Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 2 - February 1999

The Objectives of the Belarus SIG Newsletter

Our intention is that the Newsletter will serve our readers in three major areas:

  1. To offer a variety of topics which we believe will be of interest to readers who have roots in Belarus or are otherwise interested in the Jewish community historically linked with the region. There will be articles, pictures, maps, trip reports, monographs, stories etc. Readers are invited to offer their own suggestions about content, and, indeed, to contribute material of their own. Some of the copy will be extracted from postings to our discussion group.
  2. To offer a service to those who are undertaking their own genealogical research associated with Belarus. There will be information on archival sources, records of births and deaths; historical, geographical and demographical data of various kinds; a forum for feedback to readers queries in this area and opportunities to establish family links.
  3. To offer an opportunity to "publish" photos of unidentified persons in the hope that someone might either recognize one or more of the persons depicted, or - even better - might have an identical photo and know the story behind it!

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