Leipzig fair in 1763? [LK]'; $na[456]='Is this the Moses Juda who visited the Leipzig fair in 1760-1763? [LK]'; $na[348]='Is this the Abraham Joel who visited the Leipzig fair in 1757,1761? [LK]'; $na[364]='New name Adelgunda'; $na[427]='Moses Israel was father\'s name [RL]'; $na['586a']='See 591 [RL]'; $na['586b']='See 591 [RL]'; $na[591]='See 586a,b [RL]'; $na[448]='Is this Rabbi Marcus Noah PERLS (Mordecai b. Noah ha-Levi) of Lissa? [LK]'; $na[385]='Is this Rabbi Chaim b. Rabbi Meir POSNER MUNK? [LK]'; $na[470]='Is this Rabbi Samuel Sanwil b. Rabbi Juda Loeb b. Rabbi Elhanan ASHKENAZI of Altschottland? [LK]'; $na[306]='Is this the Joseph KLEIMANN who, with Rebecka ALEXANDER of Danzig, had a son Louis who was married to Johanne JEREMIAS of Danzig in Magdeburg on 30 Apr 1843? [JB]'; $na[55]='Is this the father of scientist, publicist, reformer Aaron David BERNSTEIN? [LK]'; $na[566]='Is there a connection to Rabbi Mordecai b. Abraham TOCKELS (Lissa-12 Jun 1743, Berlin)? [LK]'; $na[9]='Is this the father of the Coppel Simon ANDERS, born 11 Sep 1810 in Danzig, who became a citizen of Gumbinnen on 2 Dec 1839? [LK]'; $na[458]='Photo of his surviving gravestone. [LK]'; $na[469]='Is this Reuven b. Chaim from the Mattenbuden Eternal Light Society? [LK]'; if (is_numeric($_GET['s'])) {$k=aasort($k,$_GET['s']);} foreach ($k as $ka) { $notes=$na[$ka[0]]; if ($ka[4]=='w') {$ms='widowed';} elseif ($ka[4]=='m') {$ms='married';} elseif ($ka[4]=='u') {$ms='unmarried';} elseif ($ka[4]=='a') {$ms='divorced';} else {$ms='';} if (($ka[7]!=$ka[1] || $ka[8]!=$ka[2]) && ($ka[4]=='')) {$notes.="New name ".$ka[1]." ".$ka[2];$oldname=$ka[7]." ".$ka[8];} else {$oldname=$ka[1]." ".$ka[2];} $kt.="".$ka[0]."".$oldname."".$ka[3]."".$ms."".$ka[5]." ".$ka[6]."".$notes.""; } ?> JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Presents:

Danzig Surname Adoption List, 1814
The following data were extracted from the Amtsblatt der königlichen Regierung zu Danzig, No. 29-33, published in 1817 (Library of Congress call number JS7.G3 D3), which contain lists of surnames adopted by Jewish citizens found in Danzig when it was reoccupied by Prussia in 1814, following Napoleon's defeat. All information contained in the original is presented below.

Each entry is described by the following fields: Number, the corresponding line number in the original publication (except 586a,b, which appear together as 586, but are separated here); Old Name, the name (usually including patronymic) of the person prior to adopting a surname; New Surname, the surname adopted; Marital Status for some of the women on the list; Husband's Old Name for some of the previously married women on the list; Notes about the entries, not part of the original, except for "New name X," which indicates that, in addition to acquiring a new surname, the rest of the person's name changed (at least, as printed in this publication).

Surnames have been capitalized for ease of recognition, but are not capitalized in the original. Although there is no capital ß in German, this has been used in the capitalized spellings to indicate that it appears in the original lower case. A question mark following a name indicates difficulty reading the original.

If you have further identifying information about any of these people, please contact us. Thanks to Logan Kleinwaks for data entry and Roger Lustig for proofreading. Thanks to the following people for contributing notes to this list: Logan Kleinwaks, Roger Lustig, Jonathan Borchard.

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NumberOld NameNew SurnameMarital StatusHusband's Old NameNotes