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Non-members/Visitors are welcome to attend programs for a $5.00 fee. If a guest joins the Society the fee will be applied toward the membership dues. Programs generally start at 1:30 PM - see exact time for each meeting, below. Doors open a half-hour earlier. Meetings start with JGSGW business, introductions of new members, and then the guest speaker.

Workshops are open to JGSGW members only. Non-members may join on the day of the workshop unless advance registration is required.

Sunday, February 12, 2017, Beth El, Alexandria
Sunday, March 5, 2017:
B'nai Israel, Rockville, MD
Sunday, April 2. 2017
Sunday, May 7, 2017: Temple Beth Ami, Rockville   Note: Time change - see below
Sunday, June 11, 2017: B'nai Israel

 Inclement weather policy: if the synagogue (or other venue) is closed, our meeting will not be held.



Sunday, February 12, 2017
Location:   Beth El Hebrew Congregation, Alexandria
Program:  “Debunking the Three Myths of Jewish Genealogy”
Time:  1:00 PM Schmooze and Mavens Table
1:30 PM Meeting and Program
  Speaker: Irene Hantman (bio)
For generations, three persistent myths have needlessly blocked people from researching their Jewish ancestors:

• No one is left who knows anything about our family.
• All the records were destroyed in the Holocaust.
• Our surname was changed at Ellis Island.

Irene’s light-hearted presentation puts these ideas to rest and illustrates some surprising findings waiting to be discovered. If you are just beginning your research, the talk will reinforce your decision, boost your confidence, and perhaps give you some ideas about the path you are taking. If you have some experience under your belt, you will enjoy this fresh look at how to think about your research. And if you have pondered giving talks to other organizations, consider stealing the template for this presentation.

Workshop:   Beginner's Workshop (members only)
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 PM
  Do you need some help in finding your ancestral home and family? On Feb 12 , there will be a Beginners workshop of 5 experts to help you on your way. The format is arranged for personal contacts in small groups.  

The workshop sessions will cover "Getting Started” - An Overall View, Online Resources, DNA, JGSGW library resources, and Local and National resources.

If not already a member, you may join at any time before Feb 7.

Register as soon as possible. Membership information is available at: http://www.jgsgw.org/membership.html. 
Registration is limited to 20 and needs to be done in advance. To register via email, click here: Register by Feb 7. There is no charge for this workshop but you must be a member of JGSGW to take advantage of this opportunity.



Sunday, March 5, 2017
Location:   B'nai Israel, Rockville, MD - Fanaroff Hall
Workshop: Workshop - Remembering and Preserving the Architecture of Lithuanian Synagogues (members only)
Time: 11:00 AM - Noon
  Speaker: Aurimas Širvys

During the Second World War, many of the synagogues of Lithuania and Eastern Europe were destroyed. After the war, the new Soviet regimes typically “re-purposed” surviving synagogue buildings. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been a growing interest in Lithuania in restoring surviving historical buildings, including synagogues, churches, and manor houses. Aurimas Širvys has studied the architecture of such buildings and assisted groups seeking to restore them. He has also researched the architecture of Lithuania’s destroyed synagogues and has created two- and three-dimensional representations of these “lost” synagogues that have been exhibited in Lithuania. In his presentation, Mr. Širvys will discuss what he has discovered in his on-going study the architectural history of synagogues in Lithuania and neighboring countries.
Finding Genealogical Gems in the Historical Record
1:00 PM - Maven Table and Schmooze
1:30 PM - Short Business Meeting, Announcements, and Program
  Speaker: Dr. Caroline Friedman: PhD (click here for bio)

Census data, vital records, and immigration records provide useful information to genealogists. Other types of historical sources can being a historical period to life and make ancestors and their lives (even seemingly uneventful lives) more meaningful to researchers and their families. Newspapers, organizational records, local ephemera, legal and even penal records all reveal details of day-to-day experiences that bring dry facts to life. However, the volume and sometimes inaccessible nature of these sources can be a challenge to researchers. Dr. Friedman will discuss the range of historical sources available, share techniques for finding little known resources, and discuss ways to integrate this information into your research.



Sunday, April 2, 2017


Sunday, May 7, 2017        NOTE LOCATION AND TIME CHANGE
Location:   Temple Beth Ami, Rockville
Time: 2:00 PM     High Tea and Treats w/ Maven’s Table
                  MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS TO HIGH TEA AND TREATS - see Last Name letter below  (Dairy Only)
                            A - H: Cake, cookies, brownies
                            I – R: Finger sandwiches, shmears & crackers
                            S – Z : Chip & dips, nuts, candies

Beverages will be provided by JGSGW
This event will replace the June luncheon we have held previously


“DNA Matching on MyHeritage – Where Genealogy and Genetics Meet”

Time: 2:45 PM
  Speaker: Daniel Horowitz (bio)
  MyHeritage has launched an affordable, easy-to-use DNA home testing kit that can reveal valuable family history information and tell you more about your origins. MyHeritage DNA provides two main features:
• The DNA Matching service enables those who use the MyHeritage DNA test — or who have tested through other services — to enjoy MyHeritage’s exceptional matching capabilities, displaying the possible relationship between you and the other person. You can view your DNA Match tree or profile, and make contact to exchange information and collaborate on your research.
• A detailed ethnicity reports were you can see the percentage of your DNA that comes from different populations around the world displayed in a list or a world map, together with your family events.



Sunday, June 11, 2017
Location:   B'nai Israel, Rockville, MD - Fanaroff Hall




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