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Canada and the Great Lakes States
Research your roots in The Great Lakes Region---Canada and the US
May 15 - June 17 2012
 Did you ancestor settle in Canada? Did your ancestor settle in the great Lakes states Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota or Wisconsin? Did your ancestor immigrate through a Canadian Port and settle in the United States Great Lakes Region (i.e.Chicago, Detroit or St Paul, Buffalo, Toledo or Milwaukee?)
JewishGen is offering a four week class discovering your roots in Canada,  passage through Canada to northern U.S. cities of the Great Lakes (i.e. Chicago, Detroit, Duluth and St Paul). Course will include (1) entrance and exits through Canadian Ports, buy a ticket on the Grand Trunk Railway lines from Halifax to U.S. Great Lakes cities (3) Border Crossings at Windsor and St Albans in addition to (4) vital records, naturalizations and census records in Canada and U.S.)
Course open by application starting May 1
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Students will be notified if their project fits with the class objectives
Course runs May 17 - June 17 $80. Payment after acceptance. Enrollment limited to 20 students
Application: Qualifying Paragraph
Proposal for Canadian and Great Lakes Cities Study
1. Proposal in one sentence: "I would like to work on……Please include the SURNAME you want to work on.
2. At the end of four weeks I would like to have …. Set an achievable goal: Define the problem you would like to solve or the project (or part of the project) you would like to complete in the four weeks.
3. Materials and Knowledge Sources:  I have already searched and collected data from the following type of records… Briefly summarize the data that you will be bringing to the project in a generalized paragraph (i.e. I already have all census data, or all vital stats without going into detail). We do not need the specific data at this time if you feel you have too much information to put into a sentence or two, wait until class starts.

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