No. 7/2000 - 2000

Elsebeth Paikin
The editorial staff:
Mario Kampel - Lori Miller


Request for help: Please help identify the persons on these photos!

A picture speaks more than many words!

We all know the frustration and despair, when we find photos in inherited photo albums - photos that we don't know anything about, and no text in the album helps us. We know that the persons depicted must have more or less close to the family ... relatives? friends?

I have heard of small miracles: Some have had the luck of finding exactly the same photo belonging to another - unknown - family. That eventually led to long lost relatives. Others have been less fortunate, they have only got in contact with someone who knew and could identify one or more persons on such a photo. This have either led them on the right track in their search for ancestors of relatives, or in some rare cases directly to them.

So we hope this "PHOTO ALBUM OF UNIDENTIFIED PHOTOS/PERSONS" will help you find lost relatives or get in contact with someone who might help you in your pursuit.

New structure for the Newsletter

The new structure for the Newsletter will first present the new photos on one page and at the bottom of that page you will find a link to the entire "Photo Album". That means that if you have already studied the previously published photos, you are spared the time of downloading it all. If, however, you have not seen any of the other photos yet or simply want to see them again, you can click on the link "Photo Album" and you jump to the entire album.

If you want to see an enlarged copy of the photo: Just click on the photo!

Under each photo is the name of the owner of the photo (as a direct link to an e-mail). So if you think you can help with the identification, just click on the name.

Hannah Leah Messinger and her second husband (c. 41 Kb)

This is a photo of my great aunt Hannah (Chana?) Leah Messinger and her second husband, taken in Montreal, Canada, at the Bernstein Studio. Although the family was originally from Kovel (now Ukraine), she may have lived for a short time in Belarus before moving to Canada in the late 1920s or early 1930s. Hannah Leah Messinger, the third daughter born to Irving and Ethel Messinger of Kovel, Ukraine, married _______ in Kovel in 19__. He was killed in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. The last of the Messinger children to leave Kovel, Hannah Leah, emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 19__ where she was a cook in a hospital or convalescent home. In 19__ she married (??) in Montreal, Canada, and had one son, Harry. Please contact me if you have any clues or information that can shed some light on the last missing link of my father's family.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance for any and all information.

Write to: Don Messinger

Some 50 persons in Byten, 1875. (c. 150 Kb This family photo that was taken about 1875 in Byten. I can identify my wife's great-grandfather, Nachum Mendelewicz and his wife my wife's great-grandmother, Leah Greenberg Mendelewicz, - but as for any of the other people in the picture we do not have a clue. (The file with the enlarged copy is c. 150 Kb - it could not be much smaller if you should get a chance to see the faces of each person). I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who think they recognize someone in the photo. It could be a clue to further research. Thank you in advance for any and all information.

Write to: Alan Tapper

From Bertha Frankel's collection. In Hebrew it says on the left side: "Wealth and honor", on the right: "To long life".

Unknown man from Irene Miller. Mother's collection Gertrude Miller. Photographer: Lewis Jacobs, 1725 12th Street Boulevard, Chicago II.

Mounted on heavy cardboard frame. On the bottom it says "Cabinet-Portrait". From Bertha Frankel's collection.

If you can help with some information, please write to: Myra Davis

This was taken in Oshmiany, ca. 1923-5. My mother's cousin Chaya Kartzmer Rudnik is the woman in the top row, left. She lived in Oshmiany until the 1930's when she emigrated to Israel. The photograph was given to me by her family. The other women in the picture are her girlhood friends from Oshmiany. Sadly, I can assume that many of them perished during the war.

Write to: Debbie Brooks

These photos, dated 1924, belonged to the late Phillip (Feitel) Warshall. The people pictured are probably from either Lyakhovichi or Ivye, the two towns in which Feitel resided before coming to America. The family would appreciate any help in identifying the people. Thank you in advance.

Write to: Stephen Warshall

The photo to the left was taken in Dvinsk in 1938. Back row - left to right: Idel Kopiloff, Luba (née Feldman) Kopiloff, my grandmother Anna (aka Chaya Ita) (née Weisman) Feldman, and my father Yasha (aka Jack) Feldman. The girl sitting in the front is Gita Kopiloff, daughter of Idel & Luba. Anna and the Kopiloffs all perished in the Holocaust. Their last known address was 18 Lacplesu iela, Daugavpils (Dvinsk).

The photo (taken in 1922) to the right is of my father and his two sisters, Tania Schlachter and again, Luba Kopiloff. There is writing on the back of the photo - I do not know what language it is in. Tania was married to Sima Schlachter, they survived the Holocaust hidden in their home city, Brussels Belgium. Their daughter, my cousin Henriette, is the only relative in the world that I know of from this side of the family. But Henriette recalls (she is now about 65) her mother talking about many aunts, uncles and cousins, but she doesn't recall any of the names! (I was only 4 when my father died in 1954, so my knowledge is very "second hand", only what my mother recalled my father telling her, and she is deceased now also).

Henriette and I are very eager to learn of any possible surviving family and about our roots. So we hope very much that these photos might bring more information about our lost family - or even better in contact with them.

Thank you very much for your kindness! Please write to: Jennifer (Feldman) Meltzer

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