Bessarabian Databases

  • Bessarabia Revision List to be send to JewishGen in December of 2016. (October update) Our Bessarabia Revision translators are working on a variety of records from Kishinev, Beltsy, Rashkov, Bricheni, Teleneshty, and more. If you would like to get a whole set of records for a particular town from that list, please donate $100 to Bessarabia SIG General fund and the set will be send to you. And if you find your ancestors on the list, a copy of an origianal page in Russian may also be send to you. Also send me please an email of what town/year you would like to get.

  • Bessarabia Revision Lists send to JewishGen, June 2016. 17383 records were completed from towns of Tuzora/Kalarash; Akkerman; Khotin; Skulyany; Gancheshty; Kishinev; Ataki; Kapreshty; Dombroveny; Orgeev; Rezina and Teleneshty.

  • 1901 Klyachkin All-Russia Business Directory
    Jewish entries for Bessarabia and Portions of Transnistria Under Jurisdiction of the Bessarabia Special Interest Group was created and sent to JewishGen. The database includes 544 Jewish entries from 31 towns. Here are the introductory pages - PDF. The records will appear at the JewishGen at next JewishGen update. Thanks a lot to Jeff Wexler for managing the project and to a team of translators.

    1901 Klychkin Bessarabia-Moldova Directory HTML format ***** Excel format

  • Bessarabia Revision Lists, December 2015 Update. 10745 records were sent to JewishGen and are now available at JewishGen. If you would like to get a whole set of records for the town from that list, please donate $100 to Bessarabia SIG General fund and the set will be send to you. And if you find your ancestors on the list, a copy of an origianal page in Russian may also be send to you.

  • Bessarabian Newspapers from 1850s to 1940 - New Project (November, 2015).
    This is the initial set of information taken from one newspaper Bessarabskaya Zhizn (Bessarabian Life) from one day of 25-Feb-1907. You will find 17 records with Obituaries, Advertisements, Article. Every records has a short summary, person and town assiciated with the record. Also you can click on Image link and see the "original" Russian article. [Web-version] [Excel]

  • A new database created: List of Surnames in 19th century Revision Lists for Bessarabia. The surnames derived from 98000 Revision List records with about 6100 separate surnames. See the whole list for Bessarabia. Also see the list for surnames by towns in Bessarabia. Thanks Harvey Kabaker and Ariel Parkansky for great job.

  • Bessarabia SIG made an agreement with a researchers in Kherson, Ukraine to index Tiraspol Uezd Revision Lists (1795-1858) records for the following towns:
    • Tiraspol (1795, 1835)
    • Dubossary (1795, 1816, 1835)
    • Grigoriopol (1835, 1858)
    • Tiraspol Jewish agricultural colonies (1858)

    Project Leader is Inna Vayner. Please consider to donating to Tiraspol Uezd Revision Lists(1795-1858), and if you can help in translating the records, please contact Inna V. (

  • Project under Ukraine SIG: translation of Revision Lists from Olgopol uezd, Podolia gubernia. (updated October, 2015)
    Bessarabia SIG translators completed records for towns, which are now in Moldova:
    • Rashkov - 181 records;
    • Camenca - 719 records;
    • Zagnitovka - 29; - not in Republic of Moldova, but many Jews registered in that town lived in other places in Moldova
    • different shteitlakh - 104.
    Total of 1033 records
    All the best to our translators Ira Tulchinsky and Svetlana Kononov

  • Updates in the database "Jews involved in public life in Bessarabia" (updated October, 2015)
    Now there are 935 records in the database. At the "Jews involved in public life in Bessarabia" you can find people who held goverment position or was part of large Jewish organizations, like Jewish hospitals, Jewish schools. It will also include crown rabbis at the synagogues for many Bessarabian towns.
    • Introduction to the database "Jews involved in public life in Bessarabia" [PDF]
    • The data [XLS] [HTML]

  • Revisions for 2015 Summer Update (updated April, 2015)
    The records were sent to JewishGen on May 15. If any of our members want to get a whole set records, that is possible to do for a donation of $100 to Bessarabia SIG General fund. For that you can get a whole list of particular set of records and also if interested a copy of a page of original Revision, in Russian with your family members you are interested in. Please let me know if you interested (

  • Jewish Soldiers killed and wounded in WWI (updated Dec 2014)
    1559 records of Jews from Bessarabia were found among thousands of records of killed and wounded in WWI. Translation, transcription was done by Terry Lasky, Centennial, Colorado, USA.

    List of Soldiers. [HTML] [Excel]

    That set will be part of JewishGen Romania / Bessarabia Database soon.

  • Kamenka, Podolia Gubernia, 1913 Business Directory (updated Oct 2014)
    [HTML] [Excel]
    Additional Information from the business directory: Total population-6805 residence. Distance to Uezd (district) town of Olgopol is 75 verst (about 75 kilometer), and in 22 verst from RailRoad station: Kobylna. Town has own Post Office. 4 Jewish Prayer houses (synagogues). Jews held all business in town, except in wine production. The water milles where owned by non-Jews, but Jews rented them and processed 175,000 *16 kg of grain. Markets in this town were held on Mondays.

  • Bessarabia Revision Lists (updated June 2014)
    12,756 records were added to the Bessarabia Revision Database. Now we have 81,438 records. The new addition includes our oldest records from 1824 from 4 Kahals in Khotin district: Khotin, Brichany, Lipkany and Otaki (Otaki was part of Khotin district in 1824, and later became part of Soroki district). the Kahal records are not only from these 4 towns, but also from dozens and dozens of small vilalges, shtetlalj where Jews lived already in 1824. The set also includes records from Teleneshty, Tuzora (Kalarash), Kriuklyany, Orgeev, Bricheva, Markuleshty, Mereshevka, Soroki, Gancheshty. Set of records uploaded in June 2014: microfilm #, towns/uezd, years and status, number of records, families, images and additional comments.

    Set of records uploaded in June 2013: microfilm #, towns/uezd, years and status, number of records, families, images and additional comments.

  • 1940 Kishinev Business directory. (added March 2014)
    1278 records were indexed. You can see them now at the Bessarabia SIG website, and soon they will be included into JewishGen databases. Records include Type of Business/Profession in Romanian and English. You will find dress makers, painters, lawyers, and also Chief Rabbi of Kishinev Yehuda Leib TSIRELSON. Project Leader: Harvey Kabaker, also translated byPaola Khalili, and Carol Shkolnik.

    Two versions available: HTML, or XLS.

  • Bessarabia Business Directory, 1924-25
    13,144 Jewish businesses in nine districts and the capital Chisinau (Kishinev):
    ---- Tighina (Bendery) district (html)      Tighina-district.xls      1220 records.
    ---- Khotin district (html)      Khotin-district.xls      2498 records.
    ---- Belti district (html)      Belti-district.xls      984 records.
    ---- Ismail district (html)      Ismail-district.xls      640 records.
    ---- Soroca district (html)      Soroca-district.xls      1988 records.
    ---- Orhei district (html)      Orhei-district.xls      1926 records.
    ---- Cetatea Alba district (html)      CetateaAlba-District.xls      1391 records.
    ---- Cahul district (html)      Cahul-District.xls      253 records.
    ---- Chisinau district
    (not including Chisinau) (html)
         Chisinau-District.xls      575 records.
    ---- Chisinau town (html)      Chisinau-town.xls      1669 records.

  • Duma Voters Lists, Bessarabia, 1906-07
    128,000 voters in Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian Duma elections in 1906 and 1907.

  • Vsia Rossiia 1895 Business Directory
    1,500 Jewish businesses in Bessarabia, from this 1895 Russian business directory.

  • Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854
    281 Jewish religious personnel in Bessarabia Gubernia.

  • Bessarabia Vital Records
    More than 144,000 Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Bessarabia – primarily for Kishinev (now Chisinau, Moldova).

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