No. 1/2000 - January 2000

Elsebeth Paikin
The editorial staff:
Mario Kampel - Lori Miller

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The newsletter is now also available as pdf-files, which can be easily read and printed out from Acrobat Reader .

So we ask those of you, who are in contact with researchers with an interest in Belarus but without access to the Internet, to download the pdf-files (and the Acrobat Reader if you don't already have that) and make printouts to share with e.g. the members of your local Jewish Genealogical Society, friends and relatives. The copyright will not be violated, as long as you print out the whole newsletter for distribution (i.e. with all information about authors and permision to use the material). However, the copyright will be violated, if you copy only part of the newsletter.

The illustrations in the pdf-files have been converted to black-and-white in order to make the pdf-files smaller. It is advisable to set the properties for printing graphics to fine and a little lighter than standard (you can choose a page with photos and try to print out one page first to get it right).

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