Maiden Lane Synagogue

Covent Garden, London W.C.2.




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Congregation Data


Maiden Lane Synagogue


21 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London W.C.2., from 1829.
(This is the address where the artist J. W. Turner had been born in 1775.)

Developed from:

Amudae Yesharim Congregation (translation: Pillars of the Upright), which had been formed in about 1810 as a breakaway from the Western Synagogue and which closed in 1926.
The congregation was initially at Dean Street, Soho, London W.1. moving to Brewer Street (Queen Street), Golden Square, Soho, London W.1. in or before 1819.
In 1926, it closed, having became insolvent, and its assets were auctioned off.

Date Founded:


Current Status:

Closed 1907 - congregation re-joined the Western Synagogue


Orthodox - Ashkenazi



Local Government District:

Maiden Lane and the previous addresses for the congregation are currently in the City of Westminster (an Inner London Borough, established in 1965) in Greater London.

Previously, all were in the former Metropolitan Borough of Westminster (established 1900, also known as the City of Westminster, but smaller in area than the present London Borough) within the former County of London (established 1889).

Registration Districts:

1 July 1837 - St James Westminster
1 July 1970 - Westminster (renaming of St James Westminster)
1 July 1913 - St Martin
1 October 1933 - City of Westminster
1 January 1978  - Westminster (which would currently hold any registers)


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The records in the database specifically associated with this congregation include:


Bancroft Road Cemetery, 1811 - 1854, a number of records for this cemetery are included in the Pre-1850 London Jews Database (also relating to the predecessor congregation, the Amudae Yesharim Congregation).

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A Short History of the Congregation by David Shulman

Other Congregation Information

  • Synagogue & Other Records:

    • Marriage Registers (first entry 16 August 1837; last entry 5 August 1906) deposited with:
         Westminster Register Office
         Westminster Council House
         Marylebone Road, London NW1 5PT
         Tel: (+44) 20 7941 1161/2/3  
         Fax: (+44) 20 7641 1246
         email registeroffice@westminster.gov.uk
         website: www.westminster.gov.uk/registrar
      The Board of Deputies (ref:16/30a/1) also holds a copy of the last register (1896-1906) and gives reason for cessation as "Closed".

  • Bibliography:

    • The Western Synagogue through Two Centuries (1761-1961) - Chapter 7. Barnett, A., 1961
      (Valentine Mitchell, London)

    • The Lost Synagogues of London. Renton, P., 2000 (Tymsder Publishing) pp. 51-52

    • Maiden Lane Cemetery. Shemot June 2000 vol. 8/2

    • Feuding Congregations, Insolvency and a Ragged Patch of Hallowed Group - The story of Maiden Lane Synagogue and the Bancroft Road Cemetery. Walker, Philip, 2007.  Issue No. 4 of the Cable - the magazine of the Jewish East End Celebration Society, pp 15-19.

    • other City of Westminster Sources

    • other London Sources

  • Cemetery Information:

    • Bancroft Road Cemetery, acquired by Amudae Yesharim Congregation in 1811, and subsequently used by the Maiden Road Synagogue.

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