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Genealogical researchers - whether professionals or those who only practice at family gatherings - generally cherish the information they learn about their own heritage. Many incorporate what they find into scrapbooks, written family histories, memoirs, and stories to be shared and passed on. Others document their travels to their ancestral homeland. And some even create videos with historic and current photos, and interviews of past and present family members. There is no one way to convey information to other family members, current and future. Yet, too often people hesitate to share their gold with others simply because they don't know how to or how to do so creatively. This section of the JewishGen Bessarabia SIG website is meant to serve as a forum for those with ancestors from this area that have created various vehicles to share their family heritage. We hope it offers some ideas and help in your efforts with your own family history.

Kishinev Cousins, written by Shmuel Fisher. This is an interesting story about a family research and findings.

Ida Weinhouse's fluden forms by Harvey Kabaker. You enjoy a collection of hand-carved wooden blocks created for decorating fluden - pastries associated with Jewish holidays. Ida W. brought them from Yedinetz, Bessarabia to the United States. Presented with the permission of the author, Updated version, November, 2014. [PDF]

Two Postcards from Kamenka (Podlia Gubernia until 1917, now in Republic of Moldova), author Ronald Killian (added May 2014)

Finding Fera Citron, Part I added Feb 2014. (Esther Aptekar from Ksihinev. Tracing the family.)

Zakhar Benderskiy, resident of Chernovtsy, family from Kishinev. October 2013. See more stories at

The History of a Mystery and How it Was Solved (mostly). A movie created and narrated by Michael Burke. A great story how Michael found his father's relatives from Bessarabia who were thought to have been lost in the Holocaust. Presented with permission of the author, July, 2013

Chapter 19. Our Cherkes Ancestors. This chapter is part of a book FROM BEREZNA AND KRUPA TO BOSTON: THE BEGGELMAN AND KARAS FAMILIES AND THEIR ROOTS, written by Yale Wolf Richmond, who was a Cultural Attache at the US embassy in Moscow in late 1960s, author of many books.
Chapter 19 and other chapters in the whole book (please read Chapter 18 - Bessarabia) are very moving stories about families from Kelmentsy, Brichany, Lipkany, Khotin uezd and other places. You will find many historical references on Jewish and Russian history, meaning of Jewish names and more. Yale Richmond gracefully offered us not only a chapter, but the entire book, July, 2013.

My family from Khotin, Bessarabia Presented by Fran Schreiber, June, 2013.
Irving Schreiber - my father and his stories: Some Genealogy and Bubba Feyga from Khotin.
Photo from Banquet of the Chotiner Branch #271/WC. Park Palace, Oct.25, 1924. In the photo Fran circled her family: Rose (nee Schusterman) Schreiber, grandmother, came from Krasilov and arrived on May 30, 1910, Irving Schreiber (aged 3), father, born in 1921 and Abraham Schreiber, was born in Khotin and arrived at Ellis Island on June 5, 1905 aboard the S.S. Ryndam.

The Blecher Boys Of Bessarabia Become Barbers. From Soroki to Chicago 1909-1914. Presented by Marla Raucher Osborn, Paris, France, December, 2012, May, 2013 - One of Success Stories.

The change of Government in Bessarabia by Yuliy Vaysman, translated by by Ella Romm and Michael Romm, 2012. A story of a family living in Kishinev in 1939-1941, witnessed Romanians and Soviets, repressions from NKVD (The People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in 1940 and evacuation from Germans in 1941. Presented with the permission of the author and translators, April, 2012.

My Search for My Ancestors by Myra Waddell, Adelaide, South Australia. A story of a family with roots in Khotin, Bessarabia and Kamenets-Podolskiy, in neighboring Podolia. Learn how to do genealogical research! Here are the qualities Myra discovered for the successful research: 1. Patience (sometimes very difficult); 2. Persistence (never give up); 3. The ability to think laterally. Presented with the permission of the author, March, 2012.

Family Krupnick or Crupnic by Gloria K Wolfson. A photo prior to 1921 and a short story about family Krupnick, living in town of Brichany, Bessarabia. Presented with the permission of the author, February, 2012.

The Driven. Written by Edward Robbins. About a life of Edward Robbins as a child - Imic Raboi in the 30s and 40s in Briceni, Bessarabia and the family's experience during the Holocaust. Presented with the permission of the Robbins family, 2012.

Vaysman family from Kishinev by Yuliy Vaysman (Translated by Ella Romm and Viktoriya Titova). Story of a family living in Kishinev, and in close by townlet of Bulboki. Presented with the permission of the author and translator, 2012.

Meites family by Yuliy Vaysman (Translated by Ella Romm and Viktoriya Titova). Life of Meites family in Kishinev and beoyond under Russians, Romanians and Soviets. Presented with the permission of the author and translator, 2011.

Tulchinsky's Family by Beth Gamulka. A great story of a family from Tiraspol and who escaped from Nazi Romania in 1942. Presented with the permission of the author, 2011.

The early years of Joseph Meites by Mable E. Meites. An incredible story about family from Kishinev, Kishinev pogroms. Presented with the permission of the author, 2011.

History and life in letters. Hinka (Nina) Kogan (Spivak): letters from Tzur-Shalom, Israel to Newton, MA, USA, 1994-2008 by Hinka Kogan and Yefim Kogan, Tsur Shalom, Israel, Newton, MA. Translated by David Kogan. Short stories written in letters for 15 years about a large family living in Bessarabia in following towns: Kaushany, Tarutino, Kishinev, Tiraspol, Zaim. Presented with the permission of the authors, 2011.

Families of Wise (Wasserman) and Toben by Ronni Otaki. Family lived in Kaushany, Bendery uezd. Presented with the permission of the author, 2011.

Family Vodovoz (Arbit) from Akkerman, Bessarabia. Jeff Wexler, Los Angeles, CA. Town in Bessarabia family lived: Akkerman, Grigoriopol (Transnistria). Presented with permission of the author, 2011.

Jewish Life in Kalarash, 1892 to 1907. Excerpts from an interview with Ida Waxman-Einbinder Wiesenthal (1977), Helene Kenvin, 2007. Presented with permission of Helene Kenvin, 2011. For more stories, memoirs from Kalarash, please see Kalarash Kehila Website.

A Trip to Oliscani - memories and impressions. Oliscani and the Tolpolars, Cassio Tolpolar, 2009. Presented with permission of the author, 2011. For more stories, memoirs from Olishkany, please see Olishkany Kehila Website.

Levitt family history reunion: Family heritage from Kishinev to Montreal to Los Angeles. Alan Levitt, 2009. Presented with permission of the author, 2011.

Elka Roizman's husband Olter Roizman. Towns in Bessarabia Roizmans lived: Brichany, Yedintsy, Kaushany. For many other stories of Survivors and photos from people lived in Bessarabia go to Presented with permission of, 2011.

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