Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 1 - November 1998

Request for help!

I have heard of small miracles: Some have had the luck of finding exactly the same photo belonging to another - unknown - family, which eventually led to long lost relatives. Others have been less fortunate, they have only gotten into contact with someone who knew and could identify one or more persons on such a photo. That too have either led them on the right track in their search for ancestors of relatives, or in some rare cases directly to them.

Now, in an old photo album belonging to my husbandís late aunt, we found three photos of persons unknown to us all. No names, no dates, no places - nothing is written to tell the tale. However, we presume that the persons in the photo must be some kind of relatives. My husbandís family is said to have come originally from the Polotsk region, but later someone in the family moved to Latvia (i.a. Rezekne, Dagda).

I hope that someone will be able to recognize the photo or some of the people in the photo, and thus help me to get on the right track. Maybe it will even lead to some shared ancestors.

All and any information - even wild guesses - will be greatly appreciated.

Please write to: Elsebeth Paikin

Photo No. 1:

Photo: Unknown persons.

Photo No. 2:

Photo: Unknown persons

Photo No. 3: Only information "From USA"

Photo: Unknown persons - from the USA?

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