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Beginning Jewish Genealogy in the U.S. Jewish Genealogy. You might as well start your research loaded with tips, and organize what you find, so that you can find it again!

This course includes 6 lessons (15-20 pages each), delivered online (which you can download) covering organization, forms and formats, census, vital records, Ellis Island manifests and searching on the Internet...along with hundreds of genealogy links and techniques for organizing your data,

We feature a personal mentoring program; students use our online FORUM, post an ancestral branch, set goals for research, and work one on one with the instructor.

If you have already found the names and birth dates and former towns for your immigrant ancestors, you are ready to take the Intermediate and Advanced courses.

Our classes have no scheduled times as our students are international, enabling everyone to read/view/post at leisure. To see a short video on how our courses work, close this window then click on the video at the very bottom of the page.

Requirements: Students must be comfortable browsing the Internet and downloading files. To best utilize this course, we suggest you have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, search online and interact with the FORUM.

Tuition for this U.S. Genealogy Course is $100 (there is no waiver for this course). Registration will open 3 weeks before class begins

For questions, please email the instructor by clicking here: Phyllis Kramer, Vice President, Education, JewishGen

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