule lasting a thousand years.

  • Rusinsko or Karpatske Rusinsko, then mostly as Subcarpathian Rus' / Ruthenia or Subcarpathian Ukraine after the Treaty of Trianon in 1920 until 1938, when it was part of Czechoslovakia. After 1927, it was referred to as: Subcarpathian Land (Czech: Země/Zem podkarpatskoruská, Slovak: Země / Zem podkarpatskoruská) and Podkarpatská Rus' (Ukrainian: Підкарпатська Русь).

  • Republic of Carpatho-Ukraine when the region briefly declared its independence in 1939.

  • Sub-Carpathia after it was annexed by Hungary from 1939 to 1944.

  • Transcarpathia (Закарпаття / Zakarpattia) when it was part of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (after briefly returning to Czechoslovak rule) from 1945 to 1991.

  • Sub-Carpathia (Закарпаття / Zakarpatt'ya) since 1991, as part of Ukraine.

Alternative, unofficial names used in Czechoslovakia before World War II, included:

  • Subcarpathia (Czech / Slovak: Podkarpatsko)
  • Transcarpathia (Czech: Zakarpatsko; Slovak: Zakarpatská Ukrajina)
  • Transcarpathian Ukraine (Ukrainian: Закарпатська Україна / Zakarpats'ka Ukraina)
  • Carpathian Rus' / Ruthenia (Czech / Slovak: Karpatská Rus')
  • Hungarian Rus' / Ruthenia (Czech: Uherská; Slovak: Uhorská Rus', rare)

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