Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - May 1999

The future of the Belarus SIG? - None if you do not help!

Urgent Request for Help from our SIG Coordinator

There are only so many hours in the day and I still have a full time job as well as family responsibilities. I desparately need some help from someone to take the responsibilities of the

Belarus SIG Research Coordinator/Chairperson

(which is unfilled), so that I continue to coordinate the overall activities of the SIG.

I am not going to try to tell you that this is not a time consuming position. This is a very important and crucial job for someone who has the time and the qualifications. The success of this person will be measured by how much additional material can be added to the website.

Those of you who are interested in taking this position should contact me by private e-mail: Without a qualified person, our efforts to computerize data and make it available for online searching will be greatly hampered.

With more than 600 members in the SIG, I bet there are a number of people who could do an outstanding job. Please step forward and accept this high paying position.


  1. A thorough knowledge of genealogy research techniques.
  2. Good computer skills, including knowledge of database/spreadsheet software, file formats, and use of the Internet and web browsers.
  3. Good organizational skills.
  4. Knowledge of Belarus archival holdings and LDS microfilms holdings.
  5. Familiarity with JewishGen policies and procedures (can easily be learned).
  1. Coordinate all Belarus SIG research/translation/database projects. (Keep track of the projects being done/planned by members, to avoid duplication and to publicize so that others might offer them assistance and/or information.)
  2. Establish standards for how databases will be set up and develop detailed instructions that will be put on the SIG website. JewishGen can provide assistance in this.
  3. Interface with (Michael Tobias and Warren Blatt) to get databases on.
  4. Make sure that "Donor" and "Translator" forms are completed and sent to JewishGen.
  5. Notify the Webmaster when new databases are complete so that a link can be established on the website.
  6. Provide status reports on research projects by posting a message on our Online Discussion Group (OLDG) and submitting an update (article/listing) to the newsletter.
  7. Form a team (of members) to coordinate translators, individual project leaders, and any other functions you might require. (We do have members who can translate..., and who have been working on projects.)
  8. Develop full understanding of holdings in Belarus archives (main and branches). Coordinate efforts to develop relationships with archives and to extract and/or microfilm records with the ultimate goal of database entry and publication.
  9. Develop and communicate research plans to encourage volunteers to start up town-based research projects (including extraction of indices/records of LDS holdings), and other research projects as they come up. Ensure quarterly articles in the newsletter and installation of project updates, etc. on the website through the Webmaster.

    I sincerely hope to hear from you soon!


    David M. Fox, Belarus SIG Coordinator

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