Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 2 - February 1999

The East European Jewish Heritage Project

Your personal genealogical interests can be translated into benefits for the Jewish Community of Belarus

The East European Jewish Heritage Project, as you may know, is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of East European Jewish Culture. Additionally we provide aid to Holocaust victims, their families and the Jewish community at large. We are a registered charity in the UK and in Belarus.

One of our specialities is the restoration of Jewish monuments, buildings and cemeteries. We are endorsed in Belarus, by the Presidential Committee for the Protection of Historical and Architectural Monuments as the designated organization for the restoration of Jewish sites. One of the most important ways we underwrite our activities is through the income derived from providing genealogical services to people such as yourself.

We charge is $75.00 for a preliminary report. The initial search will check through relevant archives and record offices for documents relating to your family. The client receives a report on the incidence of family names and the documents in which they occur. Further research is quoted based on the material disclosed during the preliminary investigation and the number of full copies of documents requested. We need as much information as the client has available including, of course, names, dates, locations, and professions. If you are uncertain of any of these please provide whatever alternatives you have as well. If there are any questions we will apply to you for clarification. Searches take from two to three months.

We can also supply photographs of towns and monuments and survey cemeteries when commissioned. All work is done by our own team of senior academic level researchers. We have access to all the archives in the country.

All proceeds from our Jewish Genealogical Research Service support the work of the East European Jewish Heritage Project. Twenty-five per cent of them are dedicated to cemetery restoration, the balance support our other charitable activities. This means that your personal interests are translated into benefits for the Jewish Community of Belarus.

Best regards,

Frank Swartz, Executive Director
East European Jewish Heritage Project
13b Dauman Street
Republic of Belarus
tel/fax: +375 17 234 56 12/234 33 60

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