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You can contribute original or public domain material to the SIG to be displayed here. We especially welcome images of the following:If you are interested in contributing an image, please contact the SIG Coordinator. Please do not send the image until first describing it in an email. Please also indicate the origin of the image and its copyright holder.'; if ($_GET['g']!='') { $gt['Anker']='Anker Family Photos'; $ginfo['Anker'][4]=array('Simon and Henriette Anker on their 50th wedding anniversary','The menorah behind Henriette was donated by Simon to the "children of the Danzig Synagogue Congregation" in 1935, and is part of the Danzig collection at The Jewish Museum in New York.','1922','Danzig','Lelo Carter'); $ginfo['Anker'][1]=array('Simon Anker\'s grain silo','','1936','Danzig','Lelo Carter'); $ginfo['Anker'][2]=array('Former site of Simon Anker\'s grain silo','','1999','Gdańsk','Lelo Carter'); $ginfo['Anker'][3]=array('Anker family on the Noordam arriving at New York','From left to right, standing: Paul, Brigitte, Franz, Arthur, Kurt, Helene, Erna, George, Ursula/Doris, Heinrich, Hertha.
From left to right, kneeling: Susanne, Lelo, Hanelore/Helen.
Paul, Arthur, and Heinrich are sons of Simon and Henriette Anker.
Ursula, Brigitte, and Lelo are daughters of Paul and Erna.
Kurt and Franz are sons of Arthur and Helene.
George, Susanne, and Hanelore are children of Heinrich and Hertha.','Oct 1938','New York','Lelo Carter'); $gt['Becker']='Becker Family Photos'; $ginfo['Becker'][3]=array('Wedding of Paula Becker and Julius Rouzen','Paula Becker was one of 11 children (who survived their first year) of Gustav-Gershon Becker of Lubiewo and Rosa-Rachel Levy of Tuchel, who moved the family from Tuchel to Danzig after WWI. In Danzig, they had a kosher butcher shop at Kotterhagergasse #10, which they were forced to sell in 1934. This is a photo from Paula\'s first wedding.','before 1939','Danzig','Tamar Amit'); $ginfo['Becker'][2]=array('Hilde and Selma Becker','Daughters of Gustav-Gershon Becker and Rosa-Rachel Levy. Printed on the reverse of the photo:
4th Aug 1937
Express Photo "Leonda" DANZIG, Holzmar[unreadable]
Amtlich zuge lassene Lichtbilder','4 Aug 1937','Danzig','Tamar Amit'); $ginfo['Becker'][4]=array('Paula Becker','Daughter of Gustav-Gershon Becker and Rosa-Rachel Levy, Paula probably left for Palestine soon after this was taken. En route, she was detained from 1940 to 1945 in Mauritius, where she married for a second time (to Moshe Weinsaft).','July 1939','Danzig','Tamar Amit'); $ginfo['Becker'][1]=array('Hilde and Siegfried Becker','Children of Gustav-Gershon Becker and Rosa-Rachel Levy, on a shore in or near Danzig. Siegfried was killed in the Stuthoff Concentration Camp in 1940. Hilde and her brother Paul immigrated to Palestine illegally aboard the ship "Astir" in 1939.','?','Danzig?','Tamar Amit'); $ginfo['Becker'][5]=array('Rosa-Rachel Levy Becker','Photographed by instruction of or by the Nazis. Rosa-Rachel died in the Danzig ghetto on 6 Jun 1941.','1934 or 1935','Danzig','Tamar Amit'); $ginfo['Becker'][6]=array('Hilde and Elsa Becker','Daughters of Gustav-Gershon Becker and Rosa-Rachel Levy, Hilde about six years old and Elsa about three. Elsa died of illness soon after, in 1919 in Danzig.','c. 1919','Danzig?','Tamar Amit'); $gt['Boss']='Boss Family Photos'; $ginfo['Boss'][1]=array('Louis Boss','Louis Boss (3 March 1855, Danzig-1940, Danzig), horse-trader in Kashubia, son of Jaime/Heine, descendant of Sephardic Jews in Danzig since at least 1807. From On the Vistula Facing East, by Louis\' great-grandson Frank Meisler, "Louis Boss was a Sephardic Jew. The family left Spain in the fifteenth century rather than convert to Catholicism and found refuge in Protestant Holland. In Spain the family name had been Boaz. In Holland they settled in the town of Hertogenbosch, changing their name to Den Bosch...Louis\' great-grandfather left Holland for Danzig...married and settled there."','?','?','Frank Meisler'); $ginfo['Boss'][2]=array('Franz Boss, Lucie Blumenthal Boss, and Meta Boss Meisler','Franz Boss, son of Louis Boss, his wife Lucie Blumenthal from Elbing (middle), and their daughter Meta (left). Franz was a leather merchant, horse trader, Danzig\'s Argentinian consul, owner of amber mines, saw-mills, cinemas, and real estate, and a major benefactor of the Jewish community of Danzig.','?','Wiesbaden','Frank Meisler'); $ginfo['Boss'][4]=array('Kurt Regan, Ruth Boss Regan, and Meta Boss Meisler','Kurt Regan (originally Regensburger), medical doctor from Bavaria, with his wife Ruth Boss (right), daughter of Franz Boss, and Ruth\'s sister Meta (center). Kurt\'s brother Fritz moved to Danzig after visiting for the wedding of Kurt and Ruth.','1920s','in front of Zoppot Casino','Frank Meisler'); $ginfo['Boss'][3]=array('"Ratz-Batz" Arthur Levandovsky','Arthur Levandovsky, nephew of Louis Boss, wearing the uniform of a Black Hussar. After World War I, he lived in the Danzig suburb of Schidlitz and was a horse-trader. From On the Vistula Facing East, by Frank Meisler, "On the night of 12 November 1938, when Nazi stormtroopers burned down the synagogues of Langfuhr and Zoppot, Arthur guarded the Danzig Central Synagogue, club in hand, with other First World War veterans." Later, he managed to escape the Nazis in Danzig and made his way to Naharia, Israel, via a lengthy detention in British Mauritius. "When the Nazis swept through Danzig into Poland, a motorcycle unit of the SS caught up with him and his horses on a country road in Kashubia. They shot the Jews among the traders on the spot, but because of the photo of Arthur as a black-uniformed Hussar and the Iron Cross he wore, they let him go."','c. World War I','?','Frank Meisler'); $gt['cem']='Danzig Cemetery Photos'; $ginfo['cem'][1]=array('Grave of Jola (nee Frenkel) Engel','Grave of Jola (nee Frenkel) Engel, wife of Adam Engel and mother of Jan, Marcel, and Ilona. Constructed of black granite by the Danzig firm A. Passamonik from drawings prepared by Jan Engel.','1938','Danzig','Jan Engel'); $gt['mem']='Photos of Danzig Memorials'; $ginfo['mem'][1]=array('Kindertransport sculpture model','Model for a public sculpture by Frank Meisler, to be installed in the "Square of Hope" outside Liverpool Street Station, London. "It depicts a group of children who came on the Kindertransports between 1938 till the outbreak of war; about 10,000 came in small groups from their respective towns mostly through Liverpool Street Station. I [Frank Meisler] was in one of the groups sent in this way from Danzig." If you, like sculptor Frank Meisler, were on a Kindertransport from Danzig, please let us know.','2006','Jaffa, Israel','Frank Meisler'); $ginfo['mem'][2]=array('Kindertransport sculpture model (closeup)','Closeup of Frank Meisler\'s model of his upcoming Kindertransport sculpture.','2006','Jaffa, Israel','Frank Meisler'); $gt['syn']='The Great Synagogue of Danzig'; $ginfo['syn'][1]=array('Postcard showing the Great Synagogue','','1920s','Danzig','Lori Dinkin'); $ginfo['syn'][2]=array('Remains of the Great Synagogue','','2002','Gdańsk','Lori Dinkin'); $ginfo['syn'][3]=array('Remains of the Great Synagogue','','2002','Gdańsk','Lori Dinkin'); $ginfo['syn'][4]=array('Remains of the Great Synagogue','','2002','Gdańsk','Lori Dinkin'); $gt['nlgf']='New Langfuhr Synagogue'; $ginfo['nlgf'][1]=array('New Langfuhr Synagogue, front','The only Danzig synagogue to survive World War II, the New Langfuhr Synagogue on Mirchauer Weg is now used primarily as a music school, with some space for and temporary holiday use by the Jewish Community of Gdańsk. In addition to functioning as a synagogue, the building also had rooms for several Jewish organizations. During the War, it was used as a warehouse of the firm Bernhard Hagemann and Sons, contributing to its survival. This front view shows the entrance to the music school and a banner advertising the traveling exhibition "And I still see their faces" of the Shalom Foundation, on display inside during Jul-Aug 2007.','Aug 2007','Partyzantów 7, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz','"Strah"'); $ginfo['nlgf'][2]=array('New Langfuhr Synagogue, front','','Aug 2007','Partyzantów 7, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz','"Strah"'); $ginfo['nlgf'][3]=array('New Langfuhr Synagogue, front','','Aug 2007','Partyzantów 7, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz','"Strah"'); $ginfo['nlgf'][4]=array('New Langfuhr Synagogue, rear','Rear view of the synagogue, showing the entrance to the part currently in use by the Jewish Community.','Aug 2007','Partyzantów 7, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz','"Strah"'); $ginfo['nlgf'][5]=array('Imprint of Mezuzah Inside New Langfuhr Synagogue','Inside a doorway on the ground floor, leading to classrooms of the music school, showing a faint but identifiable (note the diagonal orientation) imprint made by a mezuzah.','Aug 2007','Partyzantów 7, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz','"Strah"'); $gt['bar']='Bar Kochba Athletic Club'; $ginfo['bar'][1]=array('Bar Kochba boathouse','Largely rebuilt former boathouse of the Bar Kochba athletic club.','Feb 2007','Gdańsk','"Strah"'); $ginfo['bar'][2]=array('Bar Kochba boathouse','','Feb 2007','Gdańsk','"Strah"'); $ginfo['bar'][3]=array('Bar Kochba boathouse','','Feb 2007','Gdańsk','"Strah"'); if (array_key_exists($_GET['g'],$ginfo)) { $altfoot=1; echo 'JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Gallery:


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