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Publish Your Family History - Requires Application

JewishGen is offering a 4 week class in Publishing Your Family History Data. This class will help you with organization,  computer processing, formatting skills, inclusion of  large and small media files, graphs and charts. In other words: Putting it All Together


Are you ready to publish your family history and wondering how to get it organized and out to family and friends?


This class will consider the various ways of packaging your research, matching your material to your audience and figuring out what to include from the research you have accumulated.  We will consider the many kinds of publications from photo albums to family history  books, the self-publishing venues, and using professional publishers.


This class will be open 24/7 and students will work on their family history together with an instructor who will read parts of the work as students progress through the stages of production.


Enrollment is by application. Students should have collected enough data and photographs to start their project. To apply send a one page document and include these points in your summary statement:

1. I would like to write about....(what will the project include)

2. I visualize it being presented in the following format....(will it be printed, bound, electronic, one copy, multiple copies etc.)

3. I would need help from the instructor...(resources you need provided by the instructor or by an invited expert)

Tuition is $150 and is payable after the application process, through our online secure web site.

For questions and to submit your application, please email the instructor, by clicking here:
Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager



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