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Sub-Carpathia Films

At the bottom of this page are historic films with a theme of Sub-Carpathia or were filmed in Sub-Carpathia and give you a view of life as our ancestors lived it when times were good and bad.

If you have (or know of) a film that was shot in Sub-Carpathia or with a theme of Sub-Carpathia, click HERE to e-mail us.

Films - Descriptions

Brief descriptions of the films that can be viewed at the bottom of this web page.

Click the following topics to open and close them.

→ 1914   - Jewish Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army
→ 1922   - Uzhhorod and its environs
→ 1930s - Munkács Jewish Children Singing
→ 1930s - Munkács Orthodox Religious School
→ 1930s - Munkács Book Peddler
→ 1930s - Munkács Jewish Weavers
→ 1930s - Munkács Jewish Children Dancing
→ 1933   - Munkács Rabbi Spira and Wedding
→ 1935   - Carpatho-Jewish Life
→ 1938   - Munkács and Ungvár
→ 1939   - Ungvár Town Views
→ 1941   - Ungvár Town Views
→ 1944   - Auschwitz Album - arrival of Sub-Carpathian (and other) Jews
→ Other films of interest (shown elsewhere)

Films - Controls

The first film is pre-loaded for you, click the arrow to start the film.

The remainder of the films play in succession, one after the other.

You can also use the scrolling list on the right to make your selection.

The play time [minutes:seconds] is provided.

Use the white slider bar next to the film listing to scroll.

These are the video controls that are available:

∗ Start/pause the film

∗ Volume control.

∗ Once the video starts, you can click on the "expand to full screen" button (with two arrows) to view the video full size on your monitor.

∗ Press the Esc (Escape) key to return back to the web page.

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Synagogue images from Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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Family spotlight and personal memoirs from Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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Survivor testimony and memoirs from Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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Klezmer music and Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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