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Belarus Resources

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-Press Releases from Eastern European Jewish Heritage Project - Sent to Belarus SIG by Frank Swartz, EEJHP Executive Director


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Members of the SIG are encouraged to submit additional data to update and add to the list of Belarus Cemeteries.  To submit cemetery data and lists of people buried in Belarus cemeteries (or any Jewish cemeteries) please vist the IAJGS Cemetery Project page at:

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For the convenience of our SIG members, we are providing a list of researchers and translators who may be able to assist you in your research efforts. Please remember that these organizations or people work for fees. Neither the Belarus SIG or JewishGen endorse or recommend anyone. It is up to the individual who wants to pay for research or translations to check out customer satisfaction. You can write to the researchers and translators and ask them to give you a list of their customers. The Belarus SIG discussion group should not be used to discuss the merits or faults of these people.
If you are aware of other researchers and translators who should be added to this page, please contact the Belarus SIG. These should be restricted to Belarus related researchers.
  • East European Jewish Heritage Project (Reg'd UK)
    Frank Swartz, Executive Director
    EEJHP c/o Franklin J. Swartz,
    P. O. Box 97
    Minsk 220074
    Tel/fax: +375 17 252 7314
The East European Jewish Heritage Project provides genealogists with a comprehensive research service in all of Belarus' archives. We strictly adhere to all legal requirements for archival research in the Republic of Belarus so that your results are protected. The EEJHP also provide tourist services including, accommodation, guides, visa support and transport. The EEJHP works with JewishGen's Shtetleschlepper program in Belarus. We also provide photographic records of villages cemeteries and points of interest, historical and literary research and have an extensive monument and cemetery restoration program. We have over seven years of experience in Belarus. References available for all services. All profits go to support our research and humanitarian aid activities.
  • FAST Genealogy Service
    Boris Feldblyum
    8510 Wild Olive Drive
    Potomac, MD 20854-3436
Conducts research in Washington DC archives and archives in the FSU including Belarus. Also has an extensive collection of  pre-revolution photos from Belarus (and other areas of FSU) which are available for sale. See the FAST website for details of his services.
  • Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus
    Yuri Dorn, Coordinator JHRG
    Tel/Fax +375 172 343360
    Daumana St., 13 B, Minsk
    220002 Belarus
The Jewish Heritage Research Group dedicated to the preservation of Jewish Heritage and for the research of amazing Jewish History of Belarus. JHRG offers a detailed family history archive research as well as customized tourist services such as visa support, lodging, transportation, skilled guides, experienced interpreters as well as kosher meals (available upon request). JHRG provides a unique map of Jewish Heritage of Belarus and photographs of points of interest. JHRG is participating in restoration and preservation program of old Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust sights. References are available upon request.
Conducts professional services in Vilnius and Kaunas archives including full genealogy report and translation of documents from Russian/Hebrew into English. Genealogy research in Israel. Possibility to search in Minsk and Grodno archives. References from American, Canadian, British, and Israeli clients are provided upon request.
  • Minsk Historical Genealogy Group
    Oleg Perzashkevich, Director
    Zhukovskogo 9-2-190
    Minsk 22007
    tel: 375-17-2240560
Conducts research in the various archives and libraries of Belarus, including the Minsk and Grodno archives.
Miriam Weiner has been traveling to Poland and the former Soviet Union since 1989. Her company, Routes to Roots, offers archival research, customized individual and family tours, and "town visits on your behalf" (for those unable to make the trip). Ms. Weiner travels to Belarus 2-3 times per year for client research assignments and for meetings with archivists about the on-going archive inventory of Jewish records in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Lithuania. For more information about these services, see (includes detailed info about research/travel services, references and more than 100 color photos).
Research in the libraries and archives of Belarus and Germany.  Historical articles with old and modern photos of belarussian towns and shtetls.  Translation between Belarussian, Russian, English, German and Polish.
  • David Goldman, MA
    #1F, 1401 55th St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    Phone: 718-438-1059
    Fax: 718-438-1059
Translations from Hebrew, Russian, French, Yiddish, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian into English. Yizkor book material, personal documents, correspondence and other genealogy-related materials. Extensive Judaic background and experience in genealogy-related issues. Certified by NY University in translation.
  • Judith Springer
    27 West 72nd Street
    New York, N.Y. 10023
    Phone: 212-877-4200 ext: 1215, or 212-874-1478
Translations from Hebrew and Russian into English. History, geneology, personal memoirs, Yizkor book and related material.

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