Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - May 1999

Preliminary List of Cemeteries in Belarus

by Frank Swartz
Executive Director of the East European Jewish Heritage Project (Reg'd U.K.) and
Jewish Revival Charitable Mission (Reg'd Republic of Belarus)

Frank Swartz, Minsk, has provided a preliminary list of cemeteries in the Belarus. It is not very comprehensive, it only includes burial sites that he and his group have verified. The list will be updated and presumably complete with more information later this year.

So if you don't see your shtetl listed, don't give up. For those of you who have visited Belarus and know of other existing Jewish cemeteries (other then the ones listed below) or have more information to share about the condition of cemeteries listed below, please post a message to the discussion group.

Our SIG Coordinator and moderator of the discussion group, David M. Fox, posted a request in the discussion group asking all, who have visited Belarus and know of other existing Jewish cemeteries (others than the ones listed below) or have more information to share about the condition of cemeteries listed below, to send a message to the discussion group.

Gayle Riley promptly sent us photos of the cemetery and town in Timikovichi, in the Slutsk area. Timikovichi is not on Frank Swartz' list below, so here are the photos:

Photos of Timikovichi and the cemetery
Timikovichi cemetery (c 90 Kb) Timikovichi cemetery (c 57 Kb) Tombstone in the Timikovichi cemetery (c 95 Kb) Timikovichi cemetery (c 44 Kb) Street in Timikovichi (c 40 Kb

Please send any photos or information about cemeteries - both those on the list and others - to Elsebeth Paikin, so that they can be included in the complete list.

If you haven't been able to find records for your family, your shtetl cemetery may be another way to help you gather family information from the stones. Unfortunately, there is not any detailed information as to the the number of stones still standing or their condition at the cemeteries on the below list.

One of the objectives of the JewishGen ShtetlSchlepper trips to Belarus is gather information and photograph all the stones, so that a database can be created from them. Part (or most) of your ShtetlSchlepper trip expenses may be tax deductible (US taxpayers) if you contribute the information you gather on the trip to JewishGen/Belarus SIG.

If you are considering a ShtetlSchlepper trip to Belarus in August or September, you must act soon to ensure adequate preparations: Passport, visa, shots, pre-trip research, etc.

For further information you can contact the ShteltSchlepper travel coordinator, Joanna Fletcher as soon as possible.

For more information about the trip please go to:
ShtetlSchlepper - Minsk Tour


Minsk Region - Mogilev Region - Brest Region - Vitebsk Region - Grodno Region - Gomel Region

Minsk Region (To Contents)

1. Berezino
2. Ivenets
3. Luban (Article and photos - also from the cemetery - from Luban/Lyuban)
4. Ostroshitski Gorodok
5. Rakov
6. Rubezhevichi
7. Smilovichi
8. Smolevichi
9. Bobr
10. Cherven (Igumen)
11. Borisov
12. Novy Sverzhen
13. Stolbtsy
14. Shatsk
15. Gorodok
16. Myadel
17. Radoshkovichi
18. Vishnevo
19. Volozhin (An Article from Volozhin/Wolozyn)
20. Dukora
21. Kamen
22. Uzlyany
23. Naroch (Kobylnik)

Mogilev Region (To Contents)

24. Klimovichi
25. Krichev
26. Mogilev
27. Stchedrin
28. Krasnopolye
29. Kostukovichi
30. Shklov
31. Bykhov

Brest Region (To Contents)

32. David-Gorodok
33. Logishin
34. Pinsk
35. Ivanovo
36. Ruzhany
37. Pruzhany
38. Kosovo
39. Baranovichi (Article and photos - also from the cemetery - from Baranovichi)
40. Novaya Mysh

Vitebsk Region (To Contents)

41. Gorodok
42. Dubrovno
43. Beshenkovichi (Article about Beshenkovichi with photo from the cemetery)
44. Lepel (Article from Senno and a bit about Lepel)
45. Druya (Druja)
46. Vidzy
47. Surazh
48. Bogino
49. Vitebsk
50. Postavy
51. Svir (An article about Swir and about the cemetery - no photos)
52. Sharkovstchina
53. Disna
54. Dunilovichi
55. Germanovichi
56. Mstibovo

Grodno Region (To Contents)

57. Mir
58. Novogrudok
59. Oshmyany
60. Slonim
61. Grodno
62. Dyatlovo
63. Indura
64. Mikhalishki

Gomel Region (To Contents)
65. Rogachev
66. Zhitkovichi
67. Lenino
68. Vasilevichi
69. Yelsk
70. Narovlya

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