No. 1/2000 - 6. January 2000

Elsebeth Paikin
The editorial staff:
Mario Kampel - Lori Miller

The first Belarus SIG Online Newsletter in 2000

The first four issues (November 1998-December 1999) were published as "ordinary" newsletters, but now we will try something new:

The Belarus SIG Online Newsletter will from now on publish the articles as soon as they are ready probably only one article at a time - therefore not called "issues" just number 1/2000, 2/2000, 3/2000 etc. and dated.

The advantages of this new form will be that articles can be printed without delay, because it will not be necessary to wait for other articles to be finished with layout, illustrations and approval by the author. Furthermore it will enable you to print out just the articles you - or some of your friends or relatives - want (i.e. a few pages) without having to print a whole issue . . . . Download time will thus also be reduced. Naturally everything published is still copyright the Belarus SIG Online Newsletter, the authors and photographers!

Due to this new form, the "old" index will be restructured and incorporated into the full index, which will be listed under 1. Surnames 2. Place names (shtetls) 3. Authors 4. Title - with direct links to the article in question. That should also make it much easier to find what you are looking for or what might interest you.

The planned December 1999 Issue was delayed time and time again because of problems with getting into contact with and thus approval from an author, problems with some photos that had to be re-sent, copyright issues and permissions etc. etc. So there have actually been articles ready for publication since mid-September, and it has been depressing not to be able to share them with you. That will not happen again!

After a month or two it would be interesting to hear your opinion of the new form. If you do not like it, we can always go back to the "old-fashioned journal" again. So let us give it a try!

As a "stock" of articles are already more or less ready to be published, there will be a steady stream of "newsletters" in January . . . How often the newsletter will be published after the "stock" has been drained depends only on the influx of new articles! . . . i.e. it all depends on YOU!

So please send material to be published in the Newsletter. If you do not have anything yourself, but know of others with interesting stories, successful research, photos, etc., then please ask them to send it to me.

The first article to be published is:

About Svislovitz - excerpts from the "FORWARD FROM EXILE"

an autobiography by Shmarya Levin

The book was translated from Yiddish and edited by Maurice Samuel and was published by the Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 1967. In 1997 the book is not in print, however is available in some major libraries. It can be found in many used book stores in the USA.

The excerpts are re-printed here with the kind permission of: The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia.

We are grateful to The Jewish Publication Society for the permission and to Michael M. Miller, Montreal, for finding and transcribing the material and obtaining the permission for the Belarus SIG Online Newsletter to re-print it.

Read more about it on the webpage: Request for material

Ekaterinoslav (now: Dneiperpetroskov) in Ukraine

Although Ekaterinoslav is not in Belarus we published an article by Chaim Freedman: "Settlers in Yekaterinoslav Guberniya" in Belarus SIG Online Newsletter No. 2/1999 because a majority of the settlers came from Belarus.

Many researchers are interested in this large city and there is currently no Ukraine SIG just as there is very limited information available for that part of the world.

After the Belarus SIG meeting at the 19th Jewish Genealogical Conference in New York (Aug. 1999) a group of Ekaterinoslav researchers got together and decided to start an "Ekaterinoslav (Dneiperpetroskov) Discussion Group" and the Belarus SIG Online Newsletter has undertaken to publish articles on Ekaterinoslav (Dneiperpetroskov), just as any databases or other material relating to Ekaterinoslav will be put on the Belarus SIG Website.

The next article to be published will be about a visit to Ekaterinoslav (Dneiperpetroskov).

Printouts of the Newsletter

We hope that many of you will download the pdf-files (ready to read and print out from Acrobat Reader) and share the newsletters with friends, family and colleagues. And we would appreciate some feedback!

You can find more information on the webpage: Download pdf-files

Last but not least I want to wish you all:

A joyous and happy New Year - and progress in your research!

- And perhaps an exciting ShtetlSchleppers Trip back to your ancestral land?

Elsebeth Paikin
6. January 2000

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