Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 2 - February 1999

Request for help!

Please help identify the persons on these photos!

A picture speaks more than many words!

Many have responded with enthusiasm to the request (in the first issue of the ŻNewsletter) for help to identify unknown persons depicted in old photos.

It has therefore been decided to make it a special feature of the Belarus SIG Newsletter and the Belarus website.

First photos will first be presented here in the Newsletter, then after some time transferred to (archived at) a special webpage at the Belarus SIG website - a sort of "Photo album for Lost Identities" - or "Photo Album of Unidentified Person".

Suggestions for a really striking and fitting name for the webpage will be appreciated! Please send them to Elsebeth Paikin.

Photos for identification

If you recognize any of the photos or the persons depicted, please contact Logan M. Lockabey.

All of the photos except No. 6 are unidentified, and they are all presumed to be from Polotsk, Vitebsk gubernia.

The information on the back of the other photos is almost identical to the text on the back of No. 6. One of the others was photographed by "N. R. Berman", while another has a picture of a dual sided coin stating: "Gold Medal; Rostov, 1908"

Click on the photo for a larger version
Photo No. 1 (c 29 Kb)

No. 1

Photo No. 2 (c 25 Kb)

No. 2

Photo No. 3 (c 22 Kb)

No. 3

Photo No. 4 (c 16 Kb)

No. 4

Photo No. 5 (c 14 Kb)

No. 5

Photo No. 6 with text on back  (c 52 Kb)

No. 6

No. 6:
Rosa Blockoff (left), her sister, Sonja Blockoff Satkin (middle), and her husband Jossil Satkin to the right. The information on the back says:
"Photographer E.Bernstein. Polotsk, Vitebsk Guberniya, Vitebsk Street, Gordin House. The negatives preserved"
Photo No. 7 (c 20 Kb)

No. 7

Photo No. 8 (c 17 Kb)

No. 8

Photo No. 9 (c 13 Kb)

No. 9

Photo No. 10 (c 12 Kb)

No. 10

Photo No. 11 with the text on the back (c 46 Kb)

No. 11

Photo No. 8 (c 40 Kb)

No. 12

Photo No. 13 with the text on the back (c 63 Kb)

No. 13

Photo No. 14 (c 39 Kb)

No. 14

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